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The Cabinet today, 22nd April, 2015 met under the Chairmanship of H.E.
the President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta where the FY 2015/16 Budget
Estimates and Financing Proposals were discussed and approved.
Under the new budget, there is an overall increase of 24.9% in funding
to all sectors compared to the budget for FY 2014/15, with Energy,
Infrastructure and ICT Sectors overtaking Education Sector accounting
for 27.3% of total Sectoral funding in 2015/16 compared with 21.7% in
The Cabinet noted and appreciated that the FY 2015/16 budget
continues to focus on Vision 2030 and the Jubilee Government
priorities under a five pillar transformation agenda that targets:

Creation of a conducive business environment

Investing in agricultural transformation and food security
Investing in first-class transport and logistics
Investing in quality and accessible healthcare and education
services as well as strengthening the social safety net to reduce
the burden on the households.
Supporting devolution for better service delivery and enhanced
economic development.
Reviving the Tourism Industry.

The budget has further made provision for funding to critical

programmes aimed at Strategic Interventions in various areas. The
interventions specifically target modernization of the Military and the
Police to give them adequate capabilities to deal and vanquish the
security threats arising from Terrorism.
Other interventions include:

Leasing of medical equipment

Road annuity programme
NYS Reengineering and Youth Empowerment
Construction of Sports Stadia
Land titling
Slum upgrading/health programme

The economy is expected to grow at 6.9 % initially, picking up to 7.0%
over the medium term.

Inflation - This will be maintained within Government target of

5% over the medium term.
Revenue - Expected to improve due to ongoing tax Reforms to
reach 20.7% in FY 2015/16.

Budgetary Allocation

Kshs 27.1 Billion


Kshs 15.7 Billion

National Executive

Kshs 1,196.5 Billion

County Governments

Kshs 258 Billion (Shareable


Further Allocations to Counties

as conditional Transfers

Kshs 3.7 Billion

Equalization Fund

Kshs 6.0 Billion

Constituency Development Fund

Kshs 33.4 Billion

Summary of FY 2015/16 Budgetary Allocations