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Muhammad– A Mercy to Mankind

The Single Pearl (orphan) of the Quraysh (Durrul Yatim)

Written By Abidali Mohamedali based on a Lecure by Sheikh Mansour Leghai

The life of this, the greatest of Prophets, not only was a series of mira- of the desert to teach them appreciation for nature, to keep away from
cles but even prior to His birth was something that the universe was the ills of society in addition to teaching them the skills of eloquence
in anticipation of. The word ‘Yatim’ in the Arabic language is a homo- in the Arabic language. At the time of the Prophet, there happened to
nym, one being addressed to a person who is fatherless and the sec- be a drought and in such seasons a number of ladies from the rural
ond being something that is quite unique. The Holy Prophet (P) of areas would come into the city for this reason to make some money.
Islam was not only physically fatherless or rather parentless (latim), There are two seemingly contradictory narrations of how the Prophet
but he was a unique gem gifted to humanity by the Almighty. The got a wet nurse.
following will be a critical analysis of the childhood and adolescence
of this unique personality, the Holy Prophet of Islam based on a ser-
mon by Imam Ali (AS) in Nahjul balagah. In this sermon Imam Ali
(AS) says “From the time of his (H. Prophets’ (P)) weaning, Allah had
put His mightiest angels with him to take him along the path of high
character and good behaviour throughout the day and night” (Sermon
192- Sermon of Qasia)
It is very clear from the above hadith, that the Almighty, protected the
Prophet from a very early age from committing a sin or making a mis-
take and therefore from shaitan. It is a widely accepted fact that Ab-
dullah, the father of the H. Prophet (P) passed away in Yathrib
(Madina) upon returning from a trip to Damascus, when the Prophet
(P) was very young, only 2 months of age. His mother was very ill
upon the birth of the Prophet and therefore could not breastfeed her
baby for a long period of time. It was for this reason that she went
about looking for a suitable wet-nurse (Murdh’a). It was an Arab cus-
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tom at the time to send their newborns to be brought up in the middle

Single Pearl of the Quraysh……….. 1

Viewpoint ……………………………….1 The Miracle Osama Shabaan

Editorial………………………....…….. 2 From time to time we like to feel sorry for Today I must be greedy and use this article
ourselves. Have a whinge, maybe a cry or to reflect on my experience over the last
Feature Article..………………………. 4 even throw a tantrum at people we care few months. I have a new addition to the
and love for, forgetting our common sense family, a little baby girl sister who arrived
History feature…………………….….. 5 in the moment of heat. But every once in a in this world just under 3 months ago. Be-
while we are brought back to our deep ing the eldest, I have seen all of the young
Tafsir of Qur'an …..…...…..……….. 6 senses and remain mystified and mesmer- ones grow up since they were little babies,
ised for weeks on end. “The circle of life” but this one is different. It is with greater
Our Ulamaa …………………………… 8
as famously said by Mufasa to his child understanding of life and the world
Carwash ……………………………….. 8 Simba in the Lion King, continuing and tell- around me that I can hold and look into
ing his young son “one day you shall rule the baby eyes and simply sigh in the bril-
DISCLAIMER AND CAUTION this land” inferring that one day he shall liance and magnificence of the Creator.
The articles published in this paper are die. It is a notion that is common to all liv-
not the views of Al-Fajr or any particu- Meanwhile 1000’s of kilometres away in a
ing things in this vast and amazing world.
lar Islamic centre but of the Author. land washed with its sons’ blood for thou-
It is the concept of life and death.
Please handle with care as it contains
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names of Allah and His Prophet
Halima the Wet-nurse of the Prophet (P) said: ‘this was the share of Satan from you. He
Salaam Alykum!
then washed his heart in a golden container
The majority of historians have mentioned that,
with the water of Zamzam and stitched his
due to the fact that the Prophet was fatherless, chest…. I saw the marks of stitches on the chest
Welcome once again to a brand
and since they were doing this for the money, of the Prophet.” (Muslim 1:101). Some say that
new Al-Fajr! After a short sabbati- most nurses did not even approach Aminah for this incident took place when the prophet was 5
cal, we are back with a more fea- the fear of having to do the task for charity. Theyrs of age while others claim that it happened 4-
ture packed new volume of the Shi’a narration states that the Prophet was re- 5 times in the lifetime of the Prophet before he
newsletter. We have continued on fusing all the nurses brought to him. This is became the Prophet. Others such as Suyuti in
more plausible as the grandfather of the his Durrul Mansur have gone so far as to say
the spirit of the newsletter with the
Prophet, Abdul-Muttalib, was a noble man and that the first ayah of chapter 94 of the Qur’an
cover story, viewpoint, and biogra- far from being poor. It is narrated that the “Have We not expanded for you your breast”
phies of some of the Shi'a world's Prophet refused 460 wet-nurses! This made his also refers to this incident. It is unfortunate that
most eminent scholars. In addition mother and grandfather very anxious and wor- some Shi’a scholars have also narrated this inci-
we have introduced new sections of ried for the health and well being of the new- dent but as a miracle. Ayatollah Tabatabai also
born. It was not until Bibi Halima came in, that refers to this incident but concludes that it’s
feature articles and history features
he accepted her. Years later the Prophet was more of a simile (tamathul barzakhi) than a lit-
that will inshallah encourage us to asked as to why he refused so many and chose eral fact. There are several reasons why this is
know and appreciate this pristine bibi Halima, he replied “Be selective for your utter fiction.
and beautiful Religion we have wet-nurse as you are selective for your mar-
been gifted. riage, for surely breastfeeding changes the na- 1. This story is not mentioned in any of the
ture”. It is therefore clear that the other women ahadith of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) including the
This short break has seen numerous were not deserving of the stature being a further H. Prophet (P) whether from the Shi’a and
events pass us by with the situation indication of the divine protection from Allah. Sunni perspective. Even Anas is not narrat-
in Iraq worsening to lighter issues ing it from the Prophet but merely stating
Halima, was from the tribe of Bani-Sa’d and had
such as the extraordinary experi- his interpretation of his observation. Such a
come to Makkah with her husband and her
significant miracle would surely have been
ences of millions of people this Hajj newborn child she was nursing. She knew that
mentioned by some of the Ahlul Bayt.
season. The events of the last few the right breast did not produce any milk and
the left one produced very little, barely enough 2. There are many faults in the chain of trans-
weeks beginning with the destruc-
for her own child. But nevertheless, due to the mitters of this hadith. The technical ap-
tion of the Al Askari Mosque, drought, she decided to try her luck. She went proach to the analysis of hadith not related
eclipses all the sad experiences of to many houses but was turned away as the to jurisprudence is of a very poor calibre and
many. Not only did it feel like a parents were concerned for their children until thus perhaps the acceptance of this falsified
stake to the heart to every lover of she approached the house of Abdul Muttalib hadith.
and because they were desperate, accepted any-
the family of the Prophet (P) it also 3. There is a large amount of disparity between
one. The Prophet did not accept her left breast
ensured the frustration of not being different narrations on the same topic again
and by touching her right breast, a fountain of
able or knowing the most effective suggesting its weakness.
milk erupted at which point The Prophet began
way to respond. Despite this atroc- to suckle, much to the delight of his entire fam- 4. The heart operation such as this does not
ity, we have to remain strong and ily and Halima herself! This miracle continued give or take spirituality. The heart is just a
even when the she camel they were riding on metaphor for the human condition. The ig-
steadfast and as Dr. Ali Shariati
their way back home with the new born child norance of the physical anatomy of the hu-
says in this issue's feature article, gave an abundance of milk for sustaining man body suggests its very weak nature.
"Islam is a revolution”. We hope Halima when before due to the drought not a
5. Why was the operation repeated! Did this
you enjoy reading this months is- single drop was being produced. Halima imme-
‘cancer’ regrow?! Was the prophet yet in-
sue and please comment on what diately knew that she was in the presence of a
clined toward sin that he needed numerous
blessed child. The Prophet lived with Halima
you would like to see more or less operations! This is unfathomable!
and treated her like a mother and her children
of. Contributions such as view- like his own siblings even when he was an 6. If this ‘operation’ was a simile as pro-
points and feature articles will also adult. The initial contract was for 2 years but pounded in Al-Mizan, how could Anas see
be greatly appreciated. due to a cholera plague that afflicted Makkah,
Bibi Aminah extended the contract for a further
3 years making a total of 5 years with his foster A critical analysis of
Abidali Mohamedali - Editor family.

“During civil disturbance adopt Myth of the Opening of the Chest

the life of the H.
such an attitude that people do Many famous historians have mentioned a Prophet (P) is essen-
not attach any importance to myth in their books. Although these are pre-

you - they neither burden you

dominantly Sunni sources, some Shi’a historians tial to dispelling
with reference to the Sunni works have also
with complicated affairs, nor mentioned it. The myth as narrated in the Sahih
Muslim goes as follows. It is narrated from
myths and false accu-
try to derive any advantage out
of you.”
Anas ibn Malik: “One day as Muhammad (P)
was playing with the boys; Gabriel came to
sations against this–
him, opened his chest and pulled out his heart.
IMAM ALI (AS) (Saying 1 Nahjul Bala- He then removed a piece of clot from it and Greatest of men
Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 2
the stitches? that latter he was hesitant to do due to his
intense affection and love for this child. It
7. This story contradicts many Ayaat from
was not until the caravan was leaving that
the Holy Qur’an as well. Allah on nu-
Muhammad (P) asked his uncle whether he
merous occasions states “Surely as re-
wanted to leave him alone and go on a trip
gards My servants, you have no author-
whereby he might loose him as well. Abu
ity over them except those who follow
Talib considered this plea and agreed to take
you of the deviators”(15:42) and yet
Muhammad (P). The trip turned out to be
again “Surely he (Satan) has no author-
very comfortable. Upon reaching close to
ity over those who believe and rely on
their destination of Busra, the caravan of the
their Lord.” (16:99) and in another place
Quraysh would stop at a monastery. Bahira
“Surely (as for) My servants, you have
the monk, being a spiritually elevated per-
no authority over them; and your Lord is
son and one aware of the coming of the
sufficient as a Protector.”(17:65). these
Prophet sensed the special nature of this
verses clearly prove that Shaitan had no
caravan and on this occasion received the
control whatsoever on the H. Prophet
caravan well and invited them for food.
(P). It becomes quite clear on further
Bahira, on seeing the marvellous signs on
analysis of this narration that there is a
this young boy was overjoyed and awe-
significant tinge of the Christian doctrine
struck. Bahira then proceeded in asking
of being born with sin. In addition, this time of this incident and further Bilal
questions to this young boy beginning by
narration also points to the handiwork of was not even born yet! In addition to the
taking the names of Lat and Uzza the big-
Israelites (Jews and Christians) who above obvious fact, there are faults in the
gest idols of the Makkans as a test. At this
were aiming to prove the infallibility of chain of narrators in both the Shi’a and
tender age, the Prophet responded that he
Jesus over other humans. It is unfortu- Sunni sources making the authenticity of
would not answer questions in the name of
nate that our Sunni brethren still ascribe this narration very highly suspect.
the worst of the creatures. Upon which Ba-
to this ludicrous narration as Bukhari
hira proceeded to ask questions in the name 5. None of the narrations are from the holy
and Muslim narrate: “None of the Chil-
of Allah, to which the Prophet consented. progeny of the Prophet (P) again adding
dren of Adam are sinless and Satan has
Bahira advised Abu Talib not to take this to the doubt.
a share in all of them save Jesus”?!?!?
young boy to Busra because if the priest and
6. Some of the narrators were not even
8. Further, none of the early renowned or rabbis see these signs in this child, he will be
alive at the time of the incident. Figures
obscure Shi’a scholars have narrated this in grave danger. Abu Talib became more
such as Dawood Ibn Hasin or Abu Musa
story. Even contemporary scholars such concerned at this suggestion. It is at this
Al-Ashari were either not alive at this
as Sh Abbas Qummi in his book Kuhlul stage that a perversion in the story takes
time or have not even mentioned the
Basar have not mentioned it, indicating place where by it is reported that Abu Bakr
first narrator making this hadith
its insignificance. returned to Makkah with the Prophet and
‘mursala’ or not strong.
Bilal! There are several issues that have been
Back to the bosom of his Mother
raised from this incident: 7. Sir John Masinion, a historian, having
After the contract expired, Halima brought completed a study on this Bahira con-
1. It is accusation raised against the
the child back to his mother but as Allah had cludes that he is a mythical figure.
Prophet by the Christians that the
planned it, mother and only child were
Qur’an is a mere compilation of what the 8. The language of the monk was not Ara-
united for a mere year when on returning
Monk had told the Prophet in this inci- bic and therefore a translator would
from a trip to Yathrib to visit his uncles with
dent suggesting that the differences be- have been necessary and therefore the
his mother, his mother passed away in a
tween the narrations are due to the translator would have a better grasp of
place called Abwa. It seems as if that both
Prophet forgetting part of the stories and the stories of the Prophets than Muham-
Abdullah and Aminah were created for the
fabricating his own! Anyone even mad (P)! In addition Allah says in the
sole purpose of bringing this pearl into this
slightly familiar with the Qur’an would Qur’an “And certainly We know that
world as both passed away young and with-
scoff at this. The Prophet at that age was they say: Only a mortal teaches him. The
out any other offspring, a way to prove to
not only too young but unlettered to tongue of him whom they reproach is
the world that Allah is his guardian and no
learn all the stories of the Prophets from barbarous, and this is clear Arabic
one else.
the monk, especially within a mere hour! tongue” (16:103). Clearly, this verse
The H. Prophet was then under the guardi- means that none other than the Arabic
2. Why is it that the other Arabs who were
anship of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, language can be used to teach the
with the Prophet at the time could not
but that was short lived as Abdul Muttalib Prophet!
remember or relive it?
passed away a mere 2 years after this. So at
These fabricated narrations allow the ene-
the tender age of 8 the Prophet was put un- 3. There are fundamental differences be-
mies of the Prophet and of Islam to attack
der the guardianship of his uncle Abu-Talib tween narrations in the bible which fol-
this pristine religion. These accusations and
and his wife Fatima bint- Asad, the parents low a story-like sequence and that of the
attacks primarily emanate from the per-
of Imam Ali (AS). Qur’an. There is also almost no similarity
verted and concocted hadith and narrations
in the stories of the Prophets between the
Story of Visiting Bahira from the Sunni sihah allowing others to grab
pristine Qur’an and the perverted bible.
a hold of irrational or unfounded facts to the
When the Prophet was 9 years of age, Abu
Talib had to travel on a business trip to Da- 4. It is suggested that as previously noticed, extent that the Sunnis do not believe in the
this story is quite likely to have been infallibility (‘Isma) of the Prophet before the
mascus. Abu Talib was in a dilemma
perverted for several reasons. The funda- delivery of the message. These attacks were
whether to take him on such an ardours
mental being that it is a well known fact present at the time of the Prophet and it is
journey wrought with dangers or to leave
that Abu Bakr was 2 years younger to unfortunate that they are present to this
him alone in the relative comfort of Makkah,
the Prophet making him 7yrs old at the date.
Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 3
Every Day is Ashura Every Land is Karbala written by Dr. Ali Shariati

Islam is a revolution. Islam is not a safety- world shall be elevated - in time - to a state those slain in the name of Truth and Justice.
net for the masses, to keep tucked away as of Islam. For the Muslim, there is no doubt
"The history of Islam follows a strange path;
spiritual insurance in the event that iniqui- as to the Reality of this.
a path in which gangsters and ruffians from
tous come to face the consequences of their
the Arab, Persian, Turk, Tartar and Mongol
deeds. Islam is an active, vibrant way of life;
dynasties all enjoyed the right to the leader-
the Din. Islam is not a religion for those The Shi'a
ship of the Moslem community and to the
content to listen to a speech that pats them
There is no God save Allah, there is no re- Khalifatate of the Prophet of Islam, to the
on the back and allows them to feel con-
ligion save Islam, there are no believers exclusion of the family of the Prophet and
tented until their nagging conscious deterio-
save the Partisans of Allah, His Prophets, the rightful Imams of Islam. And Shi'ism
rates to the callous placed over their heart.
and the Ahl al-Bayt. This is affirmed by begins with a "No"; a "No" which opposes
Islam is not for those with such a covering
both Sunni and Shi'a Ahadith. To be of Al- the path chosen by history, and rebels
over their hearts, enjoying them so much
lah's "Partisans" or "Shi'a" means to be an against history. It rebels against a history
ease at living a life of inaction and complic-
active "Participant" in the revolution of Is- which, in the name of the Qur'an, Kings and
ity in the face of a world ridden with injus-
lam. Islam is not Faith for the bystanders Caesars, follows the path of ignorance, and
tice. Islam is a revolution.
who would wish to sit by and cheer on the in the name of tradition, sacrifices those
Those who are Muslim are called in the Mujtahideen. Islam is a revolution. brought up in the house of the Qur'an and
Qur'an and Ahadith the "Shi'a," the the Traditions!
It is a testimony to the craftiness of the de-
"Partisans" of Muhammad (peace be upon
ceiver (Iblis) that throughout the past 1,400 "Shi'ites do not accept the path chosen by
him and on his pure progeny), the Ahl al-
years we have seen the rise and fall of so history. They deny the leaders who ruled
Bayt. Those who are Muslims are ones who
many Infidels masquerading in the name of the Muslims throughout history and de-
"Submit" to the Will of Allah, even in the
Islam, while carrying out the most grievous ceived the majority of the people through
face of dire oppression and seemingly terri-
oppressions in the name of our Holy Faith. their succession to the Prophet, and then by
ble consequences. For the Muslim, Faith,
From the time of the betrayal of Imam Ali their supposed support of Islam and fight
Love and Servitude of Allah are the pri-
(peace be upon him) - when even some well against paganism. Shi'ites turn their backs
mary goals of living one's life. Concern is
meaning Muslims were turned to the fire of on the opulent mosques and magnificent
given to personal comfort, safety and the
their nafs - to Mu'awiyya, the Khawarij, and palaces of the Khalifats of Islam and turn to
like. However, when faced with the Islamic
the Umayyads all the way to the Salafi/ the lonely, mud house of Fatima. Shi'ites,
obligation to "oppose evil and enjoin what
Wahabi acts of terror perpetrated against who represent the oppressed, justice-
is right" then it becomes the moral impera-
our own Muslim brethren and sisters, Shai- seeking class in the Khalifatate system, find
tive of all Muslims to take a stand in the
ytan has throughout these centuries elected in this house whatever and whoever they
face of the opposition, no matter how un-
his emissaries of kufr to wage internal war have been seeking."
even the odds may seem.
within the Ummah to degrade it and per-
For unlike the kaffirun, we as Muslims, vert the Qur'an to say what their itching
have a Power on our side that not even all ears want to hear.
the forces and legions of Shaiytan could
Shi'a Islam - the Only Islam that Allah or
muster any true competition against. Allah
His Messengers ever spoke of - takes the
is the best of Knowers and the best of Plan-
Path of Truth, the Path that sometimes
ners. Enacting the Will of Allah does not
brings us face to face with the oppressor,
always guarantee comfort, safety or ease in
and demands that we bring an end to his
this world, but it promises us fulfilment of
reign of terror, or we die as Shuhada
our Master's wishes, and Paradise in the
(Martyrs/Witnesses) in our attempts. And
Hereafter. If Allah chooses that we should
Allah will bear Witness to the Truth
die in the hands of the infidels, or that we
through our shed blood.
should be imprisoned in the cages of Baby-
lon, then this is Allah's Plan, and by it we For even as the letter "Mim" is as a seed, a
shall be saved. And through this, the whole single sperm cell, so too through the Seed of
Musa (peace be upon him), Muhammad
“We Muslims have a (peace be upon him and on his pure family),
Mahdi and Masih shall the blood of the
martyrs - from the Righteous Abel (peace be
Power on our side that upon him), to Yahya (peace be upon him),
to Ali (peace be upon him), to Husayn
not even the all the (peace be upon him) to the Mujahideen of
today and into the reign of Imam Al-Mahdi
forces and legions of - be poured over the Seal of the planted
Shaytan could muster Seed of Islam. And in this very generation,
we will see the fulfilment of the rule of
any true competion Imam Al-Mahdi as that Seed breaks forth
through the Seal placed over it by Muham-
against” mad (peace be upon him and on his pure
family), and blossoms into a Tree of Life,
nourished and fertilized by the blood of

Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 4

Chronology of the Grave of Imam Husain (AS) from

AH CE Events
61 1 Oct 680 Imam Hussain (A) was buried at this sacred spot.
65 18 Aug 684 Mukhtar ibn Abu Obaidah Thaqafi built an enclosure around the grave, in the form of a mosque and erected
a dome over the grave. There were two entrances to this building.
132 12 Aug 749 A roof was built over a part of this mosque and two entrances were added during the reign of as-Saffah.
140 31 Mar 763 The roof was demolished during the reign of al-Mansur.
158 11 Nov 774 During the reign of Mahdi the roof was reconstructed.
171 22 Jun 787 During the reign of Al-Rashid the dome and the roof were demolished and the plum tree which stood near
the grave was cut down.
193 25 Oct 808 During the reign of Amin the building was reconstructed.
236 15 Jul 850 Mutawakkil demolished the buildings and ordered that the land should be ploughed.
247 17 Mar 861 Muntasir built a roof over the grave and set up an iron pillar near it, to serve as a landmark for the pilgrims.
273 8 Jun 886 The roof was demolished again.
280 23 Mar 893 The Alid representative built a dome in the centre, with two roofs, on either side and an enclosure with two
307 19 Aug 977 Adzd ibn Boweih rebuilt the dome, the surrounding galleries and constructed a screen of teak wood around
the sepulchre. He also constructed houses all round the shrine and erected the boundary wall of the city. At
the same time Imran ibn Shahin built a mosque adjacent to the tomb.
407 10 Jun 1016 The buildings were damaged by fire and the Vizier, Al-Hasan ibn al Fadi rebuilt them.
620 4 Feb 1223 Nasir le-din-Illah reconstructed the screens of the sepulchre.
757 18 Sep 1365 Sultan Owais ibn Hasan Jalairi remodelled the dome and raised the walls of the enclosure.
780 24 Feb 1384 Ahmad ibn Owais erected two minarets covered with gold and extended the courtyard.
920 26 Feb 1514 When Shah Ismail Safawi visited the holy shrine he built a sacrophagus of the inlaid work over the grave.
1032 5 Nov 1622 Shah Abbas Safavi constructed the screens (darih) of brass and bronze and decorated the dome with Kashi
1048 15 May 1638 Sultan Murad IV, when he visited the holy shrine, whitewashed the dome.
1155 8 Mar 1742 Nadir Shah visited the holy shrine and decorated the building and offered valuable presents to the treasury
of the shrine.
1211 7 Jul 1796 Shah Muhammad Qachar covered the dome of the shrine with gold.
1216 14 May 1801 Wahhabis attacked Kerbala, spoiled the screens and portico and looted the shrine.
1232 21 Nov 1817 Fateh Ali Shah Qachar repaired the screens and plated them with silver. He also plated the centre of the main
portico with gold and repaired the damage done by the Wahhabi robbers.
1283 16 May 1866 Nasiruddin Shah Qachar extended the courtyard of the shrine.
1358 21 Feb 1939 Dr. Syedna Taher Saifud-din, 51st Dai-el-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra community offered a set of screens of
solid silver which are fixed in the shrine.
1360 29 Jan 1941 Dr. Syedna Taher Saifud-din, 5lst Dai-el-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra community rebuilt the western mina-
1367 20 Dec 1948 Syed Abdul Rasul Khalsi, Administrator of Karbala acquired the houses in the neighbourhood of the court-
yard according to the price fixed by the government, to build a road around the holy mausoleum and to ex-
tend the courtyard.

After the event that destroyed the Holy Shrine in Samarrah by the enemies of Ahlul Bayt, it is very evident form the above
chronology, that the enemies of Islam that existed then exist to date. O my Allah condemn and damn the first ty-
rant who unjustly and wrongfully usurped that which rightly belonged to Mohammad and the children
of Mohammad, and bring curse upon those who, after him, followed in his footsteps. O my Allah con-
demn and damn those conspirators who vexed and harassed Husayn, showed eagerness, agreed mutu-
ally, and joined hands to kill him. O my Allah bring curse upon all of them. (Ziarat Ashura)

Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 5

Surah Hujuraat - Verses 9-12 Presented by Sh. Mansour Leghaei written by Abidali Mohamedali
Surat-Hujuraat is commonly referred to as not only to the parties having disputes but Prophet (P), says that there are 30 obliga-
the Surat-Akhlaq as it contains numerous to the arbitrators as well. Before making any tions a believer has upon his fellow believer
rules for societal and personal well being. judgement, it is imperative that both sides of and there is no freedom from them unless he
Despite being a relatively short surah, it the issue are looked at and analysed. Imam has met the obligations or the other party
expounds on social and personal etiquette in Ali (AS) himself, during his lifetime, en- has forgiven him these are “Forgive him,
a very eloquent and concise manner. Allah sured even when he was brought to court to have sympathy with him, don’t expose his
says in verse 9: allow the other party to be heard despite his secrets, disregard his mistakes, accept his
position and stature. Allah then continues in apology, protect him in his absence, be be-
And if two parties of the believers quarrel, nevolent to him, maintain the friendship
verse 10:
make peace between them; but if one of them between you and him, keep your promises
acts wrongfully towards the other, fight The believers are but brethren, therefore with him, visit him when he is sick, and
that which acts wrongfully until it returns make peace between your brethren and be attend his funeral when he dies, endeavour
to Allah's command; then if it returns, make careful of (your duty to) Allah that mercy to meet his needs if he asks for help, accept
peace between them with justice and act may be had on you. his gift, if he has been kind to you award
equitably; surely Allah loves those who him, be thankful to what he gives you, and
act equitably. nicely support and help him, protect his
The very first message that can be family when he is away, try to meet his
gleaned from this verse is the fact that it needs, if you cannot help him get interces-
is obligatory (wajib –Kifai) to settle dis- sion from someone else, when he sneezes
putes between believers. This task is say ‘yarhamakullah’, if he is lost help him
wajib Kifai, meaning that if one person find his way, greet him back when he greets
or a group of people complete the task you, talk nicely when you talk to him, give
then it is no longer wajib on each indi- him good for what kindness he shows you,
vidual. Allah in His infinite wisdom has when he is swearing accept his swearing,
consider his friends your friends and his
decreed that certain professional tasks
enemies your enemies, support your brother
such as mediators, doctors, scholars etc.
if he is oppressed or an oppressor.” The
be as such. Allah in this verse is clearly
Prophet (P) then continued “Supporting
also commanding us not to be compla-
him if he is the oppressor is guiding him
cent and have no stand. The word used
and stopping him and if he is oppressed
“aslihu” is a direct command for others
help him get his rights don’t hand him to
to make reconciliation between quarrel-
his enemies or avoid supporting him. Like
ling parties if one has the skills to. It is for him what you like for yourself and dis-
very unfortunate that a large number of like for him what you dislike for yourself”
Muslim couples visit secular counsellors
for problem solving. These secular coun- Clearly, the rules of being a Momin don’t
sellors do not treat the patients as con- end by saying the shahadah or merely
cerned mentors but rather as customers praying and fasting. The requirements are
and therefore aim to please both parties all encompassing and perfect to allow a
even if one of them is in the wrong. In productive community. Allah in verse 11
this way, these counsellors give up continues to give us the prescription for
VERY easily and end up braking mar- this perfect harmonious society:
riages or advising the easiest way out.
O you who believe! let not (one) people
Reconciliation and dispute management
laugh at (another) people perchance they
is a task that required time and patience may be better than they, nor let women
and responsibility. (laugh) at (other) women, perchance they
The parents, community members, other may be better than they; and do not find
Muslim brethren cannot afford to sit by and fault with your own people nor call one
It is the chain of faith that liks people to- another by nicknames; evil is a bad name
leave quarrelling parties to them selves as
gether. A person can be from your own after faith, and whoever does not turn, these
this is expressly forbidden. A parent cannot
country and town but you may not feel any it is that are the unjust.
tell his child that ‘You married him, you
closeness to him, conversely, a brother in
deal with it!’ as this is unacceptable in Islam There are four fundamental issues every
faith, may be from the opposite part of the
as the parent is the safety net of the child. Muslim has a right to and must defend;
world and probably does not even share the
An arbitrator is very often necessary even in these are his life, wealth and property, fam-
language may be closer to you. Allah is
cases where the disputing parties may be ily and finally dignity and fame. It is a dis-
making it clear here, that just as much as one
professional counsellors as there is always a ease of the human psyche that whenever
cannot stand by when his siblings quarrel,
conflict of interest when parties dispute on someone is superior in any one of these to
the bond of faith is as strong if not stronger
certain issues. It is NOT macho not to seek any extent assumes all others are lower than
than that of blood. It becomes personal! In
assistance as many men might be inclined to him and therefore fair game for mocking.
this society, this concept is eroding as the
believe. On the contrary, it is wise as prob- This disease stems from the inherent pride
norm is to be individualistic and secular. To
lems can grow if not cut in the bud like a and is condemned by the Almighty.
ask about or visit a Muslim can be construed
cancer and eventually destroy the very fab-
as interference and meddling with the term This verse was revealed when one of the
ric of society. The message in this verse is
MYOB being used more often. The Holy (Continued on page 7)

Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 6

name at which she took deep offence to that room, is it permissible for me to con-
and complained to the Prophet (P) at sume it?” Imam asked if he had seen the act
which time the second part of this verse to which he replied in the negative and so
was revealed. Allah then continues with Imam told him it is permissible. He was not
His prescription by tackling one of the convinced. A few days later, working in his
greatest of societal ills, that of suspicion: back yard slaughtering an animal, he heard
a scuffle in the street and as he went out he
O you who believe! avoid most of suspi-
noticed a man lying on the road with a slit
cion, for surely suspicion in some cases is
throat. Being covered in blood with a knife
a sin, and do not spy nor let some of you
in hand, immediate suspicion fell on him
backbite others. Does one of you like to eat
hard of hearing, old companion of the and only then did he realise Imams’ words.
the flesh of his dead brother? But you abhor
Prophet (P) by the name of Thabith Bin Qais it; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, Allah in this verse continues to condemn
insulted a member of the congregation surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), backbiting. The litmus test for backbiting is
when he was instructed to sit down and not Merciful. speaking something about someone, such
try to move to the front of a crowded hall.
Allah uses the word “Ijtanibu” the same that if he were to appear or join the conver-
Thabith insulted the man with a name after
word used to condemn alcohol and there- sation you would change the topic! Ghiba is
the lecture and that is when the above verse
was revealed. This is a very unique verse in fore the significance is clear although under talking ill behind a person even though it
certain circumstances little suspicion is may be true and is haraam in Islam but talk-
the Qur’an as Allah mentions the rule both
for men and women specifically to allay any good(tajassus- negative such as eavesdrop- ing falsely is considered tohma and is worse
ping, tapping, overhearing etc. tahassus- than mere backbiting. The holy Prophet (P)
misunderstanding. No matter whether one
positive , such as making inquiries). The 6 th says: “O you, who on the tip of your tongue,
is looking at a believer or a disbeliever, at no
time should a Muslim consider himself or Imam says in reference to this ayah, “even if believe in God but not in your hearts, do not
herself better than another for if they do they are 50 possibilities and 49 of them are backbite Muslims nor follow up their mis-
then they have dropped their faith. For if negative while one is positive, grab hold to takes, surely whoever follows up others
the positive one” The fundamental para- mistakes, Allah will follow up his and if
they are younger then they have had less
opportunity to sin and if they are older than digm being the fact that one must treat oth- God chooses He can defame him even in his
ers as one would like to be treated and as own household”. The Prophet also said, “
they have done more good in their lifetime.
such benefit of the doubt has to be given to One who repents from the sin of gossiping
Allah in this verse stresses the word will be the last one to enter paradise and
the suspect party.
‘Anfusakum’ meaning yourselves, driving one who dies and is in the habit of gossiping
the point that all believers are bothers or It is enough to avoid suspicion even on the will be the first to enter hell.”. Imam Ali
‘part’ of each other. The Qur’an clearly con- single fact that one might be wrong. An (AS) also says, “Whosoever is narrating a
demns evil nicknames and making mockery incident occurred at the time of the 6th Imam story about a Mo’min and his intention is
of each other by picking nicknames one is whereby a person who happened to be a to defame or belittle him and bring down
not happy with. This part of the verse was butcher came to the Imam and asked “a dog his prestige, Allah will expel him from His
revealed when Aisha, called Saffiyya, an- stepped out of my room with yogurt in its guardianship to that of Shaitan.”
other wife of the Prophet (P) a Jewess, a mouth and I had just put some yogurt in

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sands of years is raging away in a spiritually. Only when it is taken away human, for this small human to clutch
deadly circle of violence. Where thou- that we notice the beauty of it. Yet it my finger with its whole hand and
sands of Ahlul-Bayt followers are being also should be remembered that death smile is simply breathtaking. The mira-
massacred by terrorists, the land of Iraq in itself is a hidden beauty for the be- cle of life with all honesty should make
exemplifies the living hell. And during liever, the one who seeks nearness to atheists into die hard believers/ mono-
the same time when my little baby sister God, the Holy prophets and the Imams theists (or intelligent design as they call
was born we also received the sad news is not fearful of departing this world. it these days). How can mankind turn
that a distant relative had been killed, The only problem is that we must be away from the Creator, when the Crea-
gunned down in his own home. Such is certain of our actions and deeds to be in tor has given the miracle of life?
life, a man, a son, a brother, a husband, such a privileged position to
a father taken away forever in brutal wish death so gracefully.
manner. Meanwhile back in Down un-
But today is not about death, it
der, a bundle of joy has arrived and
is about the miracle, and that
nothing can better explain it than that.
miracle being life. Can one
It is those moments when we feel down imagine not to have been born,
and dejected, living with the false feel- not to exist? What a blessing in
ing of emptiness and the sense of noth- itself is to exist, that God gave
ing to live for, that we must take the you and I the chance to live, to
example and learn of the gift that has experience, to learn, to com-
been given to us. The gift of life is so municate, to excel, to make
precious, yet we abuse it and mistreat it mistakes and to be human. To
in all aspects physically, mentally and look into the eyes of this small

Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 7

Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini Carwash! By Haj Hadi Ahankoob
He was born in 1925 in the City of Najafabad
in the Province of Esfahan. Having finished You stand there like a nomad, lost and disorientated outside
his primary studies in Najafabad, he joined your tent in the middle of the night, you wonder why? You
the Religious Learning Center of Esfahan in wonder how is it that you, a civilized beast is here in the mid-
1942. After completing his curriculum of dle of nowhere among all these people? What was the force
religious studies in Esfahan, he joined the that took you away from your normal routine and your mun-
most famous Religious Learning Center of dane life and put you here in this crowded rush, or as some
Qum in 1947, where he learned Dars-e- would say this madness.
Kharij , Jurisprudence and principles, under Whatever that force was, at that moment as you step out and
the tutorship of most eminent religious schol- see the Mount of Mercy (Jabal el Rahma) you are grateful that
ars of that period. He studied the Philosophy it did what it did. You are forever grateful that a mysterious
books: Manzoomeh of Hakim Sabzavari, force took you out of your comfort zone and placed you here
Isfar of Sadar al-Mutaleheen and Shifa of near HIM.
Avicena, under the tutorship of most eminent philosophers of that pe-
There are many ways that the ritual and spiritual aspects of
riod. Also, he studied the religious sciences of Kalam (Discourse) and
Hajj can and are translated. One of those is to see Hajj not only
Tafseer (Commentary) during his stay.
as a spiritual journey but also as a wake up call. It is a wakeup
While, pursuing his religious studies at Esfahan and Qum he also
call of a different kind, it tries to wake you up by letting you
taught Literature, Jurisprudence and Philosophy. Because of his special
know what it is like to die. It gets you dressed as if you were
attitude and inclination towards the sciences namely: Psychology,
wearing a coffin, it puts you in a chaos that is the closest thing
Child-Psychology, Education and Training, Family-rights, Family- to the chaos of Day of Judgment and it trials you by testing
ethics, and Traditions of Holy Prophet (S) and Infallible Imams (A), he every ounce of your patience. So by the end of it you are glad it
pursued advance studies and research in these areas. is over.
Ayatullah Amini from the very beginning was interested in writing
and academic research and therefore, since the year 1945 he has been No sooner you have put on the Ihram, that you want to come
engaged intensively in writing and research. out of it. No sooner you are sleeping in the tent in the middle
Numerous books written by him have been translated into English and of desert of Arafat that you would rather get up and leave and
are available in centers throughout Sydney. be in the comfort of your bed. That is also part of the plan
while you are doing the rituals, you want it to be finished, you
Ayatullah Amini, an eminent scholar and jurisprudent is a professor at
are looking forward to that last day on Jamaraat so to finish
the Religious Learning Center at Qum where he is involved in teaching,
your Hajj. Somehow it does finish, it is over in a short amount
writing and research activities. He very frequently represents the Is-
of time in 2 or 3 days it is finished.
lamic Republic of Iran at various international conferences. In addition
to his teaching responsibilities he also holds many important national Then it hits you, and you go “wait a minute”, I am suppose to
positions as follows: be a changed human. Where did that happen. At what point
Member and Vice President of Assembly of Experts (Majlis-e- did I change, I am still the same beast as before, so where is
Khubrigan), Secretary-General of Office and Educational Research Cen- that moment of jubilation that I am born again. Sure they said
ter of Assembly of Experts, Member Academic Council of Religious when I shaves my head that is the point of new beginnings.
Learning Center of Qum, and Chief of Cultural Affairs, Member Board And yes, I am physically different, I have no hair. But what
of Trustees of World Center for Islamic Sciences, Member, board of else? Did I only come here for a haircut? Did my personality
Trustees Imam al-Sadiq University in Tehran and Member Supreme change? When did that change take place? If it is such a major
Council of World Assembly of Ahlul Bayt (A) change then how did I miss it. At that moment it dawns on
you, what if I HAVE NOT changed. What if I am still the ani-
mal I was before only now hairless. What if….?
Many people think Hajj is some sort of a carwash, which you
go in one end and come out the other as a clean new human
being. But that is not the case, sure car wash can clean the dust
off a car, but it can not fix a broken windscreen or a damaged
engine. So I suggest before you go to Hajj, make sure at least
your soul is in working condition for miracles do happen in
Hajj, but if you want it to happen to you, you have to have the
eyes of your heart open to see it. Then at that moment outside
your tent you wont ask WHY? But instead you will say Thank
You God for bringing me here.

Jabal Ar Rahma– Mount of

Al– Fajr ‫ اﻟﻒﺠﺮ‬4(1) ‫׀‬Pg 8