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Takako Kobayashi

n 949.413.0911 n n

Master of Education in Educational Technology
Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Monterey Institute of International Studies, a Graduate School of Middlebury College
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Soka University of America
Study Abroad Harbin, China

Tempe, AZ
Monterey, CA
Aliso Viejo, CA
9/10 12/10


Graduate Writing Consultant
Arizona State University, Graduate Writing Center
Work with graduate students at any stage of the writing process to hone their writing skills.
Actively provide coaching advice about navigating graduate life to students.

1/15 5/15

Associate Instructor
10/14 12/14
Arizona State University, Global Launch (formally American English and Culture Program)
Offered intensive English instruction to help international students meet their English learning goals,
experience American culture, and prepare for academic study.
Promptly assessed students' demonstrated competence to provide valuable feedback for students in a class.
Online English Tutor
4/14 12/14
Amic International Inc.
Ehime, Japan
Offered Skype lessons to help varying levels of adult Japanese learners communicative skills.
Actively monitored and assessed students oral performance and promptly give feedback after each lesson.
Japanese Language Instructor
9/14 10/14
Monterey Institute of International Studies, BUILD program
Monterey, CA
Designed and delivered task-based lessons tailored to varying needs and levels of competence in Japanese.
Developed a course website for the learner community and providing motivational materials.
English Tutor
3/14 10/14
Monterey County Free Libraries Literacy Program
Marina; Seaside, CA
Offered two-hour sessions to adult ESL learners from various language levels and cultures.
Enhanced students communicative competence by integrating Pinterest with engaging task-based lessons.
English as a Second Language (ESL) Adjunct Instructor
Monterey Institute of International Studies, The University of Shimane Joint Program
Monterey, CA
Designed and delivered interactive task-based, learner-centered lessons to enhance students English skills.
Developed the course website for engaging writing tasks (
ESL Instructor
9/12 12/13; 6/14 8/14
Peace Resource Center
Seaside, CA
Offered two-hour sessions to adult ESL students with low beginner high advanced language levels.
Implemented theme-based, task-oriented lessons integrating four skills for diverse learning goals.
Designed and maintained program website for community outreach and learning resources.
ESL Instructor
6/13 8/13
Middlebury-Monterey Summer Intensive College English (ICE) Program
Newport, RI
Taught elective course to a variety of language levels for English for Academic Purposes.
Enhanced students communicative competence by implementing content-based and task-oriented lessons.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Instructor

6/10 8/10, 1/11; 6/11 8/11
Hitotsubashi Seminar
Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
Taught five daily hour-long English grammar sessions to elementary through high school students.
Delivered customized instruction tailored to students educational need to increase proficiency and
occupational skills.
Teaching Assistant
1/11 5/11
Andrew Jackson Elementary School
Santa Ana, CA
Assisted homeroom teacher in leading daily activities for bilingual kindergarteners.
Increased students intrinsic motivation by fostering meaningful language learning environment.
EFL Instructor
ITTO Kobetsu Shido Gakuin
Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
Taught hour-long English tutoring sessions to Japanese junior high school students.
Offered customized instruction tailored to students educational need for academic performance.
Program Assistant
6/13 8/13
Middlebury-Monterey Summer ICE Program
Newport, RI
Enriched international students lives by providing daily personalized counseling and academic assistance.
Developed two program websites to integrate online reflection-writing activities to foster students
awareness of their language learning and to increase students engagement levels.
Activity Guide
1/13 3/13
Monterey Institute of International Studies, Intensive English Program
Monterey, CA
Planned and delivered weekly activities reflecting Japanese ESL students interests and cultural exposure.
Enriched students experience in the U.S. by actively collaborating with program team.
Instructional Program
1/15 5/15
Arizona State University, Japanese 302 (JPN 302) Third-year Japanese II
Conducted various analyses for instructional design by communicating with the current course instructor.
Designed and developed one-hour instruction for JPN 302 including instructional materials.
Alabama Alternative Assessment Project
Monterey, CA
Efficiently acquired knowledge of extended standards for reading, math, and science in fifth grade.
Evaluated test items by analyzing student work samples, photographs, and written reports.
Curriculum Design & Needs Assessment
2/13 5/13
Middlebury-Monterey Summer ICE Program
Conducted needs assessment of ESL students and program instructors.
Designed ESL academic theme-based curriculum with electives (
Original Test Design
2/13 5/13
Middlebury-Monterey Summer ICE Program
Designed and developed program placement test assessing two constructs (listening and speaking).
Created scoring criteria (objective/subjective) for each subtest and piloted the test with ESL students.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

9/ 13 Present

1. English: Fluent/Near-Native
2. Japanese: Fluent/Native
3. Mandarin Chinese: Intermediate

Computer Skills
Statistical Software: Excel, R, SPSS
Desktop/Electronic Publishing Software: Blog, Microsoft Publisher,
Microsoft Word, Podcast, Website
Audio: Audacity, iMovie
Others: Google Applications, Moodle, BlackBoard, Prezi