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APA Activity


In this class you will be creating a research poster as your final project. You will need to use
correct APA formatting for the poster project. Some of you may already be familiar with APA
formatting, but it may be new for some of you. Regardless, this activity will serve as a
reminder to help you with your writing in this class.
Use the following two websites to answer the questions below:
APA Style Page -
Purdue Owl -
Note that the APA Style Page is the official page for APA style information, and the APA
Style Blog will have a lot of very useful information for you
Write the APA citation that would be found in the reference section of a paper for your
textbook in this class. Label the section that would be italicized if there is such a section.

Do you have to directly cite references that you put in the reference section in your paper?
In other words, if you put a source in your reference section, do you need to mention it in
the text of your paper?
Sometimes what we want to reference is actually something that someone else referenced.
For example, on page 16 of our textbook, Harmer cites a quote by David Crystal.
It is highly unethical for us to just cite David Crystal if we have not actually read the quote
itself from Crystals 2003 publication. For one thing, what if Harmer misquoted Crystal? For
another, what if Harmer took the quotation out of context and it really means something
If we cannot find the book that Crystal wrote, does that mean we cant cite the text? The
answer is, no. Crystal because what we call an indirect source. We have to cite Harmer
citing Crystal. Write the quotation with the in-text citation for the indirect source using APA

Do you need to include the indirect source in your reference section?

Many people believe that the only difference between APA and other formatting styles (like
MLA or Chicago) is citation. However, style guides are not just about citation and there are
actually several other differences.

Use reliable resources on the Internet to complete this chart:

Use of page
numbers in intext citations

Capitalization in
Titles and

Use of Authors

Name of Last
Page(s) with

Use of the Title

in in-text

All in-text citations use page
numbers. If the authors name is
used in the sentence with the
information (e.g. Jeremy Harmer
notes that ) the page number is
at the end of the sentence in
parentheses. If the authors name
is not in the sentence, then the
authors last name and page
number are both in parentheses
at the end of the sentence.

Page numbers are always used with
quoted material at the end of the
quotation outside the quotation
marks but before end punctuation in
parentheses [e.g. Harmer (2007)
said, (p. 72). or (Harmer,
2007, p. 72).]
Page numbers are optional with
unquoted text that is cited.
If a quote spans more than one page,
use the convention pp. #-#