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New Energy Business

New Energy Development

Renewable Energy

EWP is aggressively investing in developing new energy sources to guarantee a steady supply of energy.

EWP is developing renewable energy sources to preserve the environment and sustain growth.

EWP is building two large scale power plants with the cooperation of IPPs (Independent Power Producers).
We are determined to provide affordable energy in a prompt and steady fashion.

These development projects are participatory, binding residents and developers together
to shape their own energy future.

Large Scale IPP Projects

Large scale power plants are being constructed in Donghae and Dangjin. Each plant will
have a capacity of over 1,000 MW.
Donghae IPP Project

Dangjin IPP Project


595MW x 2Units

580MW x 2Units

Construction Period



Cooperation with

STX Energy

Dongbu Corp.
Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Bukpyeong Industrial Complex

in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do

Photovoltaic Power
in operation 26.9 MW
under development 83.2 MW

EWP is utilizing roof-tops

and retrofitting old buildings
to create photovoltaic
panels thus minimizing the
environmental impacts. EWP
cooperated with private
companies is boosting the
industry as well.

under development 105 MW

EWP is constructing a 30 MW
biomass power plant at the
Donghae power complex.
We are also planning to
build the world's first and
largest 5 MW biogas turbine.

* IPP : Independent Power Producer

Wind Power
in operation 19.8 MW
under development 20 MW

Fuel Cell
in operation 8 MW
under development 52.8 MW
developing 78.8 MW

EWP is developing wind

power both on-shore and
off-shore. We are involved
in various projects in the
West Sea area and 2.5 GW
wind farm building.

Fuel Cell is one of EWP's

most promising future
growth engines. We also
have a leading O&M
technology in the area.

Mini Hydro Power

Waste Energy

Community Energy System Projects

We are also involved in CES projects which aim to provide heat and electricity to the industrial
complexes in Deasan, Chuncheon and Dangjin through public & private consortium.
Daesan CES Project

Seokmun National Industrial

Complex CES Project

Chuncheon Combined
Heat & Power Project





Construction Period




Cooperation with

Daesan Combined
Heat & Power Co., Ltd.

Kyungdong / Kolon Global


Daesan-eup, Seosan-si

Seokmun-myeon, Dangjin-si



in operation 5 MW
under development 3 MW
developing 270 MW

EWP operates a 5MW mini

hydro power facility in
Dangjin which utilizes waste
water to produce electricity.
Unit 2, currently under
construction, is expected to
generate 3 MW.

developing 181.9 MW

SRF (Solid Recovery Fuel)

plant generates electricity
by incinerating wastes
produced by residential and
commercial sectors. EWP
plans to build Korea's
largest SRF power plants in
Samcheok and Wonju.

* CES : Community Energy System

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