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A Analyze the textbook according to Jeremy Harmer

Analysis Textbook according to Jeremy Harmer


How expensive is the textbook? Can the students afford it? Will they have to buy an
accompanying work book? Can they afford both? What about the teacher can he or
she pay for the teachers book and tapes.
Answer : The price is Rp 54.000,-, this book is too expensive to the students. The
students can buy collective with their friends. This book was complete the material
and the exercises. Of course, the teacher can apply this book, because it is directly on
the material and have simple directions bt the teacher should have the other sources.

If the course available? Are all is components (students book, teachers book,
workbook etc.) in the shops now? What about the next level (for the next
term/semester)? Has it been published) is it available? What about tapes, videos and
Answer : Yes, because the course available in every book store. All components is in

the shops.
Is the book attractive? Does the teacher feel comfortable with it? Do the student like
it? How user friendly is the design? Does it yet in the way of what the book is trying
to do or does it enhance it?
Answer : The book is attractive with the result the students feel comfortable used the

book. The book have good illustrator that make the students like it.
What kind of teaching and learning does the book promote? Can teachers and students
build appropriate ESA sequences from it? Is there a good balance between study and

Answer : the teaching learning use communicative language.
Does the book cover the four skills reading, writing, speaking, listening adequately?
Is there a decent balance between the skill? Are there opportunities for both study and
activation in the skill work? Is the language of the reading and listening text
appropriate? Are the speaking and writing tasks likely to engage the students interest?
Answer :yes the book cover the for skills. There is balancing between the skill. Yes of
course, both the study also related to each other.

Is the syllabus of the book appropriate for your students? Does is cover the language
points you would expect? Are they in the right order? Do the reading and listening
texts increase difficulty as the book progresses?

Answer: yes, because in this book discuss all skill that is speaking listening, reading

and writing. And the language is easy to understand.

Does the book contain a variety of topics? Are they likely to engaged the students
interest? Does the teacher respond to them well? Are they culturally appropriate for
the students? Are they too adult or too childish?
Answer : yes, there are kind of the topics. Such as biology on page 55 geography on
page 73.

Is there a good teachers guide? Is it easy to use? Does it have all the answers the
teacher might need? Does it offer alternatives to lesson procedures? Does it contain a
statement of intention which the teacher and students feel happy with?
Answer: The content in this book can make the students and the teacher enjoy and
feel happy but for the teacher should ave the other sources to answer the students