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As the eldest son from 5 siblings i am quite different compared to my other

brother and sisters. While all of them have plan to work in an office environment,
i decided to become a sportsman. I was crazy about football (soccer) to the point
that i did not mind spending my weekend horning my football skills rather than
spending my time with the family. After finishing my secondary school, i choose
to do my bachelor degree in Sports and Recreation. The main reason why i chose
to sports and recreation was because it offered a better avenue for me to be with
other people, mixing and working together with them and sharing our passion for
sports. This four year degree course also prepared me to become a physical
education teacher as various subjects in education were also included.

After successfully getting my bachelor degree, i realised that i was not really into
primary or secondary education. I was more interested to work with older age
group, the adolescents. So i decided to work with one the leading event
companies in Malaysia and stayed with the company for more than two years.
The stint with the event company helped to enhance my communication, time
management and leadership skills. One of my most memorable moments was
when i had the opportunity to plan and organize a farewell party for the former
Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi. Just imagine a young event
planner had beaten other more experienced event planner, I felt so honoured to
be given the opportunity.

I then decided to pursue my master degree at the University of Science Malaysia.

One of the reasons why i chose this particular public university was because it is
the highest ranked university in Malaysia. Instead of taking the coursework mode,
i decided to test myself by doing my master degree through the research mode.
Doing the master degree taught me to become patient, optimistic and mentally
resilient. It took me more than two years to win the battle and complete my
master degree. Until today if someone were to ask me the toughest time of my
life, i will tell them that it was when i did my master degree.

In Malaysia if you want to be a university lecturer you need to have at least a

master degree if not a PhD. My first venture in academic world was with KDU
University College Penang Campus. At that particular time, KDU University
College needed someone with experience in events because they had just
launched a new degree programme called Bachelor in Event Tourism. They
accepted me because of two reasons which were that, i had enough experience
in event industry and i was in the middle of completing my master degree. I
worked for KDU University College for a couple years and during this stint i
started to develop serious interest in teaching. Later i moved to Kuala Lumpur
and worked with one of the best Private University in Malaysia called Taylor
University. During this time i began to think about pursuing PhD and started
looking for opportunities.

It was there that i was told the University of Malaysia Terengganu was looking at
developing a degree course in Sports Science. I was offered to join them as one

of the potential teaching staff. This is where i am at now-looking for a suitable

place for to do my PhD. I have spent my entire life in Malaysia and I truly believe,
the exposure to life in another country can only make me better as a person.