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Is there a place for Totalitarianism in today's world?
Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the state seeks to control every facet of life,
from economics and politics to the each individual's ideas and beliefs. Totalitarianism shares
characteristics with other forms of autocracy, such as dictatorships and authoritarian
governments. Totalitarianism has been around for centuries dating back to the BC's. Although
someone would think that this failed attempt at a perfect government would have been
discarded some time ago, it is still in place in many countries today. North Korea is one of
the clearest examples of a totalitarian government. Other countries with dictatorships and
authoritarian rule, such as Cuba, Syria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and
Belarus. By definition there is nothing wrong with totalitarianism, yet once you throw in the
fact that there are too many people in this world for everyone to be truly pious and good, the
thoughts of absolute power over a mass of people sounds almost completely corruptible. Can
we say to our self truthfully that we wouldn't abuse that power? Would we be able to block
out the dreams of absolute progression at which we are in control of the reigns? That is the
problem with totalitarianism, the human variable. Throughout history most gains that we
have observed or studied have arisen from the principals that will flush a totalitarian
government down the drain when it comes to the well-being of the citizens. Now-a-days
probably the biggest totalitarian government would be China. Right now China is partaking
in major acts of censorship.
In this modern world with increasing level of education and awareness, people have become
more aware and conscious about their fundamental rights, freedom. The world is more
focussed on progress, development, and technological advancement, but in a totalitarian
government people dont have freedom, they even dont have freedom on their own thoughts,
ideas, and beliefs, people only do what they are asked to do, so there is lack of creativity. All
these factors create remorse and anger in people which ultimately becomes the reason of
failure of a totalitarian government. But still countries like China are considered successful
because they have given some rights to their citizens and also they have made their country
too much focussed on production and manufacturing. China is more likely an authoritarian
state. So I think in todays world there is no place for totalitarianism if a country wants to
become successful and prosperous.

Does social control is necessary?

Social solidarity is essential for the existence of society. No two persons are alike in their
nature, ideas, attitudes and interests. Every individual is a separate personality. There are
cultural differences among the individuals. As a matter of fact society is a heterogeneous organization. If every individual is allowed unrestricted freedom to act and behave, it may create social disorder. For an orderly social life social control is necessary. The aims of social
control are to bring out conformity, solidarity and continuity of a particular group or society.
Without social control social unity would be a mere dream. Social control regulates
behaviour in accordance with established norms which brings uniformity of behaviour and
leads to unity among the individuals. The family maintains its unity because its members
behave in a similar manner in accordance with family norms.
Would things have been different if 'Snowball' returned?
Firstly if Snowball have returned there would have been a struggle between Snowball and
Napoleon for power, and if with the help of other animals Snowball gets the power then
Snowballs intelligence and concern for educating the other animals would have provided a
longer-lived and better producing farm. The construction and stability of the windmill would
have been overseen by him personally, and it would have provided greater use for both the
creature comforts of the animals and for farm production. The animals would have been
better provided for, and the elimination of all of the original commandments would not have
been necessary. School Subjects Social Change