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Thursday, April 16, 2015 - Page 6

Golfers compete EA golfers host

in Mound City

The East Atchison Wolves

Golf Team competed in
Mound City, MO, on April 8,
2015. East Atchison came in
second with a team score of
230. Mound City placed first
with a team score of 177.
One West Nodaway golfer
also competed. The match
medalist was Ben Shifflett
of Mound City with a score
of 42.
Individual EA stats follow: Jayton Johnson - 50,
Brendon Bruns - 54, Dayton
Murry - 60, Colin Joesting 66, and Ethan Riley - 75.

The East Atchison Wolves

Golf Team hosted LeBlond
on Friday, April 10, 2015.
East Atchison came in second with a team score of 237
behind LeBlonds 180. The
match medalist was Brooks
Jungbluth of LeBlond with
a 36.
Individual EA stats follow: Colin Joesting - 57,
Keevan Baker - 57, Dayton
Murry - 60, Brendon Bruns 63, and Ethan Riley - 69.

Stephaine McDonald:
To Protect and Serve


up his club while practicing
on the driving range at the
Tarkio Golf Course before
the East Atchison Wolves
golf match against LeBlond.
(Photo By Megan McAdams)


while practicing on the putting green at the Tarkio
Golf Course before the East
Atchison Wolves golf match
against LeBlond. (Photo By
Megan McAdams)

By Katarina DeRosier
If there comes a time in
the future when you look
into your rearview mirrors
and see the lovely red and
blue lights of a police car; the
driver in that car just might
be Police Officer Stephaine
Stephaine is the daughter of Penny Moseley and
Travis McDonald. Penny is
a stay-at-home mom and
Travis works at American
Recycling & Sanitation.
Stephaine has one brother,
Brian Moseley.
Stephaine moved here
from Indiana during elementary school. When she
thinks back to her childhood, she will always remember her time in Indiana.
Throughout school, Stephaine has been very involved.
For four years she has been
in Interact, the A+ program,
FCCLA, and musical theater. For three years she has
been in Upward Bound, basketball, cheer, and drama.
Along with juggling all of
her extra-curriculars, she
has held two jobs. Stephaine has worked at the nursing home for two years and
she also babysits the Livengoods kids. Alongside of all
of her activities and working, she does have a hobby
When Stephaine has time

to lay back and relax you will

probably find her watching
her favorite television shows,
The Arrow, The Flash, or
Sherlock Holmes. When she
isnt in the mood for a television show she will watch her
favorite movies, Big Hero 6
or If I Stay. While watching
these shows, Stephaine will
eat her favorite food, raspberries or cheese fries from
White Castle. Throughout
her school days, Stephaine
has always enjoyed math
because, she says, I like
numbers. She also loves to
read Breaking Beautiful by
Jennifer Shaw Wolfe. Stephaine enjoys listening to Sam
Smith; especially his song
Lay Me Down. When looking back on her high school
days, Stephaine will always
remember all the homecoming weeks, and how the class
of 2015 always won the tugof-war contest. Along with
her good memories she does
have an embarrassing one
that will stick with her, too.
During a basketball practice, Stephaine asked to go to
potty and Coach U corrected
her by saying, Its restroom.
Not potty. To this day, she
has never said potty.
After high school, Stephaine plans on going to UMKC
to get her Bachelors Degree
in criminal justice. After
that, she plans on attending

a police academy. Stephaines years at Tarkio High

School have been memorable for everyone. Her
personality and contagious
laugh have kept the hallways energized. Now, it is
time for Stephaine to move
on with her life. Always remember to follow the law in
the near future, though, because you know who will be
there when you dont!
Five Irrelevant
Questions for
How many Scooby Doo
movies do you own? Why?
24! Ive always watched
Scooby Doo and I have been
collecting since I was a kid.

Why do you not like to

sit in the chairs at THS?
Because they are uncomfortable - I will also fall
asleep from sitting too long
and eight hours is too long!
How fast do you run
your mile?
8 minutes and 50 seconds not too fast.
You are going to be a
police officer What kind
of donut will you be found
snacking on? Why?
Do they make Boston
cream pie donuts? Thats
what I want.
Geckos or Chameleons?
Chameleons because they
can change colors

By Mariana Villagrana
As the school year comes
to an end, it is finally time
to study for the last tests
before school gets out. The
past few months, the elementary teachers have been
earnestly preparing the students to take the MAP test.
For those who arent as familiar with the MAP tests, it
stands for Missouri Assessment Program. It is through
this program that students
are required to take several
tests that will demonstrate
their comprehension and
how they can apply everything they learned from the
whole school year. There are
different types of assessments and one of those is
the GLA. The GLA stands
for grade level assessments.
GLA tests are taken by students grades third through
eighth, where they are tested on their math and English skills. Science is then
later added to the test when
they enter 5th grade.
Now the elementary
arent the only ones who
are preparing for impor-

tant tests. In the high school

grades nine though twelve,
students are preparing for
the EOCs. EOCs are end-ofcourse exams that are more
content orientated. For these
tests, students have nine
available that they can take,
some of those could include
taking geometry, algebra, or
personal finance.
This year, all students
will get to have a new opportunity as they transition
from taking the written test
to using computers for test
taking. This will be very
beneficial because results
will be out quicker and the
individual reports will be in
within two to three weeks
of taking the test. For many
students, these tests tend to
be challenging, but they are
important to take because
not only does it help the student, but it also helps the
teachers. The teacher will be
able to see the strengths and
weaknesses and help further
develop their curriculum.
So, wish your students good
luck as they begin to study
for all those hard tests!

Students testing at Tarkio R-I

Four more weeks for seniors!

By Paige Wooten
In four weeks the seniors
will officially be done with
high school. Now theyre
ready to move onto the next
step in their lives. They believe the next step is going
to college or entering the
work force.
They are partially right.
The next step is leaving
home and following their
chosen path. They have to
leave behind everything familiar to them. No longer
will they be sleeping in the
same old bed, watching the
same old TV, and having the
same old conversations with
their parents. They may believe they are ready for this
move, but they couldnt be
more wrong. Leaving home
is leaving a part of yourself
behind. The only thing that
holds these seniors together
and their parents is knowing that one day they will
be home again. The truth is

that for these young adults

to finally become full grown
adults, they must first test
their skills in the real world.
They need to leave the nest
and learn to fly so they can
continue to bring honor to
their family and loved ones.
Leaving home doesnt mean
theyre leaving the people
they love behind, they are
improving who they already

FFA Flower Sale

The Tarkio High School

FFA Chapter is hosting a
Flower Sale on Saturday,
April 18, from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. The sale will take place
in the greenhouse behind
the ag building on Chestnut
Street in Tarkio. Six packs,
hanging baskets, perennials, tomato plants, and decorative pots will be available
for purchase.

Choir to perform
in Worlds of Fun
Festival of Music
The Tarkio High School
Choir is competing in the
Worlds of Fun Festival of
Music on Sunday, April 19,
2015. The bus will leave at
6 a.m. and return around
7 p.m. The choirs performance time is 9 a.m. at the
Tivoli Theater.

for THS seniors

The Tarkio High School

2014-15 graduating seniors
will be honored at baccalaureate services Sunday,
April 26, 2015, at the First
Baptist Church in Tarkio. A
dinner for the seniors, their
families, and Tarkio R-I administrators will begin at 6
p.m. The service, which is
open to the public, will begin at 7 p.m. Baccalaureate
is sponsored by the Tarkio/
Westboro Ministerial Alliance.