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Satuan Pendidikan

: SMP Negeri ……………..

Mata Pelajaran

: Bahasa Inggris

Kelas/ Semester

: IX/ 1

Materi Pokok

: The Simple Present Tense

Alokasi Waktu

: 2 x 40 Menit

Aspek/ Skill

: Kompetensi Kebahasaan / Menulis

Standar Kompetensi
6. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks tulis fungsional dan esei pendek sederhana berbentuk
procedure dan report untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.


Kompetensi Dasar
6.1 Mengungkapkan makna dalam bentuk teks tulis fungsional pendek sederhana dengan
menggunakan ragam bahasa tulis secara akurat, lancar dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dalam
konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.

Siswa mampu mengidentifikasi The Simple Present Tense pada teks yang diberikan guru.
Siswa mampu menyebutkan fungsi dari the Simple Present Tense.
Siswa mampu memilih bentuk kata kerja untuk the Simple Present Tense.
Siswa mampu menulis kalimat pendek dan sederhana menggunakan the Simple Present


Tujuan pembelajaran
Pada akhir pembelajaran siswa mampu :


Menulis kalimat pendek dengan benar.

Menyusun kata acak menjadi kalimat yang baik dan benar.

Materi Pembelajaran

habitually. Statement He She I runs It You run We They Note: When the subject is third person singular (e. add a final –s or –es to the verb.g. The simple present expresses events or situasion that exist always. -x . 3. Add -es if the verb ends in -sh. -ss. usually. The sun rises in the east. the planet). she. Penjelasan dan contoh the simple present tense The Simple Present Tense Now 1. it. he. they exist now. It expresses daily habits or usual activities Example : I take a shower every day. b). She goes to school every morning. or –zz . The Simple Present: Past I Future In general. Example : The earth goes around the sun. The uses of this tense a). -ch.A. The forms of the Simple Present a). have existed in the past. It expresses general statements of fact. and probably will exist in the future. Edo. 2.

Interrogative Questions . run) in a negative sentence.wash washes catch catches fix fixes pass passes buzz buzze If the verb ends in a consonant + -y. Negative He She + does not (doesn’t) + infinitive It I You + do not (don’t) + infinitive We They Note: Do not add a final -s to the main verb (e. change the -y to i and add –es study studies try tries If the verb ends in a vowel + -y. (incorrect: He doesn't runs) c).g. simply add -s pay pays buy buys b).

... you we They e)...he Does she + infinitive ... it you do we They he No she I + doesn’t it No.? It I you Do + infinitive.? we they Note: Do not add a final –s to the main verb in question.. (incorrect: does he runs?) d)............ Adverds that are usuallly used in this tense :  always  seldom/ rarely  usually generally/ commonly  often/ frequently  once in a while/ sometimes  never don’t ....... Short answer he Yes she I + does Yes.

V.edufind.penugasan . they may also settle arguments. driving a car or even on foot. Handout. every month. 2. every night. Metode Pembelajaran: 1. The police officer usually patrols the beat by riding a motorcycle. there is usually a chief of police assisted by many officers.http://www. Teknik : . In the village. Kamus. Pendekatan : scientific approach. Media Pembelajaran : Audio/ Video. Sumber : . In their beats. early/ each  every (every day. In the police station. VI. Beside that. GunarsoDepdiknas 2.diskusi . The police officers are responsible for some areas which we usually called beats. every year. every week.latihan . robbing. Teks fungsional pendek menggunakan the Simple Present Tense THE POLICE STATION In most cities we always find more than one police station. White Board. Board marker. the police officers have to do many important jobs. or in the forests and mountains. control the traffic. 3. etc) B. or settle college student demonstrations. the police officer may ride a horse. they have to watch the beat very closely. They may arrest people who commit crimes such stealing. Sumber/ Media Pembelajaran 1. A beat is an area patrolled by a police - BSE Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas IX Edisi IV Unit 6.penjelasan . or selling drugs. Metode : Project-based Learning. They have to make sure that the beat is safe enough for the people to live and work. When they are patrolling.pemodelan .

c).Write one simple present tense sentence using “to be” and one using “full verb” . Contoh instrument : . Kegiatan Pendahuluan a). brainstorming 2. Kegiatan Penutup a).Write a short paragraph about your daily activity. 3. VIII. . memberi tugas/homework. d). . menanyakan kesulitan siswa dalam memahami teks.Re-arrange these jumbled words into a good sentences. Mengidentifikasi the Simple Present Tense dalam teks. g). e).Garis bawahi kata kerja bentuk Simple Present yangterdapat pada teks berjudul “The Police Station” . Menulis kalimat the Simple Present Tense. b). penjelasan mengenai the Simple Present Tense. calling the roll b). Mengamati contoh-contoh kalimat the Simple Present Tense.VII. melakukan refleksi. Kegiatan inti a). b). menyampaikan tujuan pembelajaran c). Teknik : Tes Tertulis 2. Menyebutkan ciri-ciri the Simple Present Tense. Menyusun kata menjadi kalimat yang benar. f).menyusun kata . Penilaian 1. c).menulis kalimat/paragraf 3. Mengerjakan latihan tentang “the simple present tense”. Bentuk instrument : . Langkah-langkah Pembelajaran 1.

.. .... Surabaya................................................. .........................................Karakter yang ingin dikembangkan dalam Pembelajaran Materi ini  Rasa ingin tahu ( Curiosity )  Komunikatif ( Communicative )  Berani ( Intrepid )  Dapat dipercaya ( Trustworthines)  Rasa hormat dan perhatian ( respect )  Tekun ( diligence )  Tanggung jawab ( responsibility ) Mengetahui Kepala SMPN ....... NIP........ Guru Bidang Studi ........................ ............. NIP.....

taking . The driver gets out and the man drives the truck away. The man walks over to the coffee shop. The driver gets out and speaks to the attendant. go b. They are soon in the country and they see a farmer. went d. He looks at the truck. take c. Choose one of the four choices that you think is the right answer then cross (x) on your chosen answer! 1. Do. Feed c. went 3. Do not. Feeding 2. The driver gives the man a ride in his truck. LAMPIRAN I. I ____ always ____ to the dentist. The driver walks across to the coffee shop. The thief cannot make it go again. Later the man takes out a gun. She _____ her dog everyday. Do. Identify the short story below! Which words or phrases that are included in the "simple present tense"? Please underline your answer! THE STOLEN TRUCK A truck drives into a petrol station. He buys him a drink. The truck has stopped. a. go c. Does not. The police arrive. a. Do. When __ you ____ a shower? a. Do. taken d. Does not. The driver takes out his knife and throws it at the petrol pipe. To feed b. took b. Do not. Feeds d. A man walks into the petrol station. He sits down at the driver’s table. II.

Don’t surfing c. No. Ate d. Rode b. 10. b. a. Yes. Do surfs d. Ridden c. a. I no enjoy playing in the park. d. b. Yes. Q: When do you do your homework? A: … a. I did my homework at 6 PM. I don’t enjoy playing in the park. No. Q: Do you enjoy playing in the park? A: … a. I have did my homework at 6 PM. I likes to sing b. Riding 8. To eat c. No. Eaten 7. I am liking to sing d.4. I don’t enjoys playing in the park. c. Do surfing b. Q: Does he love his mother? . I like to sing c. No. c. I ___ breakfast every day at 7 AM. Yes. Tom and I ____ ____ together. 9. Q: Do you like to sing? A: … a. I am doing my homework at 6 PM. Q: How do you go to school? A: We ___ the bus to school a. I do my homework at 6 PM. Don’t surf 6. Eat b. I doesn’t enjoy playing in the park. Yes. I liked to sing 5. Ride d. d.

c. mammals – in – that – the – live – desert – Camels. d. Please write a short paragraph about your daily activity! RENCANA PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN .A: … a. He love his mother He loves his mother He to love his mother He is loving his mother Rearrange the words below into good sentences ! 1.. 2.of ………………………………………………………. b. III. write .My ………………………………………………………….are ………………………………………………………… IV..our – Some – friends – to – letters – her . buys – a – brother – car – new . 3.

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