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The IB Psychology Paper 1 examination has three sections - DO NO study for

two of these!
Choose one of either the IB Psychology Biological Level of Analysis, The Cognitive Level of
Analysis or the Socio-Cultural Level of Analysis. Focus your study and preparation here and get
really good at this one section. This section will bring you 30 marks out of a total 46.
Our advice? Choose the IB Psychology Level of Analysis that your teacher begins with. This will
maximise the amount of time you can spend learning this section.

2. Prepare and memorise model answers to ALL of the extended response

The extended response questions are the the IB Pychology examination essay questions - i.e., the
big 22 mark answers. Prepare perfect 22 mark answers across one of the Levels of Analysis, and
across each of the IB Psychology options (e.g., Abnormal and Human Relationships).
In each option you will need to answer a single question. So for HL you will need to answer two 22
mark questions, one from each option. IN SL, just one 22 mark question from the single IB
Psychology option you have studied. Aim for maximum marks here. So that's 44/44 or 22/22.

3. Do NOT ignore the Qualitative Research Methods component of the course,

because your IB Psychology teacher almost certainly WILL!
It has long been identified that teachers neither spend enough time or go into this topic in enough
depth. The majority of students do very poorly here, and as a result the grade boundaries in the HL
Paper 3 examination are set incredibly low. Learn the content and learn to apply it to sample
stimulus material.

4. Forget about any of the short answer learning outcomes in the Options section
of the IB Psychology course.
Examiners can twist exam questions to fit these, but they usually don't. There are always
straightforward back-up questions to fall back on. Save your time for memorising your model