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Download appropriate video clips from Youtube or from other sources (eg:

Practicum Unit video recording of student teachers). Students view a video

clip of a listening and speaking lesson and comment on the effectiveness of
the teachers lesson.

What is definitely means by listening? Listening is receiving language through

the ears. Listening involves identifying the sounds of speech and processing them
into words and sentences. When we listen, we use our ears to receive individual
sounds such as letters, stress, rhythm and pauses and we use our brain to convert
these into messages that mean something to us.
From the video clips that I have viewed before, listening is occurred among
the students and the teacher. The video is about an English lesson in a class
somewhere around the Europe. The student needs to present about places based
on the picture. He needs to explain briefly to his friends on what the place is look
like, where is the exact location of the place and others. There is interaction or twoway communication between the student and the teacher. After that, the teacher also
held a discussion for the students based on what they have learned in the class. But
remember! It is strictly reminded for the teacher to set the time for at least 10 to 15
minutes during the discussion. Why? Because if more times is given to them, they
will start to be boring and start to make noise in the class. Guide the class if they
have problems.
The advantages that can be seen from the video clip are the lesson is
student-centred where there is student to present in front of the class. The activity is
to make sure the student to improve his communicative skills or his speaking in
English. When the discussion session is held, the students also got opportunities to
speak with each other with the task given by the teacher. For listening, the
outstanding students also can help their friends to fix their mistakes in their
communication. The other advantage is the teacher is praising the student because
he can speak well although there are some mistakes. But it is okay since it is a
learning process for every school children. The activity is task-based where the
teacher gave them the task to present in front of the class.

The disadvantages that can be explained from the video clip are the teaching
aid that provided for the student is so small. It is very unsuitable for the student
because students at the back cannot see what is projected by the presenter. The
teacher needs to provide bigger teaching materials for the class so it can be clearer.
Other than that, the teacher should be guide the student and be in front of the class
when there are mistakes made by them. Last but not least is the class seems
crowded where the students just sit on the floor. It could be more systematic and
neat if all the students sit on the chairs so they can get comfortable learning position.
As conclusion, both students and teacher are involved in the listening and
speaking lesson. The students give a very good cooperation to the teacher. Although
it have very own disadvantages, it can be improvised from time to time. The
advantages can be used for other teachers or they have their own styles on how to
teach speaking and listening lesson.