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by Fong Wai Ling

Who: Datuk Yasmin Yusuf
Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar


No. 43, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
Tel: 03 2287 8445

KL Lifestyle seeks restaurant recommendations from former actress Datuk Yasmin Yusuf.

ormer Miss Malaysia Universe, Datuk Yasmin’s favourite dish
Yasmin Yusuf had a tough time decid- whenever she eats at Sri
ing which eatery outlet to name as her Nirwana Maju will be the Rawa
favourite when KL Lifestyle asked for her Thosai (RM1.50). She says
recommendation. “I’m such a foodie!” the that she usually have breakfast
former beauty queen exclaims. “But if I still at the restaurant twice a week
need to choose one, I will just go with the one after her golfing session. She
I frequent the most, which is Sri Nirwana Maju also visits the place for lunch
in Bangsar, right opposite Bangsar Village 2” and dinner with her friends. Her
Sri Nirwana needs no introduction as frequent visits to the restaurant
most city folks would have named this place is an act of recommendation to
as one of the best banana leaf restaurants many close friends and family
in town by now. The restaurant also always that her sister is now a convert!
seems to have endless throng of patrons, A recommendation from
especially during the evenings and weekend Deep-Fried Bitter Gourd Yasmin will be the chili chicken
mornings. (RM5.00) which is usually

serve leftovers and their signature dhall is just served during lunch hours. She also sug-
wonderful – thick and not watery like in other gested the deep fried bitter gourd for those
I also notice that the Indian restaurants. Plus they serve fresh fruit who are having banana leaf rice. The deep
standard of their food is always juices!” Yasmin said. “I also notice that the friend bitter gourd comes as a complimentary

consistent, I’ve never been

standard of their food is always consistent, side dish for the banana leaf meal.
I’ve never been disappointed before,” she “Sri Nirwana Maju also decorates their
disappointed before added. outlet according to the Malaysian festivities.

Deep-Fried Squid

For example, during Chinese New Year, they

will be hanging out lanterns and during Christ-
mas, they will have Christmas decoration to
go with the mood,” observes Yasmin.
Sri Nirwana Maju also has a chain outlet
in USJ Taipan. So the next time you are crav-
ing for authentic Indian food, head on down to
Sri Nirwana Maju to see why it had gotten the
former beauty queen’s approval.

According to Yasmin, Sri Nirwana Maju

owns three winning combinations that propels
her to visit the place again and again – the
food, the price and the service. “The waiters
are always smiling and they always remember
what I ordered before. Now that is service
worth noting,”
“Sri Nirwana Maju is also the first Indian
restaurant in Kuala Lumpur to be awarded
the DBKL Cleanliness Award. They never Chilli Chicken Rawa Thosai