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non-explosive demolition agent

Product Description
EXPANSIT is an explosion/vibration-free
demolition agent. It is used for demolition work when ever conventional blasting is not allowed. The expansion pressure of 8000 t/m ensures a noiseless
and controllable demolition. EXPANSIT
is used for a vibration-free, non-explosive demolition agent. It is a cementgrey powder which is stirred with an
indicated max. quantity of mixing water
and then poured into the previously
drilled holes. After a short reaction-time
an expansion pressure of more than
8000 t/m is being built up. This expansion pressure exceeds the tensile
strengths of concrete or rock. If using
this agent with blocks of reinforced steel
the existing reinforcements of a diame-

ter of up to approx. 8 mm, depending

on the structure of the reinforcement,
will be overstretched. To use EXPANSIT
no big or heavy machines are needed.
The space required depends on the
holes chosen. The only vibrations occur
while making the drill holes. No special
permits are necessary (as in the case
of explosive agents).

Fields of application
EXPANSIT is used as an explosion/
vibration-free explosion agent for de-

molition work of concrete, reinforced

concrete, rock, and mineral structures.
The main fields of application are as
bridge construction
power/chemical plant construction
building/civil and underground
purification plants

Specifications for using

First of all the necessary drillings with a
diameter of 40 mm have to be made in
the necessary depth. Drilling machines
driven by compressed air are recommended as they remove at the same
time remaining particles from the drill
hole. As to the distance between the
drill holes, please consult the above
list. The holes have to be clean and dry
before the filling. After that, EXPANSIT
and the maximum quantity of water
(max. 25%) are added; dont stop
mixing then. The mixing is effected by a
drill machine with a twirl attachment
until the mixture is homogeneous, thin
and lump-free. The mixing should last
for 4 minutes (not more, not less); otherwise the reaction starts too early. Make
sure you only mix a quantity that can be
used at once. The homogeneous mixture is poured into the drilled holes as
immediately as possible. This can be
effected out of the pack itself or via a
Generally, you must never put weight
on the filled drill holes, only cover them
if necessary. Direct sun light should be
avoided. In case of a larger drill-hole
grid, fill the holes from the inside to the
outside since then the expansion pressure has its maximum efficacy. EXPANSIT is poured into the previously drilled
holes. If you should have mixed too
much material, spread it and do not

leave it in the pack; after you have added the water the chemical reaction will
take place after a few minutes.
The temperatures of the prefabricated
compound units (see Technical Data)
should never exceed +25 C. The expansion pressure is released due to a
chemical reaction; with temperatures
higher than +25 C, blow-outs are possible.
It is always advisable to make some
test explosions in previously drilled
holes. Start with smaller drill-hole grids.
The efficacy of EXPANSIT depends on
the temperature and of the characteristics of the respective object. Choose a
smaller drill-hole grid if the object
should be highly reinforced. After being
used, the tools must thoroughly be
cleaned with water.

Technical Data
setting time (20 C)
(depending on the temperature)


approx. 10-15
if possible use immediately

setting temperature
min. /max. C
(temperature precast element)

+10 / +25

temperature of mixing water

approx. 10


# 2,5



max. water quantity

per 10 kg pail
consumption of dry powder
consumption d = 40 mm
of drill-hole length





diameter of drill-hole = d



distance between drill-holes = a

diameter of drill-holes = d

a = (8 bis 16) x d

depths of drill-holes = L
total depth = t

L = 0,8 x t

Preparation of the foundation

The walls of the drill hole have to be
removed from dust; stagnant water also
has to be removed from the drill holes.
The object to be demolitioned has to be

an eye protection and plastic gloves.

Mark the demolition area to make sure
that not authorized people do not enter.
Make children stay away. Instructions
according safety data sheet have to be

Special indication
Protect the demolition-object from sunlight or rain by means of tilts.
Do not fill glass or steel bottles of any
vessels that become narrower towards
the top.
Never look into drill holes. Always wear

Size of delivery

10 kg plastic-pail

to be stored in dry, frost-free locations,
in the not yet opened packs;
best before 12 months

Instructions according to the safety data sheet have to be followed!

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