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IRAT KPI in WCDMA network is very serious problem.

we can do some parameter optimization & remove discrepancy to improve IRAT KPI, here i want to
share few such techniques to Improve IRAT KPI.

To optimize IRAT HHO KPI, basic there are 2 ways, one is the basic 2G cell information and
neighbor definition optimization, and the other is parameter optimization. In the following, I will
introduce this 2 ways detailed.
1. Basic information optimization.
a. In RNC CFGMML, the external 2G Cell information optimization.
In the live 2G network, periodic is is optimized, maybe the 2G BCCH&BASIC&LAC etc. will
changed, and not share with 3G correlative guy. So this work should be done periodic. The 2G cell
information format requirement share with 3G as below:
these all failure pack in this counter VS.IRAT.HOfailoutCS.cfgunsupp.



As you know, if 3G UE want to handover to 2G, firstly the core network will help get the 2G resource
for this 3G UE, if this time, the 2G cell already congested, so the 3G UE will not able to handover to
this 2G. From 3G counter,
we can get the failure counter as below:
IRATHO.FailOutPSUTRAN.PhyChFail/IRATHO.FailOutPSUTRAN.Other. This counter means
the 2G signal is too low or the 2G network is not available. So at this time, we need check the 2G
GPRS&EDGE KPI to confirmed, the 2G counter requirement as below

If from the above 2G KPI, the 2G PS already congested, the 2G side need do the optimization or
expansion, during this time, we can temporarily close this 2G cells PS IRAT HHO function as below
command to avoid the 3G handover to this 2G cell.
MOD UEXT2GCELL: GSMCellIndex=0, RatCellType=GSM;
After this 2G cells PS is normal, we can use below command to enable the PS IRAT HHO function.
MOD UEXT2GCELL: GSMCellIndex=0, RatCellType=EDGE;
c. 2G Neighbor definition optimization.
Neighbor optimization is a periodic work, in 3G side, we need every 2 weeks to check the neighbor
definition is correct or not, the neighbor is defined or not. And is there any 2G neighbor missing or not.

2. 3G TOPN worst cells optimization

To improve the IRAT HHO, we also need consider the 3G network problem, at the condition of the
good 3G situation, the improvement of IRAT HHO is possible. When we found out the cells facing
CS&PS issue, we need follow the below setp to analyze.
a. Alarm is there or not.
b. Get the CS&PS drop reason counter from M2000, from the counter we can know what is the
reason. Base on that we can do further analyze. The counter is as below shown.
Cell CS InterRAT HO Out Failure AnalysisIRATHO.failrelocprepOutCS--check 2G capacity
IRATHO.failoutCS.cfgunsupp--check 2G configuration(LAC,RAC,NCC,BCC,BCCH)
IRATHO.failOutCS.phychfail---check congestion alarm & coverage issue in 2G that time we chekc 2G

Cell PS InterRAT HO Failure Analysis


Check the NodeB packet lose rate.


Check the site RTWP is normal or not

e. Do the DT around the issue site, check whether there are overshooting, coverage gap, swap, not
proper tilt or azimuth, building block, antenna installation problem, neighbor missing or not and etc

3. After the basic information optimization, if the IRAT issue still there, we need do some
parameter optimization.
a. 3G IRAT HHO Switch audit.
In 3G RNC side, we have 3 IRAT HHO switch to control this function, so we need make sure this
parameter is set correctly. As below:

InterRATCSThd2DEcN0=-13, InterRATCSThd2FEcN0=-11, InterRATR99PsThd2DEcN0=-13,
InterRATHThd2DEcN0=-13, InterRATR99PsThd2FEcN0=-11, InterRATHThd2FEcN0=-11,
InterRATCSThd2DRSCP=-102, InterRATCSThd2FRSCP=-99, InterRATR99PsThd2DRSCP=-107,
InterRATHThd2DRSCP=-107, InterRATR99PsThd2FRSCP=-104, InterRATHThd2FRSCP=-104;
b. If the above a is no issue, so we can do the further parameter optimization.
As default, in 3G side, we consider when the 2G signal is more than -95dbm, and the 3G signal meet
the IRAT HHO condition, the IRAT HHO will happen, as you know, when the 3G signal is bad, 2G will
also not very good, and -95dbm for 2G is not a good signal, so we can increase the 2G signal threshold
and Inter-RAT HO Physical Channel Failure Penalty Timer to make sure when 3G wanto to handover
to 2G, the 2G signal is good. As blow command:
CellId=0, TargetRatCsThd=26, TargetRatR99PsThd=26, TargetRatHThd=26,
As experience, this command will increase PS IRAT HHO KPI around 0.7%.
For improving more the IRAT KPI, from RNC side, there are 2 parameter also can be changed.
RelocIuRelCmdTmr: A timer to RNC wait for the Iu release command message in relocation
procedure. Protocol default value is 45s. Can be changed to 60s.
T309: T309 is started after the UE is reselected to a cell belonging to another radio access system in
connected mode, or the CELL CHANGE ORDER FROM UTRAN message is received. It is stopped
after the UE is successfully connected in the new cell. The UE will continue the connection to UTRAN
upon expiry. Protocol default value is 5s. Can be changed to 8s.
So we can modify this 2 parameter as below:
SET USTATETIMER: RelocIuRelCmdTmr=60000;

I hope this information may be useful in handling such issue in your projects.
Fell to free to contact me for queries and further discussion.