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FERRARI presents CROMO K60 AR Reversible: an innovative

specialised tractor with unique features, making it

extremely versatile for agricultural sector operations and
municipal service machine operations.


Achievement of maximum efficiency and practicality has represented the focal

point in the development and implementation of the new Cromo K60 AR
reversible. Prestigious engines, hydraulic system high performance, extremely
compact dimensions and maximum operator comfort, in addition to an
attractive and simple design are the characteristics making the difference
between a Cromo K60 AR Reversible and a competitor corresponding tractor.
Cromo K60 AR Reversible has a large option availability, making it extremely
versatile, presents itself as a useful tool for row crop operations, greenhouse
and nursery work and maintenance performed during summer and winter time.
In the above mentioned context, related to municipal services, exceptional
manoeuvrability characteristics are highlighted, small size, great comfort and
Cromo K60 market release happened during with Eima 2012, With this release,
Ferrari consolidates a global leadership in the industry of tractor manufacturing
and reaches a new milestone in its ongoing research and development
activities for this important market segment.
This machine belongs to a prestigious range containing other 40 models
proposed by Ferrari to the specialized tractor market.

Reversible driving position: in order to guarantee maximum versatility and best

system practicality.

OS-FRAME transmission: in order to optimize mechanical efficiency and stability

even on rough terrain. Gear ratios are sequential without any overlap,
appropriate for every applicative requirement.

Kubota performance engine with direct injection and counter-rotating mass: low
fuel consumption, excellent performance, reliable over a long time period,
extremely quiet and vibration-free.

Multi disk oil bath friction: Long-life version, anti-fatigue during operation,
maintenance-free, no recordings.

Only machine from it's category with planetary gearheads on four axles: in
order to ensure maximum power transmission and maximum durability.

High performance and maximum reliability hydraulic system: in order to allow

use of a large hydraulically supplied equipment amount and optimize hydraulic
elevator performance.


K60 AR

Electronic joy-stick: in order to optimize hydraulic system performance

facilitating operator control.

Electro-hydraulic servo command : in order to simplify driving operations and

make operator's job easier.

Perfect axle weight distribution on the axles: in order to optimize efficiency,

machine stability and traction during operation.

Short wheelbase, just 139 cm: in order to minimize dimensions and turn radius
so as to be able to move with maximum ease even in small spaces.

Extremely compact dimensions: in order to be able to operate uninhibited even

in very tight spaces, guaranteeing maximum operating agility.

Excellent driving conditions: solution implementation aimed at achieving

command maximum practicality and total driving module interior space

Low-noise cabin: designed with great attention to internal environment detail

in order to guarantee maximum comfort and visibility.

Captivating look : because even in the agricultural market "beautiful and

captivating" are fundamental product qualities determining product success.

Reversible driving position: a few seconds for maximum operation comfort

One Cromo K60 AR characteristic quality si driving position reversibility. A few
seconds are required for seat and steering wheel rotation, so the operator may work
having the equipment in front of him and constantly being able to see what he's
working on. This translates: maximum security and comfort
Therefore, the tractor is able to work in an optimal conditions in classic driving
position, like conventional tractors, or reversed driving position.
Frame and transmission: an absolutely unique context
Cromo K60 AR Reversible's frame is equipped with a single shaft and joint OS-frame
transmissions able to ensure maximum mechanical efficiency. Tractor structure was
monolithically manufactured in a single cast iron. An articulation placed in the central
part of the equipment, allows 15 front axle oscillation in respect to rear axle,
stabilizing the machine on sloping terrain in order to guarantee maximum stability and
safety as well as constant traction on any terrain type.
The same transmission allows a particular low gravity centre without actual ground
contact, characteristics essential for intended machine operations.
Four wheel drive allows absolute tranquillity on every terrain type, exploiting to the
maximum the machine's designed towing and safety capabilities.
Aware of the fact that the field of specialist tractors includes a wide variety of
applications, Cromp K60 AR Reversible was manufactured with the new Synchro 24
speed shift (12 AV + 12 RM) by 30 km/h for both driving directions, with synchronised
inverter and helical profile gears, providing best equipment performance, comfort and
driving characteristics.


K60 AR

Logical speed sequence, no overlaps throughout all ranges, always allows right gear
selection for intended task, enabling optimal machine utilisation, fuel saving, minor
mechanical component and engine wear, an overall high operating quality.
Differential lock and double traction, both having an electro-hydraulic command, are
enabled using buttons placed in an ergonomic position on the control console in order
to be able to offer high performance even on more unmanageable terrains.
V2203 series Kubota engine: power, performance, comfort and savings
The decision of fitting the Cromo K60 AR Reversible with a Kubota engine was dictated
by engine's undoubted quality. The engine is manufactured by the prestigious
Japanese company - Kubota. The V2203 M-OF direct injection engine is a brand new,
updated model derived from the indirect injection engine, with new and improved size
and reliability. It's a classic in-line, four cylinder, 2.2 litre engine capable of developing
48 horsepower with a vigorous torque of 145 Nm corresponding to just 1600 rpm. Fuel
consumption is limited to 245 gr/kWh.
For this engine,a counter-rotating mass prestige dedicated version series has been
adopted. This version is now indispensable for cantilever engine machine applications
in order to avoid annoying vibrations and redundant noise inside the cabins. The
provided application has as excellence optimal placement on the motor shaft side.
V2203 engine is also completely biodiesel compatible.
High quality transmission clutch
The "Long-life" clutch is designed for Cromo K60 AR Reversible and for multiple oil
bath disks. Noes not require adjustment or maintenance.
Modular and progressive clutch, inserted within the transmissions system in order to
reduce engine overhang and consequently system length. This advanced technological
solution, implemented especially on high power conventional machines, was preferred
over the cheaper and less efficient "dry single-plate" solution used by most machines
manufactured by the competition.
High quality axles
Cromo K60 AR Reversible is equipped with helical gear axles. The choice was
determined by the need to minimize wheelbase increasing manoeuvrability, in
addition to increasing machine prestige and reliability .
Gear fundamental characteristics, with respect to older, cheap "cascade" gears used
by the competition, identify themselves with virtually unlimited gear life and greater
power transmission achieved by having three gears instead of only one cheaper
Regarding the same aspect, Cromo K60 AR Reversible differentiates itself from the
competition by adopting solutions of excellence even on low power machines.
High quality and performance hydraulic system
Cromo K60 AR Reversible hydraulic system standard version is a dual circuit, powered
by two gear pumps capable of delivering a total capacity of 47 l/min: quantity
provided for elevator and manifolds is a maximum total volume of 30 l/min, the one
supplied for hydraulic steering system and services has a maximum total volume of 17
As an option, for those who need greater performance, a system capable of delivering
a maximum overall 57 l/min is provided: 35 l/min - elevator and manifolds and 22
l/min - hydraulic steering and services. In this latest version, joy-stick option is
standard equipment, a heat exchanger is also provided in order to stabilize operating
temperatures temperatures.
Operation hydraulic pressure is 180 bar.


K60 AR

Requested no joy-stick tractors are equipped with up to 6 hydraulic outlets located in

the rear part of the equipment. This allows use of equipment requiring large hydraulic
flow. Manifold and elevator commands are conveniently placed in an ergonomic
position allowing intuitive manual operations.
Everything in a handful
Equipment value depends on design flexibility features.
A specific electronic command joy-stick as been developed specially for Cromo K60 AR
Reversible. The joy-stick is able to control both the hydraulic system and posterior
elevator supplying 7 inferior hydraulic connections and rendering practical and safe
every manoeuvre involving machine's hydraulics.
The joy-stick command, placed as an arm rest on operator's right side is an integral
part of the driver's seat. The seat and joy-stick rotate when reverse equipment mode
is enabled. The joy-stick is designed to be vertically adjustable so the driver seat can
be accessed from both right and left sides. Despite machine's small size the joy-stick
can even be set up within the cab.
Lever strength
Tractors such as Cromo K60 AR Reversible are often used with performer equipment
hitched to the hoist.
The robust posterior hoist supplied with the machine relies on multi-purpose practical
and versatile connections designed to adapt in a fast and simple way to all marketed
equipment. Lifting arms are equipped with: normal connections, quick couplers and
quick couplers with hook angular lateral adjustment. High elevating capacity: 1510 kg.
Independent PTO synchronized with maximum power needed to be
Cromo K60 AR Reversible independent PTO can be inserted in a practical and safe way
through an electro-hydraulic servo command. Two velocity regimes are available: 540
and 750 r.p.m., the latter recommended for fuel savings.
The machine also features PTO synchronized with all progress speeds, indispensable
for traction towing.
PTO is always inserted under load, the brake is in off position and security prevents
accidental engagement.
Brakes always up to the task
The machine is equipped with last generation, multi-disc, oil bath brakes ensuring a
save braking system.
Double disk series act on the rear wheels. The hand brake is designed with a practical
and ergonomic handle facilitating its use even when the driver is engaged in reversed
driving operations.
Reserved for the driver
The pleasure of driving a tractor is generated not only by machine performance, but
also from driver environment. If the machine is compact and reversible, because the
market requires this, operating difficulty is certainly not negligible.
Cromo K60 AR Reversible driving environment has been designed with maximum care
in order to combine comfort, ergonomics, functionality and security in an absolute
original manner.
The driving position was custom-made for the driver: the entire platform has been
built with highest quality materials in order to obtain finishes resistant to atmospheric
agents and to make the job more pleasant the operator.


K60 AR

The driving module is equipped with silent-block suspended platform on in order to

guarantee maximum comfort.
The seat is longitudinally fully adjustable The suspension is also adjustable to the
weight and other operator requirements. The steering wheel is adjustable and gives
operators of any size an optimum comfortable driving position.
Reverted driving mode is enabled by a gyrating console and is implemented in a few
seconds, allowing the driver to always operate towed or frontal equipment in a
practical and rational manner.
An instrument console with anti-glare screen combines controllers in a logical manner
onto a central display, ensuring equipment total control.
Digital instrumentation provides for engine rotation speed, forward speed and PDF
rotation rate visualisation.
True change always comes from inside
No tractor in this category may afford certified and especially comfortable cabs as
those Ferrari has equipped Cromo K60 AR Reversible with. Available in Lusso and
Comfort versions, Ferrari tractors have been designed with maximum attention to
even the smallest details. Equipped with large, spacious and soundproof interiors.
Large windows optimize driver's vision when operating in traditional or even reversed
driving position.
Structure mounted on a suspended platform completely independent from tractor
frame in order to reduce noise and vibrations. Air conditioning and heating are
guaranteed by a reliable, high performance system. Total hight is contained in only
2095 mm.
Compact dimensions for maximum operating agility
In order to ensure designed performance, Cromo K60 AR Reversible dimensions are
characterized by extreme compactness and maximum operational agility. Ultracompact execution with 2450 mm turning radius supported by a 1390 mm wheelbase,
just 2930 mm length, 1050 mm width, weight of 1560 kg for no cabin machines and
1720 mm for machines equipped with a cabin, are some of the qualities that allow this
tractor to be included in a very broad operating range: specialized agriculture,
nursery greenhouses and municipal services are just some of reference areas in which
Cromo K60 AR Reversible becomes indispensable.
Captivating look
In tractor history, technical characteristics, the famous "substance", have always had
priority over exterior detail, as most manufacturers ignored the look. For some years,
however, even in this sector, attention to 'lines' has become essential to all
manufacturers with investments that also involve bodyworks.
Ferrari, has developed all it's products with utmost regard to exterior design for a
several years. Cromo K60 AR Reversible is thus influenced by this commitment
highlighted especially in the front part of the tractor where the hood is characterized
by a double pair of ellipsoidal high efficiency spotlights, dashboard enclosing the
instrumentation in harmony with lever colours and conical cabin lines, whole glass
doors and a 'low-profile' sunroof, with ellipsoidal spotlights.
Ferrari intended that Cromo K60 AR Reversible incorporate within an extremely
compact 48 hp tractor all characteristics usually attributed to superior category
tractors. No tractor from same category and power present in today's market, in fact,
has all Cromo K60 AR Reversible features: reversibility, axle planetary gears, certified
'low noise', 'low profile' cabin, joy-stick command, high performance hydraulic system.


K60 AR

All information presented above is the result of a market research revealing top
features and performance to customers always in pursuit of comfort. Top features and
performance are also present in low power tractors increasingly used in structured
holdings and municipal services where the staff is very sensitive to equipment
characteristics and comfort. Ferrari has responded to demands by designing and
building a unique machines that has already proven a great market success.


K60 AR