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Circular No

17 /14

Code No Of the Department

H 9004

No of pages of Circular


Date : 28.08.2014

All Zonal Offices / Controlling Offices/ Branches

Sub: Introduction of Aadhaar Based Know Your Customer (E-KYC) Services.

This is in continuation to HOIT Circulatory Letter No. 07/14 dated: 23.08.2014 on the above subject.
Bank is pleased to inform all concerned that today (Dated: 28.08.2014) we are launching the Aadhaar
Based Know Your Customer (E-KYC) Services of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The
process flow was explained in the above mentioned Circulatory Letter of HOIT Department. The prerequisite and User Manual for the E-KYC Service is being circulated through this circular.
The Branch should be enabled on Biometric Authentication System, i.e. staff members should be
login in Finacle through fingerprint based Biometric Authentication System.
The single fingerprint device which is presently being used by staff members for Login into
Finacle is also to be used for taking fingerprint of the customer for E-KYC.
Biometric Driver should be installed on the computer.


STEP-1: Download the SmartChipEkyc.dll file from Intranet Portal and save the same in the
C:\FingerprintSensors\SMARTCHIP_DLL\ folder on your computer.
STEP-2: Open Internet Explorer and type following URL to open E-KYC Application:

STEP-3: Enter your Finale Id (i.e. PF Code) and Branch Code (e.g. D0606, D0181) and click on SUBMIT
button to login. E-KYC Application shall prompt to put any of the fingers of the staff member for
authentication purpose.
(Note: Please note that the staff member should be enrolled in the Biometric System which is being
used for the Login into Finacle CBS.)
STEP-4: After login into E-KYC Application, select KYC+ Request KYC menu. Enter the 12-digit
Aadhaar Number of the customer in the field provided. Click on the Explicit customers consent has
been taken to fetch Mobile and Email details check box (to fetch Mobile and Email). Click on SUBMIT
E-KYC Application shall prompt for the customer to put his/ her any of the fingers enrolled with
Aadhaar. Ask the customer to put his/ her finger on the biometric device.

E-KYC Application shall invoke the E-KYC Services of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
and checks the Aadhaar Number and Fingerprint Biometric of the customer.
STEP-5: If customers Aadhaar Number matches with the Biometrics, UIDAI responds with encrypted
demographic information such as- Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Phone and Email (if available)
and Photograph. This information is captured by Banks E-KYC Application. The E-KYC Application
decrypts the data and then displays the same on the screen. In case of mismatch, UIDAI Server
responds with an error.

The E-KYC Application provides the option to print/ save the demographic information in PDF format
(E-KYC Certificate) using Export PDF option. A copy of the PDF (E-KYC Certificate) should be signed by
the customer and kept as a permanent record.
Important Note: Please note that as per Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) requirements
customers consent should be taken before getting his/ her demographic information from UIDAI
through E-KYC Application. The consent may be as follows:
I authorize Punjab & Sind Bank to get my Aadhaar Details from Unique Identification Authority of
India (UIDAI).
For the above purpose a stamp may be used on the existing account opening form of the Bank and
signature of the customer is taken on the same in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Deputy General Manager- IT