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Effect Of White Stone On Womens Body

But while the philosophers spoke little of the variable yield of the chrysopeus, on the
other hand they displayed more prolixity toward the medicinal properties of the Elixir, as
well as on the surprising effects that it enables one to obtain in the plant kingdom.
"The white Elixir," says Batsdorff, "performs marvels on illnesses of all animals and
especially on those women suffer from... for it is the true potable moon of the Ancients".
The anonymous author of The Key to the Great Work, mentioning Batsdorff's text once
more, asserts that "this medicine possesses other even more incredible virtues. When it is
at the white stage of the Elixir, it has so much sympathy with women that it can renew
their bodies and render them as robust and vigorous as they were in their youth... For this
effect, a bath is first prepared with several fragrant herbs with which they should scrub
themselves clean; then they go into a second bath without herbs, but in which 3 grains of
the white elixir were dissolved in a pint of wine spirit and then poured into the water.
They remain in this bath for a quarter of an hour; after which, without drying themselves,
a great fire is to be prepared to dry this precious liquor. The ladies then feel so strong
within themselves, and their body is rendered so white that they could not imagine it
without having experienced it. Our good father Hermes agrees with this operation, but,
besides these baths, desires that, at the same time and for seven consecutive days, this
Elixir be taken internally; and he adds, if a lady does the same thing every year, she will
live exempt from all diseases to which other ladies are subject without experiencing any
Huginus Barma certifies that "the stone fermented with gold can be used in medicine in
this medicine in this manner: one scruple or twenty-four grains are to be taken, dissolved
according to the art in two ounces of spirit of wine, and two to three and up to four drops
will be prescribed depending on the illness' requirements, in a little wine or in some other
suitable vehicle". According to the ancient authors, all ailments are radically healed on
one day that lasted for a month; in twelve days if they are a year old; in a month if they
appeared more than a year ago.
Furthermore, he does not acknowledge any limits to the virtues of the Elixir: "Leprosy,
gout, paralysis, kidney stone, epilepsy, dropsy... could not resist the virtue of this
medicine." And as the healing of these reputedly incurable diseases doesn't seem
sufficient to him, he eagerly adds to the list even more admirable properties. "This
medicine causes the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the mute to speak, the lame to walk; it
can totally renew a man by causing his skin to change, his teeth, fingernails and white
hair to fall out, in stead of which new ones will grow, in the color desired". We are now
drifting into humor and buffoonery.
Effect On Plant Kingdom
Going by what the majority of sages say, the stone can give excellent results in the plant
kingdom, particularly in what concerns fruit trees. In the spring, if we pour a solution of
the Elixir highly diluted with rain water on the soil close to their roots, they can be made
resistant to all causes of decay and barrenness. They produce even more and bear healthy
and delicious fruits. Batsdorff goes so far as to say that it could be possible, using this
process, to cultivate exotic vegetables in our latitude. "Delicate plants," he writes, "which

have difficulty growing in climates of an opposite temperament to that which is natural to

them, by being watered with it, becomes as vigorous as if they were in their native soil
proper and set by nature."
When taking exaggeration and legendary additions into account, it remains true
nevertheless that the hermetic fruit carries in itself the highest gift which God, through
nature, can give to men of good will on earth...
The Virtues of the Philosophical Elixir --- It is, according to the sayings of all the
philosophers, the source of riches and of good health, because with it one can make gold
and silver in abundance and effect a cure not only for all those maladies which are
curable but also, by its moderate use they can be prevented. One single grain of this
medicine or red elixir, will cure paralysis, dropsy, gout and leprosy, if taken daily during
some few days.
Epilepsy, colic, rheumatism, inflammation, frenzy, and all other internal complaints
cannot resist this life principle. It is an assured remedy for all affections of the eyes. All
aposthumes, ulcers, wounds, cancer, fistulas, noli-me-tangeres, and all diseases of the
skin will be cured by dissolving one grain in a glass of wine or water, and bathing the
affected part; it will dissolve, little by little, stone in the bladder; is an antidote for all
poisons by drinking it as above advised.
Raymond Lully assures us that it is, in general, a sovereign remedy for all the ills which
afflict humanity from the feet to the head; if the illness has lasted one month it will cure it
in one day; if it has lasted a year, it will cure it in twelve days while in month it will
eliminate any disease whatsoever.
Arnold de Villa Nova says that its efficacy is infinitely superior to any and every remedy
of Hippocrates, of Galen, of Alexander, of Avicina and of all ordinary medicine; that it
rejoices the heart, gives strength and energy, conserves youth and makes old people
young again; in general, that it cures all diseases whether hot or cold or humid or dry.
Geber, without making an enumeration of the maladies which it will cure, contents
himself by saying that it will overcome all those diseases which are regarded as incurable
by the medical faculty; that it rejuvenates the old and preserves health during many years
beyond the normal span, simply by taking a piece the size of a mustard seed two or three
times a week, fasting.
Philalethes adds to this, that it clears the skin of all blemishes and wrinkles, etc. that it
will help a woman in labour, the child being dead, simply by holding the powder to the
mothers nose, and quotes Hermes as his authority; he asserts that he himself has
snatched many from the arms of death who had been given up by their doctors, You will
find prescriptions for its application in all diseases by consulting the works of Raymond
Lully and Arnold de Villa Nova.

Richard Ingalese ~ They Made the Philosophers' Stone

In 1917 we succeeded in making the White Stone of the Philosophers. It looked like soft,
white marble, and its effect upon the body was startling. We dared not try it on ourselves
at first, but there was a third member of our family, a beautiful Angora cat of which we
were very fond... It survived the first dose, and we repeated it on the two following days,
with the cat becoming more frisky than usual. After that we tried it ourselves, each taking

a dose at the same moment so we would excarnate together if it should prove fatal. But it
proved beneficial and energized our bodies.
Shortly after that event, the wife of a prominent local physician died; and the doctor,
knowing of our experiments and that the books claimed that such a stone, if used within a
reasonable time, would raise the dead, asked us to experiment on the body of his wife.
Half an hour had elapsed since her death and her body was growing cold. A dose of the
dissolved White Stone was put into the mouth of the corpse without perceptible result.
Fifteen minutes afterward a second dose was administered and the heart commenced to
pulsate weakly. Fifteen minutes later a third dose was given and soon the woman opened
her eyes. In the course of a few weeks, the patient became convalescent, after which she
lived seven years.