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In Blood Rush, you control a posse of monsters that have one night to capture a number of victims
before the inquisition arrives to the town where they're hunting.
To set up the game, place the four Town Location cards (marked from 1 to 4) in front of you, and
arrange them next to each other from lowest to highest. Then, place the Lair card over them, and set
the Inquisition die showing the 1 face on the 0 space of the Victim tracker. Afterwards, separate
the Villagers and Monsters, and make sure that none of the Monster cards are showing their
Weakened side. Finally, place the Event die in the corresponding space on the Lair card.
Object of the game
To win the game, you must claim 7 victims from the Town Locations by winning encounters and
surviving to the end of the round on your final turn. Every time you capture a new victim, slide the
Inquisition die over to the next number to the right in the Victim tracker. Some game and card
effects make the value of the Inquisition die raise by 1. As soon as it reaches 6, the game is over and
the player loses.
A round is composed of the following phases:
-Town phase: Shuffle the 5 Villager cards and set one in front of each main location, facedown. Set the unused Villager card aside, face-down. This is the Backup card. It's considered to be
out of play and, under normal circumstances, won't affect the round. Afterwards, roll the Event die.
This will change how the round plays as described on the Lair card. Set the Event die on the special
space on the Lair card. Lastly, reveal the Villager card at the location marked with a 1.
After the Event die is rolled, one of the Town Locations may be under the Blood Rush (BR) effect
for the duration of the round. While a Location is under the Blood Rush effect, it doesn't count its
Shield Icons in encounters and Monsters can use abilities before and after resolving that location.
Remember that the Lair is always under the Blood Rush effect.
-Planning phase: In the planning phase, you assign all your Monster cards as you choose to any
number of locations, including the Lair. There are no restrictions on how many characters you can
assign to any of the locations, but you must assign all your Monsters.

-Resolution phase:
In this phase, the player has to go through a series of encounters in order to capture victims and
obtain other benefits. This phase is composed of two stages:
a) Scheming stage: If there are no Monster cards assigned to the Lair, skip this step.
Otherwise, resolve the Lair location card as described below. If you win the encounter there,
you won't be able to capture any victims, but instead, you are allowed to change the Event
Die to any result of your choice.
b) Town stage: Resolve all the Town Locations in order as described below.
To resolve an encounter in a location, follow these steps in this order:
1- You may choose to use the abilities of any Monster characters at that location in the
order of your choice by flipping the Monster card to its Weakened side. Keep in mind
that weakened Monsters can't use abilities. Also, full-strength Monsters can only use
abilities if the location is under the BR effect and some abilities have a timing
restriction, as specified on the card.
2- Reveal any un-revealed Villager cards at that location if there are any.
3- Count the number of Shields present on both the Location card and any Villager cards
on that location. Then, compare it with the number of Bat Icons of your Monsters.

If the values are tied, nothing happens.

If there are more Bat Icons than Shields, you capture a victim! Move the Inquisition
die one space to the right on the Victim tracker.

If there are more Shields than Bat Icons, activate the ability of the Villager.

4- You may choose to use the abilities of any Monster characters at that location in the
order of your choice by flipping the Monster card to its Weakened side, keeping in mind
the restrictions described above. Then, proceed to the next location.
-Inquisition phase:
In this phase, increase the value of the Inquisition die by one.
At the end of round, pick up the 5 Villager Cards. Then, return the Monster cards to your
possession, taking care not to flip them. Weakened monsters can only be refreshed through game
effects. It's now time to start a new round!

End of the game

If at some point the Inquisition Die is turned to show a 6, the game immediately ends in defeat.
If the player has 7 victims at the end of the Resolution phase of any round, the player wins!
Q: What happens if there are Villagers but no Monsters in a location?
A: The Villagers win the encounter automatically, since the Shields icons will outnumber the Bats,
which amount to zero. The Villager or Villagers in that location will activate their ability.
Q: What happens if there are Monsters but no Villagers in a location?
A: As long as there are more Bat icons than Shield icons in the locations, you win the encounter.
Note the number of Shields can be zero in some circumstances.
Q: The Witch allows you to exchange two Villagers. Can this ability exchange Villagers in any
combination, whether face-down or face-up?
A: Yes, there are no restrictions. Both Villagers could be face-down, face-up, or each in a different
Q: What happens if the Witch moves a revealed Villager to a Location that has already been
A: The previously-resolved location does not resolve again. Continue resolving in the usual order.
Q: Do you still reveal the Villagers in a location when you skip it with the Thrall's ability?
A: No, you skip all the resolution steps of that location and proceed to the next location, if any.
Q: What happens if all your Monsters are already weakened when the Priest activates his ability?
A: The ability has no effect.
Q: Can I lose victims when I have 0 or get more victims when I already have 7?
A: No. The victim tracker can't ever go under 0 or over 7.

Javier Martn Concept, design, modelling, testing
Jenny Wstrich Graphic design, modelling
Ariel del Rio Modelling, testing
Teddy the cat Modelling
Thanks to Mo (mo7189 in BGG) for his support, feedback and proofreading the rules!
All pictures used in Blood Rush are either personal property or free stock photos found in