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Its 1228 C.E.

You do not know how you got here, but are walking into a
crowded market square in downtown Florence. You notice the destitute
faces of oppressed peasants as well as opulent carriages rolling by with
rich landowners inside. Something compels you to stand up on a fruit
crate and give a loud whistle, drawing silence from the masses. Write
down the speech you shout to the people of this Dark Age.
As you all gather here, following through with the routine of your daily
lives, I notice the simplicity of your every day lives. The lack of
technology creates a social hierarchy based solely on familial lines. I
am here to tell you that the world as you see it is a thing of the past there soon will no longer be a marketplace filled with members of each
social class, and the invention of machines will diminish the strict
social classes exemplified in this town. There will no longer be direct
social oppression, there will no longer be family dynasties to run the
lands for hundreds of years on end. The future holds endless
opportunities for each individual to thrive, and to rise to the top of the
social pyramid. Freedom is to come, but it is priced with a world of
machines and corruption. There comes a day where the average
person can make it big and fall out of the typical classes seen in this
world. The current world you are living in will no longer be. People will
be born who will research and study issues that plague their societies,
and products will be made to aid these issues. Education will be
available to all who take it, and nations will become powerhouses.
People will become more ambitious, and money will play a much larger
role in communities. Everyone will be treated equal under the law, and
legal citizens will have the opportunities to have their say in the way
government works. Governments will arise and become bigger than
ever, although democracy will take over monarchy, nations will still
arise and disagree. Countries will still go to war, however it will be a
completely foreign concept that what you know now. War is no longer
sending hundreds of thousands of men away to fight on foot against
the army of another nation, but rather with the push of a button an
entire city can be wiped out and destroyed. The effects of this type of
warfare are still being felt almost one hundred years later. You see, the
world as i know it and the world as all you know it are two completely
different things. Thousands of years really have an indescribable
impact on society and the people within it. The simplistic life as you
see it is in its demise, and an advanced, technological life is replacing
it. Simple tasks will no longer require human labor because machinery
will do it for us. Information will be available at the fingertips of the
average citizen, and we even carry around small devices where we can
contact someone in less than 5 seconds even if they are thousands of
miles away and across an ocean.