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Teradata Life Sciences Logical Data Model

Industry Solutions > Life Sciences

Add Analysis and Insight from early discovery

to post marketing.
With an array of industry-wide business

help your business reduce costs, speed

challenges facing life sciences companies,

time to market, and ensure drug effective-

they have some tough questions to ask

ness and safety.

and answer.
As we know all too well, R&D is costly
How do you select the best team for new

and time-consuming, with expenses easily

drug development? Can you identify the

exceeding $1 billion or more to take a new

techniques that lead to increased ROI? What

product to market. And then there are the

factors can reduce critical time to market?

surprises those unexpected occurrences

The Teradata Life Sciences LDM provides

Does your historical R&D data have new

that arise during R&D, manufacturing, and

the foundation on which Life Sciences

applications for approved drugs? Does your

after a drug is marketed that could include

companies can construct a powerful,

commercial and manufacturing planning

below-expected efficacy, increased deleteri-

flexible, and scalable data architecture to

and forecasting result in optimum inventory

ous side effects, manufacturing quality

support analytics and business intelligence

levels? Do you have supply chain visibility

issues, and unexpected competitive threats.

within every area of their organization

to route product to the right place at the

right time? Are you leveraging the most
cost effective marketing channels? Am I
effectively leveraging social media for
product, prescriber and patient insights?

So, how do you begin to reduce costs,

shorten time to market, and minimize
surprises? By improving your existing
data management and analytics capabilities across all areas of your organization.

For too many organizations, the answers to

And that means taking advantage of the

those and other vital questions have been

benefits of a well-designed logical data

nearly impossible to answer. Thats because

model (LDM) that can guide data integra-

existing data management and analytic

tion so you can make smarter, faster

solutions everything from Excel spread-

business decisions.

insight. In addition, data is typically

organized for a single purpose with no
regard to a broader usage such as identifying insights within an experiment
(genomics, clinical trials, outcomes, etc.)
and not across experiments. In almost all
cases, its impossible to perform crossfunctional analyses involving costs from
early discovery to post marketing. Its
equally difficult to analyze ways that will






across business functions. The Life Sciences

LDM takes a data-driven approach to diagram the relationships of data extracted
from disparate operational sources and
provide an enterprise-wide view of your
business. Its a blueprint that starts by
allowing companies to maximize the value
of data through improved data reuse, data
management and analytics. The Teradata
Life Sciences LDM lets you build smarter

sheets to complex, expensive transformation

processes simply dont provide timely

whether in individual business units or

The Blueprint for Success

and faster. Youll save vital development

Life sciences organizations like yours need

time and development dollars while

a plan to help make the most of their data

you minimize the risks associated with

warehouse, a plan that will save time and

implementing a data warehouse.

money and provide quick, convenient access

to cross-functional, integrated information.
Thats why Teradata Corporation, the
global leader in data warehousing and
analytics, has developed the Teradata
Life Sciences LDM specifically for the life
sciences industry.

Best of all, the Teradata Life Sciences LDM

ensures that you can ask any question of
any data at any time. It lets you retain and
analyze atomic data without making any
assumptions about what is important.
Remember the adage: You dont know

Teradata Life Sciences Logical Data Model

what you dont know and save all your

Using the Teradata Life Sciences LDM

Providing Manufacturing,

data. After all, theyre yours, so use them

within R&D provides the analyses and

Sales & Marketing, and

whenever you need them.

data you need to:

Corporate Insight

> Design and execute studies more effi-

The Teradata Life Sciences LDM also

The Teradata Life Sciences LDM provides

a single integrated view of all your data
current and historical across the enter-

ciently, discovering negative trends before

includes integrated modeling to capture

they waste money and human capital.

information about your product manufacturing, sales and marketing and corporate

prise. From cradle to grave the model

> Reduce clinical trial costs.

supports all facets of the business includ-

> Increase clinical trial success rates.

ing: portfolio strategy, planning and

> Provide safer drugs to the marketplace.

about current and historical data. The

> Increase drug revenue.

manufacturing, sales and marketing, and

> Find new drugs through retrospective

corporate content in the LDM includes

management, early discovery, preclinical,

trial and protocol design, trial recruitment
and execution, treatment and adverse
events, regulatory agency requirements,
product efficacy and safety, outcomes,

> Implement complex retention policies

functions, providing the same opportunities for in-depth analyses and intelligence

modeling in areas such as:

> Advertisement

manufacturing operations, supply chain

to ensure that all data meet regulatory

> Promotion

management, marketing resource manage-

and corporate audit and review processes.

> Forecasting

ment, promotion planning and execution,

sales force deployment, multi-media

> Enable rapid response to regulatory


channel development, global financial

> Contract
> Rebate

management, human capital management,

The Teradata Life Sciences LDM includes

> Returns

world-wide real estate, and legal case

R&D specific modeling in areas such as:

> Promotions


> Compounds

> Advertisement

> Genomics

> Multimedia


> Proteomics

> Sales Direct

The R&D subject areas within the Teradata

> Metabolomics

> Sales Indirect

Life Sciences LDM were created to support

> System biology

> Geography

> Adverse Event

> Compensation

> Development

> Sample Management

CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Con-

> Document

> Prescription Product Demand

sortium), and HL7 (Health Level Seven

> Material

> Formulary

International). While the LDM does

> Product

> Planning

> Measurement

> Production

> Project

> Equipment

standard resulting in the most flexible

> Protocol

> Standard Work Process

and scalable logical data model available

> Recruitment

> Inventory

> Study

> Quality

Meeting R&D Industry

the industry-standard BRIDG 3.0 model,

a model created from the cooperative
efforts of two industry standards groups,

provide support for the BRIDG 3.0 model,

its inherent data-driven modeling approach
will support any existing or emerging

to the industry today.

> Strategy






Teradata Life Sciences Logical Data Model

> RFID/Track And Trace

Why Teradata?

For More Information

> Shipment/Logistics Customs

Teradata is the worlds leading analytic data

To find out more about how the

solutions company, focused on integrated

Teradata Life Sciences LDM can help you

data warehousing, big data analytics, and

maximize clinical trial results and mini-

business applications. Teradatas innova-

mize costs so you can grow your business

> Financial Management

tive products and services deliver data

and make the best decision possible,

> Legal Case Management

integration and business insight to empower

contact your Teradata representative or

> Human Capital Management

organizations to make the best decisions


> Supply Chain Management

> Return Management

> Website Operations

Experience and Expertise
Teradatas unified structure for logical data
models support the comprehensive analytic
requirements of life sciences. However, we
have a proven track record of designing and

possible for competitive advantage.

Answer Your Toughest Questions

The Teradata Life Sciences LDM gives you the power to answer some
of the toughest questions facing life sciences organizations today,

building focused LDMs for a wide range of

> How can you profile successful R&D programs?

industries. That means the Teradata Life

> How can you pinpoint and quantify success or failure chances earlier in
the clinical trial process?

Sciences LDM has been designed to allow

you to implement your analytic environment in an incremental manner, and then
expand the scope of coverage without
massive reorganizing of your data.
Plus, because we have such an extensive
background in LDM design, we can seamlessly integrate common functions, such as
call centers or web logs, into your modeling
project. Your installation support team can
determine if a specific function is available
within one of the other Teradata industry
LDMs, and whether or not you can migrate
that module into your installation.

> How do you identify which subject recruiting changes are most likely to
provide reduced costs and more accurate clinical trial results?
> Do your clinical trials require multiple protocol changes that could have
been discovered in the trial design phase?
> How can you proactively detect and prevent excursions throughout the
manufacturing process?
> Are there ways to better plan and forecast that result in more rightsized inventories?
> How can you optimize your marketing budget and sales resources to
deliver the right message via the right channel to the right health care
professional at the right time?
> Does the projected earned value of drug development justify continued
> Is there a known profile of products that are showing less than expected
efficacy or safety levels?
And perhaps the most pressing question of all: Can you even identify
where you should focus your efforts and resources to answer these
and other vital business questions?

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