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Nama : Ahmad Zaky Muyaman


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Kelas : C ( Bahasa Inggris )

Contoh Simple Present Tense

1. Nominal
(+) They are on the seventh floor.
(+) Kevin is the most charismatic boy in the class.
(+) Strong is not how big our power but how hard we face the problem.
() I am not rich enough for you.
() You are not capable for this job.
() Gobi is not the biggest desert in the world.
(?) Are you confident enough to tell her?
(?) Are they brave enough to climb the highest mountain?
(?) Is he a best guitarist in your band?
(?) Is our government free from the corruptions?
2. Verbal
(+) I go to campus everyday
(+) The rain falls from the sky.
(+) Alex gives a present for his parents.
() You dont remember my birthday.
() He doesnt tell his sad life story.
() Andy doesnt wash her face with an expensive beauty product.
(?) Do you pay tax every month?
(?) Does bad driving cause many accidents?
(?) Does he buy an expensive cloth every month?
(?) Do they study english in the class?