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FLDS Priesthood History for 5th - 8th Grade Students

Taught by Warren Jeffs

Tape # 23 – February 5, 1996

Subject: Elisha (continued)
The true history that we're telling you is of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as He tried to
lead the people through His prophets. The kings of the northern kingdom were wicked so, very often
a whole family would be wiped out. The Lord would appoint another family to take the kingdom.
When that family proved unfaithful and got so bad, then He would raise up another king to
completely wipe out that man and his sons.
Jezzebel was killed and the dogs ate her. So literally was the prophecy of the prophet Elijah
fulfilled. In the Lord's time it happened. Jahu killed all the decendants of Ahab - even grandchildren
- any that came out to meet him or tried to make peace. He fulfilled the word of God and killed all
those people. But again, Jahu continued in the ways of the other kings. He worshipped idols and
allowed it to continue in the land. You see, eventually his family would be wiped out by another
I'll stop there for today, hoping that you will believe these stories. (Please note that I, the
writer, listened to so many stories on this tape, of gore, blood, killing, etc. that I find it too difficult to
repeat it on paper. Reader can refer to tape # 23 for proof...)

February 6, 1996
Subject: Hezekiah
The people of Israel were divided into two kingdoms. Today we're talking about what
happened to the northern kingdom. The kings of the ten tribes worshipped idols. Remember, the
Lord promised the tribes of Israel would be His family in the earth and yet here, the ten tribes were
being conquered by a gentile nation; The prophets warned the people all those years. Whenever the
Lord offers a blessing and the people reject it, then there comes cursings. The great curse was, never
again would that kingdom of Israel exist until the last days.
They had proven themselves unworthy to be the Lord's kingdom on earth. While the northern
kingdom was being conquered, the southern kingdom was being ruled by righteous kings. Hezekiah
was king of Judah at a time when Asyria decided to conquer the kingdom of Judah. Isaiah was the
prophet. Hezekiah put forth a special effort to destroy all idol worshipping. He obeyed whatever the
prophet told him to do. He was obedient, righteous king. He feared God. His faith, through
obedience, caused the Lord to answer his prayer (protection from the Asyrian armies). An angel of
the Lord went out that night and caused great destruction among the Asyrian armies. One hundred
eighty-five thousand soldiers were smitten by the angel. This huge army that came to destroy the
kingdom of Judah, were dead on the ground. The Lord sent His warriors from Heaven to kill those
people before they even attacked Hezekiah's army.
Do you see what faith is? It is to be able to go to the Lord and say, "I have been obedient.
Will you bless me?" There was Judah, just like a little island, protected by the Lord. The ten tribes
were taken northward. There was some of each tribe who believed the prophets among them, and the
priesthood has told us, these ten tribes, certain parts of them, not all people but some few, was led
northward. We are told that some of each tribe were taken away on another planet. This earth was
divided. Uncle Roy told us that when the ten tribes return, their planet would come down around
Alaska and that is one of the first great events that will take place when the destructions happen.
When their earth crashes into this, or molds into it, it will cause great earthquakes. It will cause
many people to die on this earth. It will be an earthquake as never before, killing millions of people.
This took place around 721 B. C. Ever since then, the ten tribes have been taken away. A few
of them dropped off into Europe. Your forefathers came from Europe, particularly the nation of
Germany, England especially, France. There is much of the blood of Israel, from these ten tribes, in
the land of Europe. Those nations settled this land and that is why we are also of the blood of Israel.
We mostly come from England where the Savior's family lived, and many are descendants of Him.
Why did the Lord take the ten tribes away? It was so they wouldn't be completely absorbed
into the gentile nations, and lost. Uncle Roy told us that when the ten tribes return to this land, they
would be a people that can be converted. Today, there are not a people upon all the face of the earth
that will believe the gospel except the blood of Israel. They will come back in the last days. They
will come to our prophet, President Jeffs, to receive their blessings. The Lord promised the tribe of
Ephraim would be the tribe that would save all the other tribes. We are the tribe of Ephraim today.
We are the people that have the priesthood. We will be the people the ten tribes will connect with, to
receive their blessings.
The Lord allows these destructions to come in order to humble His people, so He can save a
few of them at least. Now getting back to Hezekiah, we find he became very sick. Isaiah the prophet
was sent by the Lord to him to tell him he was going to die. Hezekiah wept and began praying, and
he said these words, You know Lord, I have been obedient all my life." He asked for blessings to
continue. Isaiah told him, because he had been obedient, his life would be extended fifteen years.
President Jeffs quotes this story often. He put it in his little quote book. He has taught us the great
lesson of faith. For our prayers to be answered like Hezekiah's were, we must know we've been
obedient. Let's say you go to the Lord and say your private prayer. You can't truly have confidence
that you'll be answered unless you can report to Him that you have been obedient. If you are
repenting from your disobedience, He will hear you because you are trying to be obedient... There is
coming a time, young people, that we face, that we have to be worthy to be lifted up and protected.
The Lord promised this would happen. When that moment comes, when whatever the destruction is
that faces you, you have to be able to say, "Heavenly Father, I have been obedient to your prophet, to
my parents. Will you protect me now?"
It is how you've lived that causes your faith to work in your behalf. You must earn priesthood
blessings. You can't demand them. Tears and weeping and crying out won't be enough for the Lord to
hear you. You have to have nerves of steel, says Uncle Roy, to face what we must go through. You
have to be able to say that you have been obedient. That is why all the training in our meetings and
our morning class, in your family classes, trying to convince this people that today is the day to be
obedient so you will be protected in the day of judgment.
It was only because Hezekiah was able to say he had obeyed, then the Lord in His mercy,
seeing the obedience and faith, gave him the increase. That's how it must be with us, young people.
Will you believe it and start to be obedient in all you do? Notice in this story, when a person prays,
the Lord answers them through the prophet I want you to believe that when you go to President Jeffs
with a prayer in your heart, the Lord talks to you, through him. His word is the word of God. Many
people go to the prophet without praying and they just tell him what they want. The prophet lets
them have what they want not giving them what the Lord wants them to do. So, when you go to the
prophet for your blessings, be prayerful and believe that the Lord will speak to you, through His