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Preparinga trip

2.1 Choosinga hotel


Look at this extract from a hotel ffinrheoakRoom

guide. Anna Forsberg is looking for a iHJ;;F1.:,.*I?"""
hotel in New York to hold a weekend
conference.Her assistant,Max, is JtTil'i:
?:'.T",l:" .'
telling her about the Algonquin Hotel.

Complete the questions and answers

in their conversation.

Anna l ¡ ; L . r . . . . . . / . . . . . . . i 1 ¡ . . . .i i . . 9 i . .( ' ) ?
Max It's on 59th Street West and 54th Street.
Anna O K . . : . 1 . . . . . . . . . j . . . 'r2. 'r o o m s . . , , . \ . . . . l ( : . . 1 . ., .t .' ?
Max .i'::...t....,'..f....\4t 165 rooms, singlesand doubles.
Anna That's fine. .".-:.'..... ..:iS..:....?:1.¡...{,v,:¡i.,ttt?
Max Yes, there are two lounges, pnd a BusinessCentre.
Anna What about food? ..:.........i.:.'......11.-:J... ..f.?:'-,,(. (6)?
Max Yes, ..1.'...... ....'..,.... (7).I hear the food is very good.
Anna That's fine. ..,i.'.':.-:.;,.:.'.'.. ...1.!'.i-. ...1.1.......r.*.:..i8'?
Max It's $180 a night.
Anna OK, I need to speakto the manager ..k1.,..'.........'....
Max lt's 21.2840 6800.

Put the words in these sentencesin the correct order.

1 very Yellow are cabs not expensive.

2 subway.dirty The not safe and is very.
3 is to hotel My close Lincoln Center.
4 does much a room cost How hotel?
5 Hilton The night a costs $350.
6 New York are airports many How there in?
7 eveningsdo do'$lhat want to you the in?
8 are lot There in a good New York of restaurants.

Choosinga hotel

Find ten words connected with hotels in the square below.

Find pairs of words in the list below which are opposite in meaning.The
first pair is given as an example.

bls early comfortable cheap expensrve

safe short dangerous late uncomfortable

Now complete the sentences.Use each adjective once only. Which adjective
is left?

1 TheFiasco
isa very.1...........
car. ,
3 lt'sn ot.............

-, | ,^, =-rl evZzt¡t I tt HovRS

-l l¡irj M>atuv'/,lll',zfT-Ñ'/l
( --¡{¿¿1
),r:\ /:r¿l;az-\ _-/
lo i,t ?,\, \
4 | gotowork..!:..,1.....
to avoidthe 5 Let'seathere- | don'thavemuch TheflightfromTokyoto Londonis
rush-hour. money andit'sreally
....,......... very....-.:/;...
- -=:- rü:-F t- ij:l
.ry | :;::'-.
¿;fr),1-Él'2i .l. l | "-.
-t,{t!Ll- /fip r@r,;,#ij
_-JA2-_¡l lL
7 lt's............. theplane
8 Yes, fromDelhi
Yorksubway at night.

- 2.2
Bookinga hotel

2,2 Bookinga hotel

There are two dialogues below, but they are mixed up and in the wrong
order. Put each dialogue in the correct order. Put your answers in the table

a And could I have your name) please?

b PeachesBistro. hello.
c Right, Mr Goodliffe. That's á double room for two nights, the 20th and
21st of May.
d Yes, 8.30 is fine. rWhatname is it, please?
e Thanks a lot. Bye.
f Good morning. I'd like to reservea double room, please.
g A table for two. Sure,what time?
h Two nights, please.The 20th and 21st of May.
i Thank you. Goodbye.
i Martínez.
k Good morning. Algonquin Hotel. Can I help you?
I lt's Goodliffe. Jon Goodliffe.
m About 8.30?
n Certainl¡ sir. For how many nights?
o O K , s e ey o u a t 8 . 3 0 , M r M a r t í n e z .
p Hello, can I book a table for two, for this evening?



What would you sayin the followingsituations?

lJseCan ... ?, Could... i, or May ... ?

1 You want a colleagueto answerthe telephonefor you.

2 You want someadvicefrom a seniorcolleague'

Bookinga hotel

On the plane from London to New York, Isabelle Dussart asks some
questions. Choose the correct reply.

1 Excuse me, can I borrow your newspaper?

a No, thanks.
b, Sure,here you are.
c Yes, please.

Could I have a glass of water, please?

al Of course.
b Yes, you could.
c No, thank you.

Could you tell me our arrival time?

a Yes, I can.
b Yes, you may.
c r In about an hour.

Could you get me a blanket, please?

a Yes, you could.
b O f c o u r s e ,j u s t a m i n u t e .
c Yes, it is.

Could you tell me the name of the film?

a Yes, please.
b No, I don't.
c ) I'm sorry, I'm not sure. 'Excuse
me. Could you tell me our arrival time?'

Find pairs of words which sound the same. The first pair is done for you.
One word is left. Which one?

fax four good food keys I

may light stay could my eight
please door late tax night


2.3 Flyingout

the memo below'
Look at this agendafor a board meetingand complete

Board Meeting Tuesday at 2'30p'm'


09.00 WelcomesPeech Chairman

Financial Dirxtor
1.30 Campaign
Advertising Dirxtor
EZ20Project Manager
12 . 3 0 - 1 4 . 0 0 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Plans
Future All
16.00-16.30 Tea
FarEastDevelopments Manager
19.00-20.00 Free
20.00 Dinner
22.00 SPeech ManagingDirxtor

MD's secretarY , rsith a sleech bv
ffottt' I
:w y^-,
i + 1A
. fter
h o u r s .t r o m " " " " " a
East, with
Farr Ea
,.tt^,t"" in the

il'":;;- ;""'o'''

Match the times
The times below are each written three different ways.
time is left?
which are the same. The first one is done for you. Which

midnight ten pastthree 1 . 3 0p . m 00.00 noon

12 p.m. midday 5 . 0 5p . m 1 7 . 0 s twenty-five to five
five pastfive 4 . 3 5p . m . half pastone 1 5 . 1 0 five to five
1.2a.m. 16.35 3 . 1 0p . m . 13.30


F l y i n go u t

1 Fill in the gaps in the postcard using the u,ords and times below.

9.30 a.m. dinner L a.m. go 4 . 3 0p . m .

work 8.30 a.m. 2 o.m. have I p.m.

DearErlk, . , I
y ot)ab oul.a ly p\ca\
m wrlt;lnqlo lell
I ueuarlY q':u:at avout
workal """""'
..--.,..t',andI slaú ,,^,
a l o n q l u n c hf,( o Y Y
" "t" " "
' t oa..,.. . .' ,. ..,...,.' 3' t)o ' l h e n l ' Y : ' : : ? :

I uauallY
af' """""
p . r n ' l. . " . " " ' ' "l' o b e d
'ii|u, ?leasewdteandte\\
fie aloÚúYourdallY
\.V :

2 Now write a reply to José'spostcard.


1 Complete
Verb Noun Collocations
\¡ ( w i t h c a r d . n u m b e r .t i m e )

I fly flight number

3 arrive ..;..i,....-

4 board
) .,1.+.'tr:..
6 sit

2 Now complete these sentences.

a Y o u s h o w y o u r : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .t.o t h e f l i g h t a t t e n d a n tb e f o r ey o u g e t
on the plane.
b When you meet someoneat the airport you check their .*:...:.1
o n t h e a r r i v a l sb o a r d .
c Y o u s h o u l dg o t o t h e g a t ew h e n y o u r . . . . . . . . . .i s c a l l e d .
d Pleasecheck in at least one hour before your .r{,,......
e Y o u r . . i 1 . ; j . ...r . . . : : . .i.s 1 7 A - i r ' s n o n - s m o k i n g .
f If you aren't an EU citizen, you need to completea ...1............:l;.l.

Awayon business

3.1 Arriving

1 Here is a conversation between a hotel receptionist and a guest.
the gaps.

R nightswouldyou like to ..........

A Two, please.
R would you like to ..........breakfast?
A In my room, please.
R you like a morning call?
A Y e s ,p l e a s e. . . . . . . . . . 7 . 3 0 .
R \ühat.........
A The Times,please.
R How
A Visa. Here is my card.
R Thank you. Here is your key, Mrs Bowen, 689 on the sixth
A Thank you.

2 Now use the information in the dialogue to fill in rhe registrarioncard


TlaeOaceni IIoteI
Name: A¡üanda Bowen Room No: 1
Nationality: lluEtralian Breakfast: C room
Address: 65 Ocean Drive C restaurant
Southrtalk Morning Call: . . . . . . . . . . . . . a. ...m
. .

Queeneland 4215 Newspaper:

Company: Shell Number of Nights:

Payment: C AE tr Visa D Diners f,l Cheque


In each of these sentencesthere is a mistake. Underline the word or words
that are wrong and correct the sentences.The first one is done for you.

1 How much bags have you got?

2 How many wine do you have with dinner?
3 How much money do you have got?
4 How much does the taxi costs?
5 How many night are you staying?
6 How many do you earn?

Complete the sentencesusing the words below.

mini-bar laundry bill checkout luggage

lobby pool room servlce shower guests

1 All rooms have borh bath and

2 \íe would like to inform our ..........that the restaurantclosesat 9.30.
3 Is the indoor or outdoor?
4 I need this shirt washed. Do you have a service?
5 availableafter the restaurantcloses.
6 I'll meet you downstairs in the ..........,
7 C o u l d I . . . . . . . . .,. p l e a s e ?R o o m 2 3 4 .
8 Could you sendthe my company?
9 My plane leavesthis evening.Could I leavemy
10 Did you use the , sir? - Yes, I had an orange juice this morning.

All thesepeoplework in hotels.Match the job descriptionwith the job.

1 He carriesguests'luggageto their rooms.

2 Shecleansthe roomsand makesthe beds.
3 Sheservesin the restaurant.
4 He works in the kitchen,cookingthe meals.
5 This personis in chargeof the hotel.
6 He makescocktailsand servesdrinks.

a manager b barman waitress d chef e chambermaid

G o i n go u t

3,1 Goingsut

Read the article below and fill in the gaps. (The first letter of each missing
word is given.)

F you wANT an eveningout in London's West End, there are lots of possi-
bilities. You can see the latest films in one of the big c_'r' in and
around LeicesterSquare.Or, if you want to seea p_(t', you c¿n go to
one of the many famous t___(3) in ShaftesburyAvenue.
Perhapsyou prefer dancing. There are lots of d (a)in the area. and they
are open until late at night. Or maybe you just want to have a drink with friends
or colleagues.There are lots of p___(5) and wine-barsto choosefrom. If you
want a ffi (u),why not go to one of the many good r ¡;' in the area?
The 'Chinatown' district (in and around Gerard Street) has the best Chinese
food, but there are lots of other possibilities:Italian, Indian, Greek. French. even
fish and chips!




1 do vou sav in these situations?

You want to speak to Carmen Rivero.

Can I speak to Carmen Riuero?
b You want to check the person speaksEnglish.
L The person is talking too quietly.
d The person is talking too quickly.
e You want to leave a message.

G o i n go u t

Now put the words below in the right order to find the answers.Then
match them with the situations (b-e). The first one is done for you.

1 up speak Can pleaseyou? = Can you spea.kup, please? (c)

2 messagea take Can you?
3 English speakyou Do?
4 understandI Can don't you
slowly pleasespeak? (2 sentences)

Make the sentencesmore oolite. Use Could t'ou i and the verbin

L S a vy o u r n a m e ! ( t e l l )
9pyld.t'pl. ts!!.ntg.s'pttr.
2 Call me again! (call back)
3 Carry this casefor me! (help)
4 I want to leavea message!(take)
5 Give me your pen! (lend)

Choosethe best repliesto thesesuggestions.For each suggestionthere are
two good replies and one incorrect reply.

1 \Would you like to have lunch?

a No, thanks. df'-1

:f':' 'ti'Ñ
b I'd love to. ,),ñ
c Yes, I'd like.

2 Shall we go away this weekend?

a Yes we shall.
b Good idea. {tñ-*;"-}.
c That would be nice. ) th'¡ weerl-:¿?tt

3 Let's leave early this evening.

a I'm afraid I'm too busy.
b Sure.
c Not really.

4 Shall we finish this tomorrow?

a Yes, we'll. ¿
b That's a good idea.
c I'm afraid I'm not here tomorrow.

5 Would you like to go to a conferencein

Rome next week?
a I'd love to but I'm fullv booked.
b No, I won't.
c SorrY.I can't.

to meet

3.3 Arrang¡ngto meet

PREPosrroNsI a j t-f:--.----
iI G
Ir ,
i ---- i-;-l-;-j
i;- ll; i- i- -,i-
cj *-f----i---J'----r
si r I u
f-:-,L-:_i i
i ! *-i---f---{-;i
Yi , i r--L---L--J
1 Whichletterisinthemiddle?
2 letter is next to C?
3 letter is below C?
4 'Whichletter is betweenM and O?
5 Ilhich letter is aboveJ?
6 Which letter is to the right of Q?
7 What word can you make from thesesix letters?

usingone of thesewords' Eachword can be
1 Completethesesentences
usedonly once.
next to near on in over along to trom

1 Our company has built a new factory .."""" \fadrid' It is about

20 km the airPort.
2 To get to the manager's office go this corridor and turn left at
the end.
J There are several bridges the Seine'
4 My office is very noisy because it is ..'....... the canteen'
5 There are three red files ........'.my desk my office' Could you
get them?
6 I usually go ........'.work by train. How about you?
Now make some more sentencesof your own, using the prepositions
the list.

Arrangingto meet

Look at this map of a company. Where do you follow the

Go in the Main Gate, go left past the Kennedy Building and it's the
secondbuilding on the right.
) It's betweenthe Johnson Building and GeneralServices.
3 Go past Reception,take the secondright and it's the secondbuilding on
the left.
4 Go round the lake and take the first right.
5 It's on the corner just after Research.
6 It's right in the middle behind Personnel and Finance.
It's opposite the Training Centre.
8 You're in the car park facing the canteen. They're right behind you.


1 Readthis descriptionof an officeand draw a plan.

'My officeis 4 m by 6 m. My desk(1 m 50 cm x 1 m) is in the middle of
the office,facingone of tbe long walls. Tltqreare two windous, one
oppositemy deskand one on my left. Tbe windowsare 1-m 50 cm long.
Thereis a largeplant bet4,,egn tbe two windows in the corner of tbe
office.The door is in tbe middle of the wall on my rlght. My computeris
on a table to the right of the'door.Tbe fax machineis just to the left of
the door. On my desktbereis a phoneon the left and a pile of fileson
the right. Thereis a photo of my family i"u the phone.'

2 \üflritea descriptionof your officeor a room you know well. Usethe

descriptionaboveto help you.


3.4 Eatingout

In the list of words below there are nine pairs of words and one on its own.
Find the pairs to discover which one is left.

1 two vegetables I
2 two types of meat
3 two drinks i r.
4 two places to go for a drink ,r, ¡
5 two ltaliandishes
6 two things to eat with
) |
7 two people who work in a restaurant
8 two desserts t ".
9 two fruits

a spaghetti b knife beans d waiter

e chef f jelly o
pub h sorbet
i cabbage j pear k pizza I tea
m coffee n gravy o bar p lamb
q orange r beef s fork

Match the questionsbelow with the answers.

1 Could I book a table for three? a Not for me, thanks.

2 How would you like to pay? b I'm sorry, we are full tonight.
3 Could you tell me where the toilet is? c Here vou are.
4 you like a drink? d Do you take VISA?
5 Would you like a dessert? e lt's downstairs.
6 Could I have the wine-list? f Could I have a small whisky?

Here are some complaints in restaurants. Put the words in the right order.

1 not This enough hot soup is.

2 this you please Can change?
3 clean bring Can glass me you please a?
4 mistake bill There in is this a.
5 table kitchen close is the Our too to.
6 another to we Can move please table?


1 Complete this word grid. Each line representsone letter.

1 I
f.i t a drink made from grapes

i' a fruit which is red or green
you put it in drinks

4 ¿. cooked bread

5 I
¡ a way of cooking meat

b part of a British breakfast

7 ) a hot liquid starter

8 tomatoes,lettuce,cucumber,etc.

2 The first lettersmakeanotherword. What is it?

Read this dialogue and completewith an appropriate phrase.Bernard and
Hitoshi are having lunch togethef at a restaurant in London.

B Right, let's have a look.

H T h e r e i s s o m u c h c h o i c e .W h a t . . . . . . . . . ..........(1)?
B \Well the fish is very good, or the dish of the day.
H is the dish of the day?
B Irish Stew.
H rü/hat......... ..........(2)?
B lt's lamb cooked for a long time with potato and vegetables.Are vou
hungry? It's very filling.
H I think I want somethinglighter. salmon.
B A n d . . . . . . . ...... . . . . . . . ( 4 ) ?
H The soup.'Whataboutyou?
B ..........(5)the smokedsalmonfollowedby a steak.

H Wine,please.Red.
B Right.I think we'reready.Excusefl€, .......... please?


'Andyou eatthis?'


1 Complete this word grid. Each line representsone letter.

I a drink made from grapes

\.i i
* a fruit which is red or green
you put it in drinks

¿ cooked bread

1. ¡ a way of cooking meat

part of a British breakfast


J () a hot liquid starter


{: f,
t) tomatoes,lettuce,cucumber,etc.

2 The first lettersmakeanotherword. lflhat is it?

Read this dialogue and completewith an appropriate phrase.Bernard and
Hitoshi are having lunch together at a restaurantin London.

B Right, let's have a look.

H T h e r e i s s o m u c h c h o i c e .\ ü / h a t. . . . . . . . . ..........(1)?
B Well the fish is very good, or the dish of the day.
H Iü/hat is the dish of the dav?
B Irish Stew.
H \ W h a t. . . . . . . . . ..........(2)?
B lt's lamb cooked for a long time with potato and vegetables.Are vou
hungry? It's very filling.
H I think I want somethinglighter. the salmon.
B A n d . . . . . . . ...... . . . . . . . ( 4 ) ?
H The soup. about you?
B ..........(5) the smokedsalmonfollowedby a steak.

H lline, please.Red.
B Right.I think we'reready.Excusefr€, .......... please?

'Andvoueat this?'