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Pigs Can Run, but They Cant Hide from the



COMPLETELY NON - INTRUSIVE pig passage indicator.

No tap required - Simply band it on! (Bands easily on 3" to 60" pipelines)
Bi-directional detection of both transmitter and permanent magnet
equipped pigs, with passage times and dates displayed on a
high-contrast LCD screen.
Automatic retention of the 10 most recent pig passage times and dates.
Works on pipe wall thicknesses up to 1.5 inches.

Explosion-proof case is standard equipment.

Full one-year battery life on two D-cell alkalines.
Trickle-charge solar panel power option.
USA (918) 447-5400 ENGLAND (44) 1-793-603600
Long-Distance Viewing Option provides visibility of pig
USA Toll Free 800-571-7447
passage LEDs up to 100 meters away.
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SatCom Satellite Uplink Option for wireless communications.

TDW Pigging Products

Registered Trademark of T.D. Williamson, Inc., in the United States and in foreign countries.
Patents pending in the United States and in foreign countries.

Non-Intrusive Pig Passage Indicator


Post height built

to your specifications
Stainless steel
buckles and bands

5-Easy Steps To Install

1. Buckle and band

2. Band attaching
base to pipeline.

3. Tighten tension
on bands.


The PIG-SIG NI produces simple and reliable, non-intrusive

detection of pig passages anywhere within your pipeline system.
Simply band the unit onto your pipeline, and it immediately
begins scanning both for transmitter and permanent magnet
equipped pigs. When pigs do pass, their time and date are
displayed on a high-contrast LCD screen for the operator, along
with a flashing Recent Passage message. If multiple pig
passages have occurred, simply scroll back through the
PIG-SIG NI memory and retrieve the date and time of any
of the last 10 passages. In addition, the unit initiates a relay
contact when pig passages occur, so it can interface with
other control systems.
The PIG-SIG NI standard enclosure is a fully certified
aluminum, explosion-proof housing with a tempered glass
window. You can install the unit anywhere on your pipeline
system. The unit operates for a full year on just two
standard D-cell alkaline batteries, or it can be equipped
with optional solar panels and left to operate indefinitely.
OPTIONAL accessories for the PIG-SIG NI include:

4. Trim off excess


5. Secure the

A Long-Distance Viewing Option, which permits operators

to see that a passage has occurred, from up to 100 meters
away or from a helicopter or light aircraft.

A SatCom Satellite Uplink Option, which transmits the times

and dates of pig passage via ORBCOMM internet email or
by a variety of other communication options.

No more driving along your pipeline simply to witness routine

pig passages. The SatCom system is solar powered and tricklecharged, so its ideal for remote pipeline locations. With the
PigSig NI system installed on your pipeline
pigs can run, but they cant hide!

TDW Pigging Products


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