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Springfield College Daily Lesson Plan

Name: Bobby Ritz Date: 3/27/15 Time:7:45-8:29 School: Belchertown HS Lesson #: 3

Facilities: gymnasium Class Size:20 students Grade:9-12
Unit/Theme: Badminton

Generic Level: Control

Equipment: 1. 30 Badminton Rackets 2. 20 Shuttlecocks 3. 1 Whistle 4. 1 Watch 5. 9

Badminton Nets
Focus of Lesson: Smash, drop shot, gameplay
Student Performance Objectives (SPO): (NASPE #___; MA CF #___ ; Task/Activity #___)
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

(P)SWBAT demonstrate how hit a overhead smash 5 times in a row with 100% accuracy (using
all the correct skill cues) when being observed by the teacher in the middle of the lesson.
(NASPE #1; MA CF #2.17; Task/Activity #1, 3, closure)
(C)SWBAT identify all skill cues of an overhead smash and drop shot with 100 % accuracy during
the closure when asked by the teacher. (NASPE #2; MA CF #2.19; Task/Activity #2, 3, closure)
(A)SWBAT express how they liked the lesson by telling the teacher once during the closure.
(NASPE #5; MA CF #2.26; Task/Activity # the entire lesson)
Check each objective is it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally appropriate?
Teacher Performance Objectives During the lesson the teacher will:
The teacher will focus on trying to talk to students one on one to stop off task behavior instead
of stopping the whole class.
The teacher will try and remember at least 7 students name for this class.
Special Considerations What are the safety concerns? What is unique about the students in
this class?
The students should be aware of other shuttlecocks potentially coming into their area while
The students should watch where they are swinging their racket so they dont hit another
student by accident.

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Instant ActivityThe students will do 2 laps around the
track and come meet the teacher in
gymnasium after the laps.

Introduction- The instructor will share

the following information:
1. Name: Mr. Ritz
2. Focus of the day: BadmintonForehand, backhand, overhand &
underhand clear, and gameplay.
3. Start and Stop Signals: Start
signal- two whistles. Stop signalOne whistle = stop, look at
teachers, and put equipment at
4. Safety- Stay on your badminton
court. Be aware of other groups
Retrieve the birdie from other
courts if it happens to go onto
another court
5. History Badminton was first invented in
India and then moved over to
Game was first played at Lord
Baltimores Estate
China has the number one player
or players in every event except







Some of the
students were
very interested
in the video of
the overhead
smash because
the students
wanted to go try
and do this on
their own.
Watching a
video of a smash
amped some
students to try
smashing the

mens doubles, which belongs to

South Korea

Informing- Teachers will

explain/demonstrate the steps for
overhead clear, forehand, backhand
Overhead Smash:
1. Handshake grip with racket
2. Get underneath shuttle
3. Step with same foot thats holding
the racket
4. Snap thumb when hitting, fast
downward hit
5. Follow through with racket over
Drop Shot:
1. Handshake grip with racket
2. Get underneath the shuttle
3. Step with foot opposite of racket
4. Racket hits shuttle with light force
5. Follow through stepping with same
foot as racket


The students will watch a video of the

overhead smash and the drop shot.

Transition- Students will walk to get a

racket and walk to their own personal


Warm-Up Activity- Rallying with a

partner (Using Overhand & Underhand
Clear) and Forehand/Backhand
Rules of the activity:
The students will be assigned a racket
number and they will get a racket and a
shuttlecock and hit back and forth with a
partner. The student will practice the
shots from last class: overhand &
underhand clear, forehand, and
backhands. The students will have to hit
20 of each type of shot before moving on
to the net activity.


Transition- The students will wait where

they are in their own personal space and
wait for further instructions.


This is a good
warm-up for the
students to use
because it is the
most common
shot that
students use
while playing





Activity #1- Overhead Smash

Rules of the activity:
The students will be in partners. One
student will hit an overhead/ underhand
clear to their partner while their partner
will hit an overhead smash back over the
net. The students can try to keep a rally
going but seeing as this will be difficult,
the students will just repeat the process
if they cant hit the birdie after the
overhead smash. The students will show
that the can do an overhead smash 20
times before they can move on to the
next activity.
Activity #2- Rally with a partner (Using
the drop shot)
Rules of the activity:
The students will be with a partner and
practice rallying back and forth using the
drop shot. The students will have to
demonstrate that they can hit 20 drop
shots in a row before moving on to the
next activity. One student will hit a
forehand/ backhand to their partner and
then their partner will try and drop shot
the shuttle back over the net. The
students will try and see if they can keep
hitting drop shots back and forth with
each other.
Activity #3- Game
Rules of the activity:
The students will play a game using the
four shots taught to them. Instead of
serving, they will start with a shot they
just learned. The students will play a
game for 7 minutes and whoever has the
most points at the end of the 7 minutes
wins. After the 7 minutes is over, I will
let the students pick who they want to
play next.
TransitionThe students will put their rackets away
in the correct slots, but the shuttlecocks
away, and wait by the meeting place
when done.




Some of the
students were
very excited to
get ready to
smash a shuttle,
making this
activity very
useful in
practicing one of
the types of
shots used in

Some of the
students found
out that if they
had trouble
smashing a
shuttle, the drop
shot may be a
better shot for
them to use
during a game.

The games
became mush
more exciting to
watch after the
practiced using
the overhead
smash and drop


Closure Can someone demonstrate how

to hit forehand and backhand?
What are all of the cues of hitting
a forehand & backhand?
How did you like hitting
forehands and backhands?