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A healthy love life is one the most vital aspects of a fulfilling relationship. Sexual
arousal disorders can be frustrating and a major deterrent. This condition in men is
often known as erectile dysfunction in which the man is unable to achieve and or
maintain an erection. This is a great hindrance as one is unable to perform the sex
act. This may be viewed as disinterest from the mans side and can cause
misunderstanding between couples. It can be stressful for both involved and this
causes a block between partners, eventually leading to further problems in their

Metaphysical cause
The existence of Metaphysics is something that falls beyond the realm of Science. It
is therefore not proven nor is it accepted easily by all. The world of the sub conscious
mind is vast and man hasnt even begun to explore it fully. There are however a few
facts that Psychologists, Hypnotherapists or even Metaphysical Healers base their
practices on and are getting commendable results.
One important factor is that every pattern or belief system that we hold stems from
some deep rooted sub-conscious feed from either our present lives or a past life.
These beliefs hold emotions such as fear or anger, which are kept within us and
continue to manifest in various ways in our lives. Belief systems are a result of our
Social, Economic, Political, Educational and Religious conditioning among other
The psychological cause for erectile dysfunction can be low self esteem or sexually
abusive experiences for the individual involved. Metaphysically, its a block in the
sacral chakra that causes problems due to guilt or trauma.

Spiritual Aspect
Spiritually, we all are Souls Incarnated on Mother Earth to engage in a Spiritual
Experience, Spirituality doesnt refer to any one God or religion. It simply means
aligning ourselves to the wisdom of our souls. Spiritual wisdom comes from within.
We just need certain individuals, books or talks or remind us of this fact. Our
connection to this Infinite wisdom gets hidden and disregarded over time. The place
where we all draw our common wisdom from, exists in a metaphysical realm and
implies that WE ARE ALL ONE. If you spend enough time in the place of wisdom, you
will realise that suddenly no bias exists. Everyone is the same. All are equal. This is
the state of Aham Brahmasmi (the core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root
and ground of the universe, the source of all that exists) which promotes Oneness.
In a state of Oneness, its much easier to Love and Forgive. For why would you not
love and forgive yourself?

And once you have realised this, then all the abundance of the Universe will shower
upon you as a reward of your realisation Prosperity, Good Health, Peaceful and
Loving Relationships, everything that youve ever wanted will come your way!
IMP: The Program is not recommended for:

Minors under the age of 18 years

Epilepsy patients or those suffering from Seizures

Pregnant Women

Mental Disorder Patients

Non willing Individuals The mp3 cannot be played for an individual without
his/her knowledge or permission

Those undergoing heavy medical treatment or as an alternative for medical


Note: The Product includes Brainwave Entertainment Therapy Modules which may
alter the state of consciousness for each individual in a different manner. Brainwave
Entertainment is widely accepted and backed by medical practitioners in USA and
Germany to help people overcome their Fears or Phobias and to achieve specific
About Brainwaves:
Our brain mostly runs on Beta, Gamma, Alpha, Theta and Delta Waves.

Beta :- Mental alertness and high level concentration

Gamma :- High Focus

Alpha :- Relaxed State

Theta :- Deep Sleep

Delta :- Dreamless State, Meditative

This program alters to help an Individual absorb long term mind programming Theta
Brainwave activation is used in the Audio which helps in deep unlearning, learning
and retaining Information for a long period of time. Theta wave inputs also help one in
changing behavior and attitude, and thereby resolving long standing issues.
One is advised to listen to the Audio Track with stereo headphones via ear phones
(Left side on Left Ear and Right Side on Right Ear), in a relaxed or meditative state.
One should avoid listening to Theta waves or Delta Waves Audio Programs while
driving or handling any machinery or gadgets.

The Subliminal Messaging incorporated in each track is done so in one singular layer.

Foundation Affirmation
Each Individual has the right to love him/herself and forgiveness is must in order to heal or
evolve for his/her personal growth, Affirmations written here are marked a Mandatory
foundation affirmations used in each individual program offered by us, they are as follows:1. I fully and freely forgive myself and others across all time and space, I
release myself and others mentally and spiritually, I completely forgive
everything connected with the matter in question, I forgive myself and
others across time and space, as I forgive myself and others, they also
forgive me across time and space, I am free, they are free, It is a
marvelous feeling SO BE IT NOW!.
2. This is my day of general amnesty, I release anybody and everybody
who has ever hurt me, and I wish for each and everyones health,
happiness, peace and all the blessings of life, I do this freely and
joyously and lovingly, Whenever I think of the person or persons who
hurt me in past, I say, "I have released you, forgiven you, and all the
blessings of life are yours," I am free and they are free, The more good
I give to others more it comes in multiplied to me, It is wonderful!.
3. I easily forgive others and I am easily forgiven, I choose to forgive as I
take responsibility for my creations and attractions.
4. I love and approve of myself, I believe in myself, All my relationships
are harmonious.
5. My feminine energy and masculine energy are in perfect balance with
each other

Targeted product Affirmation for Erectile Dysfunction

I love and approve of myself unconditionally.

It is safe to be who I am. I am protected and secured by divine love.

I rejoice in my sexuality. It is safe for me to enjoy my body.

I forgive myself and others across time and space. I am free. They are free.

I joyously release my past. I am at peace.

I love and accept my sexuality.

It is ok to enjoy sensual and sexual pleasures.

I am open to giving and receiving appropriate sexual energy.

I joyously accept all the pleasures of life.

I am blessed with abundance of love and security.

I rejoice in being a man.

I am the authority in my life. I make my own life.

All the relationships in my life are harmonious.

I trust the process of life.

I am a sexually confident man.

I now allow the full power of my sexuality to flow with ease and joy.

Duration 30 minutes - To be heard through headphones, twice a day

Personality output of the product

Results may vary from person to person, but regular use will overcome all the fear,
improve self confidence and one can start enjoying their sexual life with full