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BANGALORE - 560 054


Course & Branch

B.E. - Mechanical Engineering

Semester : V


Machine Design-I

Max. Marks : 100

Subject Code


Duration : 3 Hrs

Instructions to the Candidates:

Answer one full question from each unit.
Use of data hand book is permitted.
Missing data if any may be assumed suitably.


1. a) Define factor of safety and list the factors which govern its selection. (05)
b) For a two dimensional stress system draw the Mohr's circle and mark on it (05)
principal stresses and maximum shear stress.
c) A 450N weight drops through a height of 25mm and impacts the center of (10)
250mm long simply supported square steel beam. If the maximum
allowable stress is 90MPa. Find the dimensions of the beam and maximum
E=206.8GPa. Neglect inertia effects.
2, a) State and explain the following theories of failure: (06)
i) Maximum normal stress theory
ii) Maximum shear stress theory
b) Explain methods of reducing stress concentration. (04)
c) Determine the safe torque that can be transmitted by a solid circular shaft (10)
50mm in diameter with a semi-circular groove of radius 5mm limiting the
maximum shear stress produced to 100MPa, also determine power
transmitted in KW at 750rpm.

3. a) Derive Goodman equation for fatigue loading. (08)
b) Explain Edurance limit modifying factors. (02)
c) A cantilever beam of steel material is subjected to transverse load varying (10)
from 5F to -F at the free end as shown in Fig.3(c). Find the maximum load
the member can with stand for infinite life using factor of safety=2 and notch
sensitivity factor 0.92, ay=353MPa, a=642.05MPa. Assume endurance limit
as 50% of ultimate strength. Account endurance correction factors.
91 :3m*n t -F

T i Sa,rnr^n^^-

i QV M") -04

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A steel rod is subject to twisting moment that varies from 200Nm clockwise (20)
to 100Nm anticlockwise and an applied bending moment at critical section
varies from 440Nm to -220Nm. The shaft is of uniform cross-section and no

key way is present at the critical section. Determine shaft diameter if the
material has yield strength of 41OMPa and ultimate strength of 55OMPa.
Factor of safety=2, Size factor=0.85, Surface factor=0.62.
5. A commercial steel shaft is supported on bearings one meter apart. A cast (20)
iron pulley 0.6meter diameter weighing 1KN is located 0.3 meter to the right
of right bearing and receives 25KW power at 1000rpm from a motor pulley
by a horizontal belt drive directly behind it. The ratio of belt tensions is 3. A
20 spur-pinion of pitch circle diameter 0.2meter weighing 200N is located
0.2meter to the left of left bearing. The pinion delivers power to another
gear mounted directly behind it such that the tangential force on the pinion
act vertically upwards. Assume minor shock loads on the shaft. Determine
necessary diameter of the shaft if the allowable shear stress is limited to

6. a) Prove that a square key is equally strong in shear and compression. (05)
b ) A 20KW, 1440rpm motor has a steel shaft. The diameter of shaft is 45mm. (05)
The motor pull out torque is 3.5 times the average full load torque of motor.
Assume an yield shear stress of 55MPa and crushing stress of 108MPa for

key material. Design the key. Factor of safety=2.5.

c) Design a solid marine type flange coupling to transmit 10KW power at (10)
1000rpm. The allowable shear stress in shaft and bolt may be taken as
7. a) Explain types of failure of riveted joints. (06)

b) Design a double riveted butt joint to connect two plates 20mm thick. The (14)
allowable tensile stress for the plate is 100MPa. The allowable shear and
crushing stress for the rivet material are 60MPa and 120MPa respectively.
Design the riveted joint. Assume Zig Zag riveting and equal width cover
8. Design the longitudinal and circumferential riveted joint for a boiler of (20)
2meter diameter taking the permissible pressure as 2.5MPa. Assume
allowable stress ae=90MPa, t=60MPa, ac=120MPa.
9. Design the following parts of a 10KN screw jack by selecting suitable (20)
material and assuming values of Factor of safety for a travel of 200mm.
i) Screw rod ii) Nut iii) Hand lever.

10. a) Show that for a power screw to be self locking, efficiency should be less than (06)
b) Design a cotter joint of socket and spigot type to sustain an axial load of (14)
100KN. The material selected for the joint has the following allowable stress
at=120MPa, a,=160MPa, T=80MPa.


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