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1. What are the most important skills for your employees in the
workplace? Why?
- Persistence
- Put 110% effort into your work (hard worker)
- enthusiasm
- Teamwork
important because it shows the employer that you are willing to go to any
length to support the development of the company.
2. Regarding interpersonal skills, have you ever witnessed or been in
such a situation where individuals have experienced issues with
them? If yes, what measures were enforced to overcome this?
Yes, to overcome interpersonal issues meetings have proven to be more
than sufficient and very helpful in improving communication within the
individual and other team members.
3. Have you ever experienced any skill related problems in the
Yes, they include: designing workshop drawings, communicating with
superiors on a technical level, using software to program.
4. In regards to the duties you are required to perform, how
challenged have you felt in the workplace in terms of problem
Extremely challenged because the job entails constant learning. Also, at
times you can be thrown in the deep end and expected to perform a task,
which you may have little experience in.
5. According to research, team work is one of the major skills
required in the workplace. Do you believe your job is more of an
individual job or team oriented job?
Team oriented. Being an engineer does not equal a one man show. An
Collaborative approach is very important in the workplace.

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1.What are some of the benefits that you believe as an engineer
practitioner have while working in a diverse environment?
Interaction within a diverse environment has taught me how to engage
other disciplines that I would generally not focus on (i.e. different fields
of engineering)
2. How has working with such a diverse range of employees (e. g.
gender, religion, ethnicity, disabilities, age) affected the decision
making and overall performance of the firm?
An Employees decision can be influenced based on their different views
i.e. religious views. This can affect the performance of the business since
some employees may not want to engage in a certain task due to this
3. Could you please give me an example where unfavourable
treatment has occurred in the company? What are the steps you took
to handle this situation?
I thought that I deserved a payrise and at the time was not given one. I
handled this by giving the company my resignation. Which resulted in me
being offered a pay rise in order to keep me.
4. As you know, the ratio of male and female workers in engineering
are quite uneven. How do you believe evening this ratio will benefit
the company, and overall, the society?
The company benefits as it promotes diversity and can encompass a
wider audience (both men and women), hence leading to company
growth. Society benefits as it shows women in positions of authority,
further defeating the historic stereotype of women. In addition, it
generates perspectives based on a womans thoughts rather than a males
point of view.
5. Given that there is an increase rate of migrants searching for
employment. How you think it will impact the workplace 5 years
from now in regards to equity and diversity?

Clearly the workplace will be more diverse, considering migrants will

inevitably become a part of it. In regards to equity, Id say that thered
still be the minority that dont accept the increasing migrants, leading to
an increase in workplace conflict. However, an increase in migrants
working for various employees will increase multicultural activity.
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Question 1:
What kind of decisions does the company make in regards to
promoting social, environmental and economic sustainability when
proposing new products and/or processes? Does the company focuses
on all or some of the types of sustainability?
When proposing new products the company make decisions that involve
providing a green star rating for the product, which means high
sustainability and minimal impact on the environment in regards to
pollution. It focuses on all types of sustainability.
Question 2:
What criteria or rating system are used by the company when using
methods to analyse the sustainable impacts of a proposed product or
service? Are there any criteria you favour, want to remove or want to
add? Why?
To analyse the sustainable impact of a proposed product the product(s)
are put through rigorous testing and a check sheet is filled out based on
how it performs. As a person who considers sustainability an important
aspect in life, I believe the company effectively addresses this issue.
Question 3:
In regards to social, economic and environmental sustainability, what
challenges did the company face? What solution was proposed? What
was the approach to figuring out the solution?
Challenges involved meeting the companys budget for the project and
remaining sustainable. Solutions included, bargaining with suppliers for
better prices. Create relationships with suppliers so that costing improves
over time. There was no one approach, a combination of these approaches
is important.

Question 4:
Technology advances rapidly and new processes are developed to
support sustainability. How does your company keep up with these
new processes?
The company keeps up by ensuring their suppliers constantly update
them when new equipment hits the market. Furthermore, the company
provides training to employees to ensure they can efficiently utilise the
new equipment brought into the company.
Question 5:
How does your company benefit from promoting sustainability? How
do stakeholders react when they learn the company will use a method
that they do not prefer as it costs more money?
The company benefits by increasing its reputation among the industry in
a positive manner and also future costs can decrease. Stakeholders can
react to the higher costs negatively and a stakeholder may be lost.
However, most of the time when stakeholders understand the future
benefit of the method they tend to be happy.

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