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Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever.… (Matt. 6:13)
Volume 3, Issue 8 August 2009

The Leadership Corner

Knowledge of Good and Evil - Part II Leadership Living, Inc.
All scripture is paraphrased from the KJV bible.
Allow God to Fund You, His Way!
We will be exploring the tree of the knowledge of
good and evil in this three part series. We will
consider something that the Lord has revealed to
us as an overarching principle of life. This is the God told us recently that He chose an employer to fund
principle of division. The Lord says “...if a house the ministry that He has given to us. That’s right. God
be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” identified and chose a particular, well-known company
to hire me, and to fund our ministry and destiny. If you
Mark 3:25. We see many times in scripture that
can believe that God would do this, He will also do it
division in a person, house, kingdom, etc leads to for you.
the desolation, and destruction thereof. Therefore
this is a choice of Shalom, or division. Ok, so your mind is racing one hundred miles per
minute wondering what this means. Alright, let’s back
Now let us consider ... Where did Adam and Eve up and entertain some details. I recently accepted a
choose division? Let's begin with what the Lord position at an established company. The work schedule
said regarding these two remarkable trees. is very flexible. As a result, we are able to continue to
progress the various projects that we’d been working
-Of the tree of life, God said this: “...lest he put on prior to accepting the position. There are
forth his hand and takes also of the tree of life, and opportunities to grow our small businesses, teach
college classes, create training curricula, and teach
eat, and live forever,” in Gen 3:22.
Sunday school.
Name: Tree of life.
The additional income will help fund other project
Consequence, reality: life
expenses. And, if that isn’t enough, as part of the new
job, God has placed me in a position to help my
-Of the tree of knowledge of good and evil God employees. We create professional development plans
said this: “But of the tree of the knowledge of for them. We groom them for advancement
good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the opportunities both within and outside of the company.
day that thou eat thereof thou shalt surely die.” in And, I have access to venders who can also assist with
other projects we are working on.
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While there is a lot more that could be said about this

INSIDE THIS ISSUE new job opportunity, you get the picture. God has
blessed me with a “dream” job. It funds the business,
1 Knowledge of Good and Evil – Part II ministry, and personal ventures He has called us to do.
And, within the job, God uses me to be a practical
1 Leadership Living blessing to others.
When we realized how awesome this was, I began to
4 Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayers? ask God why He did this. He let me know that He was
not doing anything special just for us. He said if we
7 Journey to Intimacy

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Gen 2:17. reviewed some of the Old Testament stories, we

Name: Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. would see the same thing. So, I did just that. And
Consequence, reality: death here is what I found.

So then we see that the reality behind the tree of Deut. 6:1-11 tells how God promised to bless the
life is life; but the reality behind the tree of the Israelites to inherit houses they did not build, wells
they had not dug, etc. if they would obey His word.
knowledge of good and evil is death. Now we
Genesis chapter 30 shows how God supernaturally
are in a position to better see the type of choice prospered Jacob while he worked for Laban. Genesis
they really had before them. The choice was not chapter 41 speaks of how God advanced Joseph to be
a competition between “life” versus second to the king in the land of Egypt. And, the
“knowledge.” This choice was between book of Esther shows how God advanced Mordecai
wholeness, unity, and Shalom in God to rule next to the king from India to Ethiopia.
(represented by the tree of life); versus division,
separation, and destruction outside of God The scriptures are replete with examples of how God
(represented in the tree of the knowledge of good blesses His people and causes nations and kingdoms
and evil). The tree of the knowledge of good and to fund their destinies. Now, you will also notice that
evil was indicative of the problem of sin and these people had to go through various tests and trials
selfishness. The reality (death) of the tree of that actually prepared them for advancement. They
had to be obedient and faithful.
knowledge of good and evil was separate from
the name of the tree. The tree of life, however, We must understand that it is a kingdom principle
had a reality (life) that was consistent with its that God will have people and businesses to fund the
very name. destinies and ministries of His people. As we seek
His face, obey His word, and allow the Holy Spirit to
Think of it a bit like this. You are guide us, we will see this principle manifest itself in
desperately thirsty. I approach you with our lives.
two bottles, of which you can only have
one. Regarding the water bottle, you see Proverbs 13:22 speaks plainly of this principle. It
that the security seal hasn't been broken says that the wealth of the sinner (disobedient) is laid
up (reserved) for the just (obedient). This is a
on this bottle, so that what it says on the
powerful truth. And, it can change our lives if we
bottle you know is actually in the bottle. will embrace it.
The other bottle is a soda bottle. Of
course this label is for one of your more God ordains the revenue or income of unrighteous
preferred sodas; but ... I tell you that people and companies to fund the destiny and calling
what's in the soda bottle is poisonous or of His children, when we obey him. With that, let’s
deadly. You also notice that the seal is go back to our personal story.
broken on the soda bottle. Which bottle
would you decide on with this Before I accepted this new position, my husband and
information available to you? Of course I were struggling to grow our businesses and freely
you would choose the water bottle. Why? engage in the ministry God called us to. Then, God
told me that He would provide an investor who
Because the content of the water bottle is
would fund the work He called us to do. He also said
consistent with the label, whereas the not to be picky about how He would choose to do
content of the soda bottle is not this. So, once I accepted the job, He let us know that
consistent with the label, additionally it is this company is who He had ordained to fund our
poisonous. ministry, business, and destiny (at least, in part).

What does this translate to in our own lives? Once I grabbed hold of this revelation, the Lord
Whenever we have choices before us between began to show us how to see and utilize the blessing
what our conscience approves as right, and what He’d provided. He taught us how to set up our work,

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our conscience reproves as wrong; these choices business, ministry, and personal schedules to coincide.
are yet more expressions of the same choice that He told us to use some of our income from the new job
Adam and Eve had to make. Either we can to fund the business and ministry. As part of the new
choose what is consistent with God's nature, job, He exposes me to resources that are also a benefit
to our business and ministry. God also blessed me with
what brings about unity with God in Christ, what
a leader who knows about the businesses and ministry
results in peace within the conscience, OR we we are involved in and she has given me approval to
can choose what brings division from God, manage my schedule to accommodate these projects.
destruction, and desolation.
Now, can you see the wisdom of God? God chose this
The Lord says to us “I set before you life and company to fund the business pursuits and ministry He
death. Choose life Deut. 30:29. called us to. It came as a result of our consistent
obedience to His word and the Holy Spirit. And, He
By David L. White <>KN <> told me to share this story with you.

He can choose (and in some cases – has already

chosen) businesses and people to fund your destiny. I
encourage you to embrace this kingdom truth and ask
Boot Camp the Lord to show you who are the investors He has
assigned to you. Secondly, allow the Holy Spirit to
In our first article of Boot Camp (June 2009 edition), teach you how to see and properly utilize these
we shared a meditation that the Lord had given. In investors to further the work He has placed in your
the article, there was an acknowledgement that the heart. In this economy, we can’t be picky about who
heart of man is deceitful and could not be trusted. But God chooses to invest in what He has called us to do.
that if we confessed (and not covered) our sins, God And, it might surprise you to discover that some of
would faithfully and justly forgive us and show your investors look like employers, companies you
mercy. There we also meditated on the creation of a volunteer for, or people God uses you to help.
clean heart.
Now go ahead and ask God to give you insight into
In the prior article (July 2009 edition), we focused who He has ordained to fund you!
more specifically on the deceitfulness of the heart as
[] LL []
portrayed in the story of Esau and Jacob.
Leadership Living, Inc., Joyce M. White, MSW – CEO
This month, the Lord is telling us about how we can
partner with Him in the “creating of a clean heart and For additional information you may contact us at
the renewing of a right spirit” (Ps. 51:10 KJV reference).

In all your dwelling places the cities shall be laid

waste, and the high places shall be desolate; that your
altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and your
idols may be broken and cease, and your images may BERYL
be cut down, and your works may be abolished. (Ezek.
6:6 KJV)

Our “dwelling places” are the places in our lives As a body of believers we ought each day
(and in our hearts) where we find what we
consider to be “rest and security.”
to celebrate our independence from the
Our “high places” speak to worship; the places law of sin and death.
where we “give our selves to something or
someone.” Among the Israelites, God was to be (Romans 8:2, et al)
worshiped in the temple. Other gods were

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worshiped in “high places.” The term “high

place” is analogous to the term “mountain” and Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayers?
signifies spiritual authorities other than the One Or Does He?
True God.
Our “altars” are the objects upon which (or in While listening to one of my mentors, I heard repeated
which) we sacrifice … you know … the kitchen, references to the fact that people are in turmoil over
the bedroom, the club, the garage, the mirror, the why “God does not answer prayers.” Believers and
office, the TV, the internet, and the imaginations unbelievers alike are at odds over this situation.
of our own hearts, etc.
Our “idols” are the actual things that we worship. People are asking: “If God is “all-loving why doesn’t
The things that hold sway over us, to whom we He answer prayers?” And by this, some seem to
have enslaved ourselves; food & drink; sex & console themselves that God doesn’t answer prayers
pornography; ambition & wealth; illicit forms of because God is either a “figment of our imaginations;”
entertainment; cars; beauty; excessive work; or because “God does not exist.” For others they
television shows; the world of web, etc. You resolve that God does not answer prayers because,
name it. “Prayers don’t work.” Still others say because God
Our “images” are the worldviews that are “arbitrarily chooses which prayers He answers and
inconsistent with Truth; our perspectives on sin which He refrains from answering.” In either case, the
and salvation that are incongruent with what the scriptures do not support these positions. In fact the
Bible reveals; the characteristics that we scriptures represent quite a different picture. We’ll see
superimpose on God that are not supported by that here in just a moment.
scripture; how we misinterpret propositional
truth to fit our preferences; etc. I asked the Lord, “Father, if someone asked me that
Our “works” are the incoherent thoughts and question, what answer I should give them?” I was
intents of the heart; the works of the law; self asking for an answer with substance. I wanted
righteousness; works that issue from arrogance something that could help those seeking in earnest to
and haughtiness of heart; self-exaltation and self- understand. I wanted an answer that would encourage
aggrandizement; all works that are not born of a and sustain the hearts of believers who heretofore,
heart of love for God; etc. didn’t really know how to answer this question (for
themselves or for others). But more importantly, I
Here the Lord is telling us that in our partnership to wanted an answer that would honor God and enable us
create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit; He to know something more of His Character and His
will lay waste our cities and desolate our high places. Person. After all, His ultimate goal for mankind can be
This is done by the renewing our minds through the expressed in His desire “that we might know and
Word of God. As we see the truth of the revealed understand Him.” (Jer. 9:23-24 KJV by reference)
Word of God, we begin to see the things in our lives
and hearts that are inconsistent and otherwise A gentleman went into his local grocer,
incongruent with what God has said is true. As we looking for a side of beef. When told by the
believe and do according to this revealed truth we are store clerk, that they didn’t sell sides of beef,
transformed. We are then able (by the grace of God he became indignant. The store clerk asked,
and the work of the Spirit) to tear down our altars and “Sir, did you see an advertisement or
break down our idols. We are able to dismantle our something stating that we were selling sides of
images and misconceptions and abolish our own beef?” The gentleman replied, “No,” as he left
works of righteousness. the store disappointed.
We abandon these for the living God. We give the Unfortunately, this is how we approach prayer. Often
Word of God its rightful place in our hearts and lives. we pray for things that we believe that God “ought” to
As we begin to study and agree with the Word of provide; for reasons that may (or may not) make sense
God and the person of Jesus Christ we take on to us. But is this how God operates? If not, are we
appropriate perspectives on sin, salvation, the justified in expecting Him to make exceptions for us?
condition of the heart and sanctification. <>KN<> Allow me to share another analogy.

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Why Doesn’t God Answer … Continued from page 4

There were a couple of scenes in the movie salvation.” We didn’t even know we were lost.
i,Robot, where the character Detective Spooner
(Will Smith) talked to the hologram of the God says, I have given you EVERYTHING in Christ
newly deceased Dr. Lanning (James Cromwell). Jesus; and EVERYTHING that I have given you in
In one scene, Detective Spooner began to ask Him, when you petition it, the answer comes back a
the “Dr.” a series of questions, for which he resounding “Yes and Amen.” (2 Cor. 1:20 KJV
really needed answers; if he was to resolve this paraphrased). Very specifically, this scripture says;
dilemma. The response to some of the “for all the promises of God in Him [Christ Jesus] are
detective’s questions was, “I’m sorry my yea, and in Him amen.” However, in order to get a
responses are limited. You must ask the right “yes and amen” answer to all of our prayer petitions;
questions.” In another scene the detective talked we have to “ask the right questions.” I know …. I
with the Dr.’s hologram; as he asked his final know … it sounds like some kind of game, doesn’t it.
question, and the hologram replied, “That Well it’s not a game. But it is a Law. It is a Law that
detective is the right question.” Granted this was stems from the very nature of God, Himself. How
fictional, but there is a sense in which getting many of us know that it is far easier to live and
answers to prayers are much like this discussion. transact in a country, when we understand their laws?
Let’s explore that.
How can we KNOW that God will answer our prayers?
Can we know? When Jesus was at the tomb of Lazarus For the sake of this discussion, we’ll call it the Law
(John 11:41-43 Complete Jewish Bible), He began to pray, of Granted Petitions. We have the following factors:
saying, “Father I thank You that You have heard Me. I God, the petitioner, the petition and the response.
myself know that You ALWAYS hear Me.” Do you Their relationship is as follows: The petition comes
ever wonder how the man Jesus knew that God would from the petitioner; the response comes from God.
ALWAYS hear His prayers? The Lord has given us a
hint. Now, we must understand that God will NEVER grant
a petition that is inconsistent with the law of His
This is the confidence that Jesus had; He knew that if He Nature, NOT EVER. In order to do so, would require
asked anything according to God’s will, He knew that that He deny Himself. As one can appreciate, this
God would hear Him. He also knew that if God heard will NEVER happen. Therefore, in order for God to
Him, that whatsoever He asked of God, He knew that grant a “Yes and Amen” response to a petition, the
God had granted His petition (1 John 5:14-15 KJV). The petitioner must make a request that is consistent with
exact same promise is true for us today. This is not such the nature of God. Essentially the petitioner must
a far-flung concept either. Think about it, who does not make a petition to which God has already given a
love to be asked to do something that they are, “Yes and Amen” response. Now where in the world
themselves, already pre-committed to doing? That’s can we find out to which petitions God has already
like asking a woman, if she “wants to go shopping.” given a “Yes and Amen” response? Well, in the
While the question is still in your mouth, she’s backing words of Jesus “It is written….”
the car out of the driveway en route to the nearest mall.
(Isa. 65:24 KJV paraphrased) The scriptures teach us that every good and perfect
gift comes from God; and that everything that God
While God may not be as fond of shopping as some of will ever give, He has already granted to us in Christ
us are, there are things that He is already predisposed to Jesus. We see this in (John 16:23-24 KJV paraphrased)
do. If it were possible, He’d literally be sitting on the when Jesus said that until now, you have asked
“edge of His throne,” waiting for us to ask Him to do nothing in My name. But the time will come that
what He is already pre-committed to do. And we know whatsoever you ask the Father in My name, He will
this to be true because He said that He has already given give it to you. Here you have “pre-commitment” at
us ALL THINGS that pertains to life and godliness, in its best. There will come NO valid request or
Christ Jesus (1 Pet. 1:3 KJV paraphrased). You can’t be any petition, before the Lord, for which God has not
more predisposed, than to have already done or given a already made provision and to which He has not
thing. One definition of “pre-commitment” in God is already responded “Yes and Amen.” So why, then,
that He has “given before the petitioner asks.” Is this not do so many prayers go unanswered? It is safe to
what He has done for us at Calvary? Jesus didn’t come assume that the problem is not with God or His
because mankind had first asked for a “way of responses to our prayers. All then that is left is the

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Why Doesn’t God Answer … Continued from page 5

potential discord within the petition or the petitioner. What, you ask, is the Great Condescension?
Here is one expression of it: The Sovereign
A young lady, we’ll call her, Patricia walks God, has looked across the spectrum of time
up to a bank teller with a withdrawal slip. and contingent events; and every good and
The teller tries to enter the account number perfect thing that ought to be done, He has
on the withdrawal slip, nothing comes up. pre-committed to do and provide. Salvation
She tries a few times and then calls for help, is one of those things; and there are many,
this being only her 3rd day as a teller. By this many more such things. Prayer and petition
time, the teller in the next window has served is an opportunity for us (His children) to
4-5 customers. Patricia sees this and asked enter into this great work. We are able to
the teller what is taking so long. The teller glimpse this work throughout the Bible.
says, “Ma’am we cannot grant your
withdrawal petition.” Patricia asks, “Why There may be some who may come away thinking,
not?” The teller advises, “Ma’am are you “Do you mean to tell me that we can only ask God
sure this is the right account number?” “Yes, for certain things that He has already agreed to do?
I think I know my account number by now, And we cannot ask Him for things that we want
I’ve been a customer of this bank for years.” done? Oh I see, it’s His way or the highway?
Patricia retorts a bit frustrated at the delay. Suppose I want something “good” done, that He
The teller says rather softly, “Ma’am this hasn’t already decided to do? Or suppose I want
account number is inconsistent with our something done that He doesn’t necessarily want
bank’s account numbering scheme. Are you done? That’s not fair.”
sure that this is correct?” Patricia looks again
at the account number, and embarrassingly All of these can be valid questions, to which I would
recognized that she had written her credit ask or respond:
union account number on the withdrawal
slip, inadvertently. She apologizes and leaves There is a sense in which this is not much
quietly. different from an employee’s relationship
with the company that employs them. A
Now do you think that if Patricia had pressed the business entity exists to accomplish a
issue, at some point the bank would have conceded specific goal. As the business grows,
and granted her withdrawal request? It’s highly persons are hired to help accomplish its
unlikely that she would have ever been able to have mission. When persons are hired, it is for the
her request granted under those circumstances. purpose of entering into the pre-established
mission and strategic goals of the business.
Such is the case with petitions, asked of God. It may Contrary to what some may believe, the
help if we take a slightly different perspective on business entity is not there to support the
prayer and petitions; referencing again the Law of strategic goals of the employee; it’s quite the
Granted Petitions. There are certain things that God other way around. This principle is
is predisposed to do in the earth. By the wisdom of everywhere prevalent throughout our world.
the Triune Counsel of the Godhead; He has already
made up His mind about them. Likewise, there are It is not so far-fetched to conceive that our prayers
certain things (and a great many of them) that God is and petitions ought to cause us to enter into the great
NOT predisposed to do under any circumstance. No work that God has already designed. Everything that
amount of prayer, fasting or tears will draw a will support Gods overall purpose has already been
favorable response to those petitions. If we conceive established and provided. And when our prayers and
of prayer and petitioning as a method by which we petitions accord with His design, we may often
get God to do things we deem valuable and/or receive immediate and favorable responses. And this
necessary; we could very likely be perpetually is true in every area of our lives. There is not one
disappointed and frustrated in our prayer life. single area of our lives that God has not taken into
However, if we conceive of prayer and petitioning in consideration; and for which He has not already
light of the Great Condescension we will hardly be made provision in accord with His grand design. It is
finished asking; when God will have already our responsibility to enter into relationship with Him
answered. and thereby become privy to His will and intentions.
We then, in sympathy and in agreement with His

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Why Doesn’t God Answer … Continued from page 6

wisdom, submit petitions to that end. something for me and I’ll do something for you). I
may even relate reciprocity in a biblical sense (do
The scriptures teach us that “whatsoever we bind on unto others as you would have them do unto you).
earth, shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever we But I had never, ever heard of such a process in a
loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matt. 18:18 transcendent sense.
KJV paraphrased). Allow me to say it this way:
Whatever the Lord is pre-committed to bind in The Lord then referred me to St. John 17 (verses 11, 21-
heaven; may, by us, be bound on the earth. And 22 KJV); here our Lord prays for us that we would be
whatever He is pre-disposed to loose in heaven; may, made one with each other. Jesus went on to petition
by us, be loosed on the earth. that we would be made one with (the Triune God).
God went to great lengths to help King The Lord showed that our being made one with Him
Nebuchadnezzar understand one thing. By a dream, enables us to enter into the Process of Reciprocity
God communicated that Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom that has long since been characteristic of the Trinity.
would be kept for him until he had learned that
“Heaven rules everything” (Dan. 4:26 The Complete The Father gives to the Son and the Holy Spirit; the
Jewish Bible). The same is true for us today. Son gives the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Holy
Spirit gives the Father and the Son. (Perpetual
That being said, it would behoove us to align with the Communion)
works of God in our prayers and requests. The Lord
has promised to answer “Yes and Amen” to all such We then see this internal Process of Reciprocity
petitions. God speed. <>KN<> reaching out to include mankind; again a glimpse of
the Great Condescension.

The Father gives to the Son (a body); the Son gives

to the world the Holy Spirit (a Comforter), the Holy
A Journey to Intimacy Spirit gives to us (an understanding of the Father and
the Son); thereby giving to the Father (more sons).
The Journey Continues - Process of Reciprocity But it doesn’t stop here, because there’s a sense in
which we have not entered into the cycle.
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive POWER
and RICHES and WISDOM and STRENGTH and HONOR As we receive this gift of salvation and die to the
and GLORY and BLESSING. (Rev. 5:12 KJV) flesh and the world (by the sanctification of the Holy
Spirit), we enter into this Process of Reciprocity and
I asked the Father, “From whom does the Lamb the cycle looks like this.
receive these gifts?”
The Father gives to the Son (a body); the Son gives
Of course the man Jesus Christ receives these from to the world the Holy Spirit (a Comforter), the Holy
the Father in the receipt of His kingdom (Matt. 25:31; Spirit gives to us (an understanding of the Father and
Luke 22:29-30 KJV reference). This part I understood. the Son); we give to the Triune God and to the world
(in Jesus’ name) ourselves as a living sacrifice.
But the Father said that the Lamb also receives these
things from us, His servants (Rev. 21:26 KJV reference). As we continue to grow (and die to self) we receive
By this I was a bit puzzled. I said, Father “from from God, what our Lord received from the Father,
where do we (servants) get POWER and WISDOM and we are joint-heirs with Christ.
HONOR and GLORY to give to the Lamb?”
The Son receives from the Father (POWER and
He said “through (what I’ll call) the Process of RICHES and WISDOM, etc.); the Holy Spirit receives
Reciprocity.” Certainly, I was familiar with from the Son (POWER and RICHES and WISDOM, etc.);
reciprocity in an ecological sense (water comes down we receive from the Holy Spirit ((POWER and RICHES
to the earth as rain and returns through evaporation). and WISDOM, etc.); and God (in Jesus’ name) receives
I was familiar with reciprocity in a legal sense: quid from us (POWER and RICHES and WISDOM, etc.).
pro quo (something for something). I had even heard
of reciprocity in a benevolent sense (you do And the cycle continues. []

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Are You Sure?
If you are not certain of your standing with Jesus
Christ, I’d admonish you to consider a few things: []o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]
Knowledge of Good and Evil
1) Every man has an appointment with death; after Either we can choose what is consistent with
that the Judgment. (Heb. 9:27 KJV) Because He has God's nature, what brings about unity with God in
appointed a day, in which He will judge the world in Christ, what results in peace within the
righteousness… (Acts 17:31 KJV)
conscience, OR we can choose what brings
2) We are required to love the Lord with our whole division from God, destruction, and desolation.
heart, soul, mind, and strength … and our neighbor []o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]
as our self. (Matt. 22:37-40 KJV) The Leadership Corner
He chose an employer to fund the ministry that He has
3) Every one of us will give an account of himself to given to us.
God. (Rom 14:12 KJV) God will judge every man []o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]
according to his deeds. (Rom. 2:6 KJV) Boot Camp
We are then able (by the grace of God and the work of
4) All have sinned and come short of the glory of the Spirit) to tear down our altars and break down our
God. (Rom. 3:23 KJV) idols. We are able to dismantle our images and
misconceptions and abolish our own works of
5) God commands all men everywhere to repent. righteousness.
(Acts 17:30 KJV) []o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]
Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayers?
6) Jesus Christ has come that we might have Now, we must understand that God will NEVER grant a
abundant life. (John 10:10 KJV) And to save us from petition that is inconsistent with the law of His Nature,
the wrath to come. (1 Thess 1:10 KJV) NOT EVER. In order to do so, would require that He
deny Himself. As one can appreciate, this will NEVER
7) For God so loved the world that He gave His only happen.
begotten Son, whoever believes on Him shall have
everlasting life. (John 3:16 KJV)
Journey to Intimacy
We then see this internal Process of Reciprocity
8) Repent therefore and be converted that your sins
reaching out to include mankind; again a glimpse of
may be forgiven. (Acts 3:19 KJV)
the Great Condescension.
Be Sure

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