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(Last Updated February 7, 2013)

PTC 1-2011
PTC 2-2001 (R2009)
PTC 4-2008 Fired Steam
PTC 4.2-1969 (R2009) Coal
PTC 4.3-1968 (R1991) Air
PTC 4-4-2008 Gas Turbine
PTC 6-2004 Steam Turbines
PTC 6A-2000 (R2009),
Appendix to PTC 6
PTC 6S-1988 (R2009)
PTC 6.2- 2011 Steam Turbines
in CC
PTC 8.2-1990, Centrifugal
PTC 10-1997 (R2009)
Compressors and Exhauster
PTC 11-2008 Fans
PTC 12.1-2000 (R2005)
Closed Feedwater Heaters
PTC 12.2 -2010 Steam
Surface Condensers
PTC 12.3-1997 (R2009)
PTC 12.4-1992 (R2009)
PTC 12.5-2000 (R2005)
Single Phase Heat Exchangers
PTC 17-1973 (R2003)
Reciprocating Internal
Combustion Engine

ANSI approved 11/14/2011. Published December 23, 2011
Reaffirmed on Feb. 24, 2009.
Committee meets annually. Working on revision of new edition
The Committee was reactivated two years ago and work was progressing
on the revision of the 1969 edition. Since the recent resignation of the
chair, progress is not at a desired level. A new Chair has yet to be
Industry Review comments were resolved. Committee doing the final tuneup before submitting to Publications. Expected late 2012.
Published on January 30, 2009.
The Committee meets twice a year. Expect to complete revision late 2012.
Reaffirmed on February 24, 2009
Reaffirmed on February 24, 2009.
ANSI approved 6/29/2011. Published October 21, 2011
No longer an American National Standard (ANS). Its being sold as an
ASME Code. At the last meeting, it was decided to maintain the
document as is. Even though the revision would be a short process, we
dont have the volunteers to work on its revision.
Reaffirmed on February 13, 2009.
Published on December 8, 2008.
Developing Revision. Next meeting planned for March 2012.
ANSI approved 1/14/2010. Published September 30, 2010
Reaffirmed June 25, 2009
Reaffirmed June 11, 2009
Committee reviewing a list of topics for next revision.
Committee working on a draft for this new committee on Wire-to-Air
Performance Test Code for Blower Systems
Developing committee (currently two Members) for review of existing
Draft of Revision. Staffing assistance from PTCSC solicited.

PTC 18-2011 Hydraulic

Turbines and Pump-Turbines
PTC 19.1-2005 Test
PTC 19.2-2010
Pressure Measurement
PTC 19.3-1974 (R2004)
Temperature Measurement
PTC 19.3 TW 2010,
PTC 19.5-2004 Flow
PTC 19.6 NEW, Electric
Power Measurements
PTC 19.7-1980 (R1988)
Measurement of Shaft Power
PTC 19.10-1981 Flue &
Exhaust Gas Analysis
PTC 19.11-2008 Steam and
Water Sampling,
Conditioning, and Analysis in
the Power Cycle.
PTC 19.22-2007 Digital Data
Acquisition Systems
PTC 22-2005, Gas Turbines
PTC 23-2003 (R2009), Atm.
Water Cooling Equipment
PTC 24-1976 (R1982)
PTC 25-2008, Pressure Relief
PTC 29-2005, SpeedGoverning Systems for Hyd.
Turbine Generating Units
PTC 30-1991 (R2005) AirCooled Heat Exchangers
PTC 30.1-2007, Air Cooled
Steam Condensers
PTC 31-2011, High-Purity
Water Treatment Systems
PTC 34-2007, Waste
Combined with Energy

Developing Revision of just-published PTC 18-2011. Next meeting

planned for May 2012.
Industry Review has been completed and the results are scheduled for
review at a meeting set for 14-15 April 2011.
ANSI approved 4/22/2010. Published October 29, 2010
The PTC 19.3 Committee had added new members to work on the
revision of the 1974 edition.
ANSI approved 4/22/2010. Published July 22, 2010
Several sections are being revised
Working on Draft for Industry-Review. Next meeting planned for Spring
2012. Committee seemed to have lost its momentum.
Not an ANSI standard
A ballot for sun-setting PTC 19.7was disapproved.
An organizing meeting was held in October 2009 to work on the revision.
Assignments were made and are being worked on. Meeting planned for
May 2012.
Published August 6, 2008.

Published June 30, 2008.

PTC 22 last met November 2-3, 2011, in Knoxville, TN. The next
teleconference will be held on January 10, 2012. The Committee is 75%
done with their current revision and hopes to publish in 2012.
Reaffirmed February 24, 2009.
Not an ANSI standard
The committee last met on February 1, 2011. A PINS was submitted to
ANSI on March 30, 2011 for revision to ASME PTC 25 2008.
Reaffirmation was approved by ANSI on May, 27, 2010.
Reaffirmation was approved by ANSI on October 19, 2010
Published on June 24, 2008.
Revision in Publications. Proofs have been produced.
Will be re designated High-Purity Water Treatment
The Committee last met on November 10-11, 2011. The revision will
address performance guarantees. It will also include two appendices


one on performance monitoring and other on sample uncertainty


PTC 36-2004, Measurement

of Industrial Sound
PTC 38-1980 (R1985))
Determining the
Concentration of Particulate
Matter in a Gas Stream
PTC 39-2005, Steam Traps
PTC 40-1991, Flue Gas
Desulfurization Units

In final stages of publishing B133.8-2011. Chair resigning next month.

New Chair to lead development of Revision of PTC 36-2004.
Not an ANSI standard

PTC 46-1996, Overall Plant


PTC-47 2006 (R2011),

Integrated Gasification CC
Power Generation
PTC 47.1 NEW, Air Separation
PTC 47.2 NEW, Gasification
PTC 47.3 NEW, Syngas
PTC 47.4 NEW, Power Block
Overall Plant Performance
w/CO2 Capture
PTC-50-2002, Fuel Cell Power
Systems Performance
PTC-51 2011, Gas Turbine
Compressor Inlet Air
Conditioning Equipment
PTC 52 NEW Concentrated
Solar Power Plants
PTC-55 NEW, Gas Turbine
Aircraft Engines

Reaffirmation was approved by ANSI on June 14, 2010.

Last teleconference was held on November 29, 2011. The next one will
be held on January 24, 2012. Current revision is 50% complete. Members
have made a lot of progress by having conference calls about every 2
months. Estimated publication date mid-2013.
The PTC 46 Committee last met on April 5-6 followed by a
teleconference. FL. Considerable progress was made and it now appears
that the Industry review draft should be ready by early 2012. The
Committee discussed a subsequent revision and some of the new
technologies that it would encompass, namely, geothermal, solar thermal,
and nuclear.
The PTC 47 committee last met in Salt Lake City March 9-11, 2011. The
reaffirmation of PTC 47-2006 was approved by ANSI on June 17, 2011.
Work is progressing on the decimal codes.
Expect to complete draft by end of 2013.
Expect to complete draft by 2015.
Expect to complete draft by 2015.
Expect to complete draft by September 2012.
Working on preparing a preliminary draft, partially based on PTC 46
Reaffirmed on February 24, 2009.
ANSI approved march 30, 2011. Published February 29, 2012.

PTC 70-2009, Ramp Rates

The committee continues to meet on a regular basis, at least twice yearly.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 2012 in Boston.
Committee working on reply to standards committee Ballot 11-2274.
Once complete draft will be sent for recirculation and hopefully
approval of standards committee.
Published on April, 15, 2009.

PTC 100 NEW Power Plant

Industry Review drafts on Performance Related Outage Inspections and

Performance O&M Activities

PTC PM-2010, Performance
monitoring Guidelines for
Steam Power Plants

on Operating Walkdowns were sent to potential reviewers. The committee

designation was changed to POM 100. The first two document will be
POM 101 and POM 102.
Published April 30, 2010
Gathering material for next revision.