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Alexander Wiese
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Dear Readers,
Weve known for a long time now that there really isnt

with two built-in operating systems; youd simply

a perfect receiver. They all have certain functions that

start the appropriate operating system based on what

can be handled with ease while other functions are not

you want to use the receiver for. Since the Internet

so optimally incorporated. But it all has to do with your

is steadily having more and more of an impact in our

point of view: for one user the features in a receiver

daily lives, the second system in this new receiver is the

might be the perfect solution for his needs. On the other

Android operating system. With it you can dive right in

hand, those same features might do nothing for another

to everything the Internet has to offer.

user. If you are an extreme channel surfer, then fast

The receiver is slowly becoming an all-around device.

channel switching times would be very important to you.

Unlike not too long ago when a receiver was only

But if youre always recording programs, then it wouldnt

optimized for a single reception mode, this new

really matter to you how fast a receiver switches from

generation of multi-operating system receivers is now

one channel to another; youd want a fully-featured PVR

compatible with all the different variations. One single


box can now receive all the various TV modes.

For every different application, theres an operating

And thats exactly how it should be. In the end, its all

system thats been optimized for that application and

about the software; it can be reprogrammed as often as

if you know your way around, youll have acquired a

is needed.

receiver with an operating system that perfectly suits

your needs. But wait! It doesnt have to be like that!
In this issue of TELE-audiovision we are introducing a
receiver that simply works using two different operating
systems. Instead of having two receivers with two
different operating systems so that youre prepared for

Alexander Wiese

every possible scenario, you can have just one receiver

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