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Roll for the Galaxy Unofficial

Solitaire Rules + Campaign

Disclaimer and Background
These rules are not official in any way. They are not associated with or
endorsed by Rio Grade Games, Wei-Hwa Huang, or Tom Lehman. (Of
course, if they decide they do want to endorse them, Im all good with
I really enjoy Roll for the Galaxy and not able to get together with my
gaming friends as often as I would like, so I searched BoardGameGeek
for a solo variant but couldnt find one. I created and tested this
variant on my own, and so far Im pretty happy with it.
I want to keep on improving this design, and would appreciate
feedback and suggestions via Geekmail to universeman on

You will play against one partially simulated AI player. Each turn, the AI
will randomly choose a phase and receive rewards based on the phase
chosen. The game ends as normal and your VP are compared to the

The player sets up their empire as normal. If you are playing a
campaign, record their starting faction and home world in the record
sheet below. The player will not need a screen to conceal their die
choices but will need all other components used in the standard game.
The AI player receives a partial setup consisting of a faction and home
world (which also goes on the record sheet if you are playing a
campaign) and a dice cup. Place 3 white dice in the AIs dice cup along
with any dice their starting setup would put in their cup or citizenry. If
a tile asks you to put a die on a world, place the die on that tile.
Put 24 VP in the main VP pool and put 10 aside for the final round.

The player proceeds through all phases of the turn as normal. The AI is
active only during the REVEAL phase.
During the REVEAL phase, roll 1 white die and turn the corresponding
phase tile face-up. This phase will occur during the players turn. Any
phase not chosen by the player or the AIs die does not occur.
The AI receives reward based on the roll of the white die.
Explore: The AI receives 1 VP chip
Produce or Ship: The AI receives 2 VP chips
Develop: Draw a tile from the bag and place it Developmentside-up in the AIs tableau
Settle: Draw a tile from the bag and place it Planet-side-up in the
AIs tableau. Put any dice into the AIs cup or on the tile as
specified by the tile. If the tile would add a die to the AIs
Citizenry, add it to the AIs cup instead.

Game End and Victory

The game ends as usual when the normal VP chip stock is depleted or
when the player or the AI has 12 tiles in their tableau. If the player has
the most VP, the player wins. Otherwise the AI wins.

Once you have beaten a particular AI setup, you can increase the
challenge by adding extra tiles to the AIs tableau at the start of the
game. This is a fun way to explore the strengths and weaknesses of
different setups and strategies.
Use the campaign record sheet to track the number of attempts it took
you to beat a particular AI setup. Once you have beaten it for the first
time, use the Campaign Record Sheet to replicate the setup then draw
a tile from the bag, randomly choose the Planet or Development side,
and add it to the AIs tableau. If it is a planet, add dice to the AIs cup
per the Setup rules. Try playing against this new setup and see how
many attempts it takes you to beat it.
How many tiles can you spot the AI and still win? How many tries does
it take?
Have fun!

Campaign Record Sheet

Use this Campaign Record Sheet to keep track of your setups and
results in Unofficial Solitaire Campaigns of Roll for the Galaxy.

Campaign Setup
Player Faction

Player Home

AI Faction

AI Home World

Attempts to First


Subsequent Worlds
New World
Attempts to First