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Qbanks used by students: USMLE World> USMLERx > Kaplan

USMLE World ("UWorld"): #1 question bank, has around 2,200 questions. It

also offers 2 practice selfassessment exams you can buy seperately, each being 4 hours long (4 bloc
ks, each block has 46 questions)
There is a table in which you can convert your practice exam score to a
3 digit estimate of how you would
have scored if it was the real STEP1. These practice exams are called "U
WSA1 and UWSA2". People say that
it overshoots your score by around 10 points.
USMLERx ("Step 1 Qmax): Has around 2,300 questions made by the creators
of First Aid. Each question has
a page number reference to First Aid for note taking and studying.
Kaplan Step 1 Qbank: Has around 2,000 questions. However, students feel
that questions are not similar
to actual step questions, but they are good for learning/consolidating c
NBME self assessments: 6 practice exams offered by the creators of the USMLE, ea
ch one costs $50, but it is worth
paying an additional $10 dollars to see what questions you got wrong and
how you performed on individual
subject areas. The current 6 exams: CBSSA 7, CBSSA 11, CBSSA 12, CBSSA 1
3, CBSSA 15, and CBSSA 16. Students
online say that the scores on practice exams match very closely with the
real exam. Students also say that
images from these practice exams also show up on the real exam, and some
say that they have seen the same
question stems on several occasions, but the question itself will be dif
ferent (asking about what cells are
affected vs. what is the diagnosis). NBME also offers 150 free questions
, but these quesions are much easier
than the real deal, and should only be taken for practice rather than ac
tual self-assessment.