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The KAALCPROFCA Personal Breathalyzer is a hand held

Professional Alcohol Analyzer. It provides stable, accurate and
reliable measuring technology.
Please wash your mouth with water and abstain from smoking or
drinking alcohol for at least 10 minutes before use.

Power Supply
Slide back the battery cover on the back of the device.
Install 3 x 1.5V alkaline batteries (AAA) into the battery
When battery power is not sufficient enough for testing, the battery
indicator will flash. In this circumstance, please remove the drained
batteries and replace with a fresh set of batteries immediately.




Blood alcohol content

above alert level



No Driving

Press the 'ON' key once to turn on the device. When the machine
is powered on, 'ALCO' will be shown on the LCD display. Press
the 'OK' key. The sensor preheating will be activated. 'PH' will
flash three times and begin to count down (from 'PH99' to 'PH9000'). 'READY' & BLOW will flash alternately with beep tones
when the machine is ready to take a breath sample.
Note: the device will count down for 30 seconds. Please take a
test within this time.
When ready to take a test, the user should blow continuously
through the mouthpiece for about 5-7 seconds. Stop blowing
once you hear a 'beep' tone. If the sampling is successful, 'Anly
will flash upon the display, indicating an analysis of the sample
is underway. A reading will then display upon the screen.
If the user doesn't blow for long enough, blows too hard, blows too
softly or is interrupted, 'ERR' will be shown on the LCD (indicating
an error). The user may press the 'OK' key for a new test. Test
results are displayed on the LCD within 10 seconds.

Press OK KEY
To start

Note: with the LCD screen displaying the test result, as shown
above, the user may press the 'ON' key to recall the last test
result record.

Important Notes
When the device records its maximum available tests, '500' and
'MAX TEST' will display and flash on the LCD. Users will need to
refresh/calibrate the device so that the device can take a test with
correct result reading. 'MAX TEST' will display and blink each time
when you enter into the test mode of the device. To continue testing,
you will have to wait for 5 seconds. To discontinue the display of
MAX TEST, you will need to visit an authorized service center and
calibrate your equipment.
When unused for a long time or at a low temperature, the machine
will take longer to prime itself / warm up.
After 5 consecutive tests, allow the device to rest for 5 minutes.
Please store in a dry environment at room temperature. Avoid
extreme heat or long-term sun exposure.
When the battery indicator flashes, please replace the batteries.
If the difference between two successive readings is >0.1%, the user
should test again.
Do NOT block the outlet during sampling.
When Err flashes, press 'OK' to restart the test. The device will
revert to ALCO mode once Err flashes for 5 seconds.

Alcohol Sensor: Fuel cell Sensor
Blowing time: 5 to 7 seconds
Breath power: 10L/min
Display Range: 0.0~400.0mg/100ml or 0.00~4.00BAC;
or 0.000~0.400% BAC or 0.000mg/L~2.0mg/L
(if to mg/L convection factor is 2.0)
Accuracy: +/- 0.006BAC at 0.05BAC
Use temperature: +5C to +45C / Storage temperature: 0C to
Test counter with recalibration alarm
Calibration: Every 500 tests.
Breath pressure and interruption detection

Power Input: 3 x AAA alkaline battery.

Display: Digital LCD display with bi-colour backlighting.

Auto Power Off: approximately 30 seconds

Dimension: 125 x 62 x 18 mm.
Weight: 80g.
Agency Approval: CE

2 mouth pieces.

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) may change within minutes
Do not use this device to determine whether or not it is safe for you to
You cannot use these test results in Court.
Your safest bet is not to mix drinking with driving at all.
Avoid Binge drinking; Remain under the ALERT LEVEL, regardless of
whether you're driving.
Do not share with friends. This unit is designed for personal use, with
accuracy and hygienic considerations taken into account.
This unit may require a few minutes of standby between
Store according to specifications. Avoid long term sun exposure and
Handle with care, as a fragile item.

How often should I re-calibrate the tester?

The tester can remain accurate for 500 uses. We recommend
recalibration after this many measurements to ensure maximum

Please contact an Authorized service center.

NB* It is important to observe the recommended 20 minute pause
without consuming any alcohol, cigarettes or anything else before
testing. Failure to do this can shorten the life of the sensor. In such
cases, the sensor can be permanently damaged or may require
more frequent calibration. This user manual should be read
carefully for information on caring for the unit sensor.

Many factors (e.g. environment gas residue, smoke &

various smells in the human mouth, etc) may affect
the BAC level, so the readings are For Reference
Only. Kogan does not accept any liability arising from
the use of the unit. Dont drink before you drive!

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