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Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end,

by forces over which we have no control.

It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star.
Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust,
we all dance to a mysterious tune,
intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.
~ Albert Einstein
Every Cause has its Effect;
every Effect has its Cause;
everything happens according to Law;
Chance is but a name for Law not recognized;
there are many planes of causation,
but nothing escapes the Law.
~ The Kybalion

I have elsewhere shared how in February, 1977, I spent a week in New York
City, so filled with amazing synchronistic and precognitive experiences, that I

became convinced it was possible to mystically transcend serial time

perception. ( Synchronicity Story: An Amazing Experiment With Time )
Later, on learning that Sri Yukteshwar, Paramahamsa Yoganandas guru, was
an expert Vedic astrologer, and that the father of my Guru,Shri Dhyanyogi
Madhusudandas, was also a Vedic astrologer, I became interested in
astrological predictions and (for the first time in my life) was opened to
possible validity of astrology both Eastern and Western as an esoteric
Indian or Vedic astrology is called Jyotish, which is Sanskrit for light; it is
an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. Commonly, Indian
astrologers (like those from other traditions) cast and interpret a personal
chart based on each persons unique time and place of birth.
But, there is another very rare branch of Jyotish astrology called Nadi
reading in which the astrologer, a Brahmin priest, doesnt cast a personal
chart, but through analysis of ones thumb prints locates and interprets
notations supposedly first written on palm bark or leaves thousands of years
ago by Indian sage Bhrigu.
Few people in the world have ever heard about, much less seen, an Indian
Nadi reader. On first hearing of Nadi readers, I skeptically dismissed claims
of their authenticity and accuracy as too far out and beyond my Western
programmed paradigm. But gradually I heard credible reports which began
changing my mind.
First, my Harvard trained friends Bizhan and Deborah recounted to me their
amazing experience with a Nadi reader. Later, I learned that Swami
Kriyananda, a well known Western teacher, author, and direct disciple of
Paramahamsa Yogananda, was so impressed with the extraordinary accuracy
of his Nadi reading, that in 1967 he had published a book about it,
entitled Indias Ancient Book of Prophecy.
Last year, I was discussing questions of free will and destiny with my long-

time Jyotish astrologer friend Jackie Haller, when she mentioned

Kriyanandas Nadi reader experience. Intrigued by Jackies comments, I soon
did an extended internet search and refreshed my memory about
Kriyanandas experience.
The next day, while visiting at the Fort Mason Italian-American Museum, I
was telling my friend Joy Massa about Kriyanandas experience with a Nadi
reader, when a woman near us coincidentally overhead the conversation
and joined us to recount lucidly and in some detail her personal amazing
experience with a Nadi reading in Tamil Nadu, South India. She also told us
about Deepak Chopras amazing experience with a Nadi reader, of which I
was then unaware.
Because of Chopras high credibility, I soon searched and found the following
description of his experience, in the Book of Secrets, Chapter 13. For
Deepak Chopra, it was a life changing experience. And, on reading his
eloquent story, I wondered again:
Are there really any coincidences or accidents, or is everything that
happens to us predestined by laws of causation or karma?
Do we really have free will as most people believe?
And if so, what free will?
Perhaps you, too, will wonder about these questions after reading Deepak
Chopras fascinating story.

Book of Secrets, Chapter 13, by Deepak Chopra:

SEVERAL YEARS AGO IN A SMALL VILLAGE outside New Delhi, I was sitting in
a small, stuffy room with a very old man and a young priest. The priest sat on
the floor swaying back and forth as he recited words inked on bark sheets that
looked ancient. I listened, having no idea what the priest was intoning. He was
from the far south and his language, Tamil, was foreign to me. But I knew he
was telling me the story of my life, past and future. I wondered how I got
roped into this and began to squirm.
It had taken strong persuasion from an old friend to get me to the small room.
Its not just Jyotish, its much more amazing, he coaxed. Indian astrology is
called Jyotish, and it goes back thousands of years. Visiting your family
astrologer is common practice everywhere in India, where people plan
weddings, births, and even routine business transactions around their
astrological charts (Indira Gandhi was a famous example of someone who
followed Jyotish), but modern times have led to a fading away of tradition. I
had chronically avoided any brushes with Jyotish, being a child of modern
India and later a working doctor in the West.
But my friend prevailed, and I had to admit that I was curious about what was
going to happen. The young priest, dressed in a wrapped skirt with bare chest
and hair shiny with coconut oilboth marks of a southernerdidnt draw up
my birth chart. Every chart he needed had already been drawn up hundreds of
years ago. In other words, someone sitting under a palm tree many
generations ago had taken a strip of bark, known as a Nadi, and inscribed my
life on it.
These Nadis are scattered all over India, and its pure chance to run across
one that applies to you. My friend had spent several years tracking down just
one for himself; the priest produced a whole sheaf for me, much to my friends
amazed delight. You have to come for the reading, he insisted.
Now the old man sitting across the table was interpreting in Hindi what the
priest was chanting. Because of overlapping birth times and the vagaries of
the calendar when we are speaking of centuries, Nadis can overlap, and the

first few sheets didnt apply to me. But by the third sheet or so, the young
priest with the sing-song voice was reading facts that were startlingly precise:
my birth date, my parents names, my own name and my wifes, the number of
children we have and where they live now, the day and hour of my fathers
recent death, his exact name, and my mothers.
At first there seemed to be a glitch: The Nadi gave the wrong first name for my
mother, calling her Suchinta, when in fact her name is Pushpa. This mistake
bothered me, so I took a break and went to a phone to ask her about it. My
mother told me, with great surprise, that in fact her birth name was Suchinta,
but since it rhymed with the word for sad in Hindi, an uncle suggested that it
be changed when she was three years old. I hung up the phone, wondering
what this whole experience meant, for the young priest had also read out that
a relative would intervene to change my mothers name. No one in our family
had ever mentioned this incident, so the young priest wasnt indulging in some
kind of mind-reading.
For the benefit of skeptics, the young priest had passed nearly his whole life in
a temple in South India and did not speak English or Hindi. Neither he nor the
old man knew who I was. Anyway, in this school of Jyotish, the astrologer
doesnt take down your birth time and cast a personal chart which he then
interprets. Instead, a person walks into a Nadi readers house, the reader
takes a thumbprint, and based on that, the matching charts are located
(always keeping in mind that the Nadis may be lost or scattered to the winds).
The astrologer reads out only what someone else has written down perhaps a
thousand years ago. Heres another twist to the mystery: Nadis dont have to
cover everyone who will ever live, only those individuals who will one day
show up at an astrologers door to ask for a reading!
In rapt fascination I sat through an hour of more arcane information about a
past life I had spent in a South Indian temple, and how my transgressions in
that lifetime led to painful problems in this one, and (after a moments
hesitation while the reader asked if I really wanted to know) the day of my
own death. The date falls reassuringly far in the future, although even more
reassuring was the Nadis promise that my wife and children would lead long
lives full of love and accomplishment.

I walked away from the old man and the young priest into the blinding hot
Delhi sunshine, almost dizzy from wondering how my life would change with
this new knowledge. It wasnt the details of the reading that mattered. I have
forgotten nearly all of them, and I rarely think of the incident except when my
eye falls on one of the polished bark sheets, now framed and kept in a place of
honor in our home. The young priest handed it to me with a shy smile before
we parted. The one fact that turned out to have a deep impact was the day of
my death. As soon as I heard it, I felt both a profound sense of peace and a
new sobriety that has been subtly changing my priorities ever since.

I was so struck with the accuracy and the amazing and life
changing implications of what the Delhi readers had told me that I
journeyed to South India
to go to the the Saraswati Mandir temple in Thanjavur and
visit the main temple of this tradition where most of the Nadi
leaves are still kept in an ancient library.
On the way, I also visited several other nadi readers in Tamil Nadu
to see if they also could find my leaf. None of them did.
I never made it to Thanjavur. On my way there, I first travelled to
South of India to the state of Tamil Nadu where
I stayed on the beach at Mamallapuram next to where the oldest
temple of all of South India is built.
While I was there, on the morning of
December 26, 2004, the Tsunami hit. It changed my 'plans' for the
time being.
(To see pictures and read about the Tsunami)

I still hope to find out more about this amazing Nadi tradition that
has so much to say, concerning how life works and the law of
Certainly, the Nadi readings are a slap in the face of free will . . .
How could I have used my free will if all of what they told me was
true (and it certainly seemed to be at least about this life)
and it was written down over a thousand years ago?
The Indian tradition believes 100% in fate or destiny born of
karma and 100% in free will.

(The tendency in India is to put more emphasis on fate. The

tendency in the West is to put more emphasis on free will)
Both of these are considered to be true principles of life. Together
they offer a stunning paradox.

If the Nadi readings are true, it seems that most of us do not use
our free will very much. I certainly had not.
How could my Mothers name and middle name be known and
written down a thousand years ago?
They could not of read my mind and then written it down on the
palm leaf
I was in the room the whole time.
I was allowed to take a picture of my leaf and had it
independently translated.

It had been written down, in ancient Tamil. They were not reading
my mind.
It seems that what and who we think we are, we are not.
It seems that almost all of what we think is free will, is not.
I was told that while the readings are considered to be very
accurate up to the present (parabdha karma)
As to the future, they are open to the effect of present actions and
which can be changed by the Nadi readings as well as any other
action (agama karma and kriyamani karma).
A conversation in which Parvati asks Shiva to tell her the fate of
her children,
which Lord Shiva then does
taking a long, long time to do so
and when you hear the story of your own life sung and read to
starting with the names of your own parents,
Norman and Marjorie,
that they are deceased,
that you have an older brother from your Fathers first wife
and that your partners name is Gilda
your mind is stunned with wonder
and you believe that perhaps you could be Parvatis child
and if you understood what is being said
or what is going on here

will no longer exist
and you
will pass through a bright doorway into the here and now
where you are sitting in a shabby room and there are children
playing outside
and you are hearing about your own life
written in a palm leaf book thousands of years ago
and stored in a Temple in South India

This 'book' is written on palm leaves with two strings holding

together the pages
It has been pulled down from the dusty, old, wondrous stacks of
that ancient library
and found for you
based only on your thumbprint
It is a book with a page written about
as you are right now, this moment, today
your history and how you came to be here
what you did in your past life
what you will do in your future life
and that somehow this book
or the writer of this book

knew that you would come to this library

to hear this text today
right now
it is your Nadi
or destiny
and the chandelier glows in the soup bowl
and turns blue and sparkles and brightens into a white brilliance
it seems that someone has a light
That someone knows you
where you have been
what you have done
and what will happen to you in the future
I was amazed already, but my mom said Oh, Ive been there! I
had my leaf read. Do you want to see?
What kind of a question is that? Of course I wanted to read what
the prophecy told her And why the hell she didnt tell me
The palm tree readers are called Nadi readers and they are the
only people who can interpret those ancient writings. When you
go to one of these centers, they start taking your fingerprint right thumb for men, left one for women and according to the
kind of fingerprint, they will search through a specific group of
leaves. There are 108 kinds of fingerprints, with different names
and features. The name of the fingerprint is on the leaf.

The reader will then sit in front of you, with all the suitable leaves.
Then he goes through them, asking you questions until he finds
your leaf.
My mother realized the Nadi reader found her leaf when she
heard the translator saying Your name is Carla, your fathers
name is Edoardo, your mothers name is Pasqua and your
husband name is Marco Yes, he was definitely talking about my
her. And these dont sound like common names in India.

The booklet with my mom's palm leaf transcription - ok, wrong

spelling but the name is right!
Are you curious to know what was written on my mothers leaf?
Well, I have the manuscript here, with the English translation too.
I wont say things too personal, but I can tell you that its a pretty
detailed description of my mothers life year by year.
Here are some random facts that made me believe in the

The reader knew that my mother had a son and a daughter

(me and my brother), that we were not married by then (my
brother got married afterwards), and that she wasnt living with
her husband anymore (right).

The reader knew that I was going to have an accident last

year and it was true. I never had an accident before but I broke
a vertebra last year.

The reader knew that my mother works in a financial

institution (she works in a bank).

The reader knew that my brother was going to have

problems with his wife (he got married in 2009, and is separated

The reader knew I graduated, and my brother didnt.

The reader knew I have some trouble getting married LOL

true! But its a choice.

The manuscript transcription of my mother's palm leaf

But there is something that makes me doubt: he said my brother
likes to travel and I dont! Did he swap us for a second?
Other than this, I cant tell. They wrote about the future too, and
we have to see what happens! There are good things about me so
it made me feel good. It says I help other people and that I will
succeed in my career without obstacles. That I will have problems
with my pregnancy. Well I actually dont want children so I dont
worry for now!
It says also personal things about deaths and diseases so Im not
writing about this here. Plus, its my moms leaf so I cant make
gossip about her! Theres of course much more about her life than
mine and my brothers, on the prophecy.
Oh and I forgot to say that my mother got her leaf read in Kerala.

Yes, i had mine read. So far, most of the predictions did come
true. There are a lot of skeptics and non-believers, including my
husband and in-laws who are from Tamil Nadu, but all i can
suggest is to go and experience this for yourself and youll
believe/not believe in it when things come true or dont come true.
I agree, there are a few things that are not clearly told, which i
think means, its a matter of free-will and choice.

I tell my husband that one does not have t believe in these

predictions, but if it is mentioned that youll succeed in something
for eg. a particular field in your career, give it a shot and pursue
it.. maybe there is a greater chance of you really succeeding in
that field instead of trying t figure it all out!
There are many nadi astrologers/ nadi readers.. but not all are
good. Be cautious about which one you go to. Some fake readers
can do more harm than good in predicting your destiny. I had
mine read in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in India.
Warm Regards,

I live in Chennai, India. I have ahd my leaves read. they are

amazingly true as to the
PAST, but are vague as regards the future.
2. Also, what you know about the past, is nothing spectacular. The
only AMAZING THING IS, probability wise, it is impossible to be so
accurate. Your exact date of birth , with the planetary positions
will be told to you.
3. I must warn that there are several quacks in this field too.
4. since I am in Chennai, and into tourism, if people want to have
their leaves read, I can arrange to help on that. My offer is free.
No charges. My email Id is

I recently visited a Nadi reader in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has made

some predictions about me. He took my thumb imprint then wrote
down my last name after asking me. Then got a bundle of Palm
leaves and asking questions to which I replied in yes or no. And
then ! Lo and behold he gets a leaf where he says my fares full
name, which is unusual, Mummas full name and my full name. We
have all very unusual names. He even gave my DOB time etc.
He called me on another day and made some predictions that he
has taped. Let us see how things unfold now. Has asked me to
follow some rituals.quite easy and doable.
I wish that I am not dubbed.but was super impressed when he
came out with all my personal details

I have experienced this in many actual cases: There was a women

who lived separately from her husband for ten years, but wasnt
divorced at the time of the first matching. We didnt find her Leaf
and had to book a second matching for a week later. A few hours
before the second matching she got divorced and when we found
her Palm Leaf it actually wrote that she is now legally divorced
and separated from her husband.
There was also a case with another women who started the
search of her Palm Leaf with us on a Friday and we booked her
Palm Leaf Matching appointment for the following Monday. In her
first matching we found her Palm Leaf and it wrote that she is in a
serious relationship with a man called Benjamin but she also
has a secret lover named Jason (of course the real names where
different ). She told us afterwards that the most surprising for
her was that she only met Jason Saturday night a day after
starting the search for her Leaf.

There are many interesting stories I could go on with, but the

point is you always find your Palm Leaf when its time for it to be
found, and 98-99% of the time thats when people start to search
for theirs.
The Manuscripts talks about our present period; what problems
were facing and why, how we can solve them in the most
effective way and what we can do to achieve a better life. It also
writes about our future; what we can expect and when, what we
can do to avoid problems and bad experiences.
My first Palm Leaf Reading was surprising and powerful, it helped
me in many ways and it still does.
It gave me a different aspect of my life and I understood why
things happened and what I can do to prevent negative effects in
my present and future.
The Palm Leafs true purpose is to give guidance and help to the
person it was written for and not to tell them everything about
their future. Though Indian Palm Leaf Manuscripts may be one of
the most accurate methods for predicting the future, the
Maharishis wrote them to provide guidance and not as life script
to tell us exactly when, what and how we will and should do.
The truth is that we write our future with the decisions we make
along the way and the effort we put into it. The prediction from
our Palm Leaf is a possibility of our future on a higher level with
every help we would need to achieve that. But we will still need to
put our own effort into our life and with the solutions and help we
get we can make the best of it.

There was this man who was in financial crisis and we read his
Leaf in March. His Leaf said that if he does the exercises he can
be relieved of a lot of blocking effects and his financial problems
will disappear in September. In the beginning of August, a person

showed up willing to buy his house. They even agreed on whether

the existing curtains remained with the house or not as part of the
sale. At the end of August, the buyer (lets call him Mr. B)
disappeared. The man (our orginial Mr. A, the seller) hadnt heard
a word from Mr. B so far. Then in September we got a call from Mr.
A saying that he wanted to accomplish his exercises and he asked
if we could provide him with help in them. Had he done them
sooner would he have been able to sell his house? The
opportunity came but there wasnt enough energy, there were
still too many blocks to do it.
I recently spoke with a friend of mine and he said his Leaf told him
a year ago that his mother will have small problems with her
pancreas. But not long ago his mother had surgery and her
pancreas were completely removed. He asked me how come that
it turned out to be such a serious case. I asked him right away if
he had done his karma-cleaning exercises, and he said that he
hadnt. The fantastic thing about these exercises is that if we do
them, they can have a beneficial effect not only on ourselves, but
on our loved ones, too

Meanwhile, we received news from India that Veras Palm Leaf

bundles were found and that she could now proceed to her
Matching. We were really anxious. The Reader found her Leaf in
the second bundle. Your fathers name is this ___. Correct. Your
mothers name is this ___. Correct. You have a twin sister. Correct.
Your birthday is this ___ and in ___ year. Correct. You are planning
to move abroad in the northwest (!) direction. Correct. And on it
went. Then: your partners name is Richard. Correct. I was
mentioned in her Palm Leaf written two thousand years ago and
we had only been a couple for just three weeks then and we had
kept our relationship secret! On her Palm Leaf it was also written

that I have a teachers degree; I used to work in the catering

industry; Im deeply involved in spirituality and my hobby is
martial arts. Wow! We were astonished. Now we just had to make
another appointment for Vera to have her actual Reading done.
We were even more anxious while we waited for the appointed
date and time of Veras Reading. Would her Leaf say that we were
staying as a couple? What if it didnt? I am not at liberty to share
openly all the details of Veras Leaf but I can confirm that she
received deep insights about her parents, her present situation (at
that time of her Reading) and useful guidelines regarding her
future. Vera felt that she could only have a wait and see attitude
regarding some things that were outlined in her Leaf and that
other things described were complete nonsense and impossible.
She was also told from her Palm Leaf that she would be getting
married in that very same year! We accepted this news laughing
hysterically as that particular piece of business was definitely
something we both considered complete and utter nonsense.

The first few Leaves were not a match but then one came with
this: You have a relationship. Yes. Currently, sometimes you live
with your partner and sometimes you live at your mothers place.
Yes. (That had only been that way for two weeks!) You dont have
a full-time job. Yes. (This was correct because it had just been
three weeks that I didnt have a full-time job!) You have a parttime job that is spiritual in nature. Yes. Your partners names is
Vera. Yes. Your fathers name is this ___. Yes. Your mothers name
is this ___. Yes. You have an older sister. Yes. She recently gave
birth to a boy. Yes. You finished some catering studies. Yes. And so
on and so on. And everything matched! We witnessed it with our
very own eyes. All the information came from the Leaf. My Leaf
was found at long last!

All of a sudden, the leader had a spontaneous idea to ask Vera to

put a garland around my neck and for me to put a garland around
hers. When we asked him why he asked us to do this, the leader
said that he didnt really know; that the idea just popped into his
head. So, my Leaf had been found but now we had to go away for
three days and then once we returned, a Reading could be done.

On the day of the Reading, the first sentence that was read from
my Palm Leaf was: You had to come to India to have your Palm
Leaf read in front of me, Agasthiya Maharishi. I looked up at the
wall and there smiling down at us was indeed his picture. What!?!
So this would be the reason why my Palm Lead wasnt found in
Hungary back in April?! This is why the man came into my
workplace and asked me if I could accompany him and guide him
in India! I was even paid to go to India and have my Palm Leaf
read in person! An enormous sense of gratitude, joy and serenity
overwhelmed me.
My Palm Leaf described the present period in my life (at that time)
and said that the last seven years of my life had been really
chaotic in terms of jobs, relationships, and spiritual groups. It
claimed that all of that happened for a reason -- namely, I would
become a teacher, healer and astrologer very soon. I would be
working with Palm Leaves and furthermore I could even learn to
read them if I wanted to do so! The last seven years were so
hectic so that I could gain experience from every part and aspect
of life.
I felt such a relief! Everything started to make sense and yet
another wave of gratitude enveloped me. My Leaf also said that
even though I was already in THE relationship, I wouldnt feel
convinced until the following month of May that Vera was in fact
my life partner due to some planetary and karmic effects.

What happened next blew our minds: As they are reading your
Palm Leaf, you are a married man... What?! We all sat there in
silence for a second. Have I gotten married? I looked at Vera and
she looked just as confused. What?! As they are reading your
Palm Leaf, you are a married man because when you put the
garlands around each others necks, I, Agasthiya Maharishi
pronounced you man and wife according to the Hindu tradition.
WHAT?!! After the initial shock I thought back to what had
transpired leading up to this moment.

For Vera: You started to work at this place to meet your future
husband. My own Palm Leaf also said this even before Vera and I
knew each other. A few months after becoming a couple we both
left our place of employment.
Vera: This year in 2011, youre going to get married. This was
said in Veras Palm Leaf Reading in April while in Hungary, and in
India, we got married according to Hindu tradition in September of
that year.
Vera: Soon you will move to a place in the northwest direction.
It happened a year later. Here we are in Canada now.
Vera: Youll have a health issue from this to that. This did
happen. The funny thing is that once she was healed from it, we
listened to the recording of her Palm Leaf Reading again and
discovered that this health issue was mentioned there.
Vera: Youll work as a healer and advisor. Vera thought that this
was nonsense at the time yet four months later she started
working as a healer and an advisor and shes done this ever

For Richie: Till May 2012 you wont be able to feel yourself
deeply in your relationship. We reunited on the 30th of April and
since then weve been together and got married according to
Western customs too.
Richie: You will be a teacher, healer, astrologer and youll work
with Palm Leaves. None of these things were true of me as I was
having my Reading done and yet a mere two months later, all
became a part of my life and have been ever since.
Richie: Before the age of 30, you wont have a child. This was
one more thing we thought was nonsense because we had
wanted a child right away. I am turning 30 next February and
because something has always come up, we have postponed
having a baby. So apparently, this is true.
Richie: After having your Reading, for two years your life will just
be so-so, then it will start on a full-scale. During those two years,
Vera and I broke up, reunited, moved to another country and got
settled in our life together. Around October of this year we finally
started to feel like we found home.
Richie: You will write an article about your experiences and
knowledge. Again, this was something that I couldnt imagine;
then suddenly I started to write and in two weeks I had written
one hundred and seventy pages. I plan on finishing this project
Richie: Two years after your Reading, your life will be improving
and accelerating. For a hundreddays you will be in the media and
you will be well-known. My Reading was on the 29th of
September 2012 and on the 30th of September this year,
someone asked me to do an online interview. Other requests have
followed. My Hungarian articles are read by thousands of people
and my English blog is becoming more and more well-known.

There are a lot of things that were said in our Leaves. In fact,
there is not one thing that they said that hasnt happened; even
the things Vera and I thought were impossible or fought against.
Our individual Palm Leaf also provided each of us with karma
cleaning remedies and rituals, and so far, weve done them all
without exception. The Reader of my Palm Leaf is a fantastic
individual with a deep knowledge and vast experience. Everything
has happened exactly the way we heard it was supposed to
happen. Vera and I have both had a life changing and wonderful
experience when we had our own Palm Leaf read. All the other
people weve assisted in finding theirs would also agree.

The priest said, "I'm going to ask you some questions, do not tell
us anything about your self, just answer YES or NO, this part is
identification and has to be 100% correct. Your mothers name is


"Your fathers name is John?"


"You are the eldest son but middle sibling?"


He then told me in every detail, my sister, my brother, how many

kids they had, I was married, divorced, my ex wife's name, my
step son, my daughter, my work, how many blood relations were
still living, the name of the woman I had fell in love with. Then he
stopped and said that I would have to wait a while, they would get
in touch with me after they had done a search in the library in the
south of India. They took no money, I returned home thinking,
that was amazing: "How did he know all my personal life, every


Well it was over 2 years later, before they got in touch again. I
received an email, WE HAVE YOUR LEAVES, awaiting your
instructions. It was November 2004. I purchased my ticket to
leave January 2005. Boxing Day 2004 the Tsunami hit, the east
coast of India was devastated.

I thought, "Well I wont be going to that part as the Naadi family

were near Mumbai, and I would stay in the west coast." I arrived
in January. We had to go through the same procedure, mother,
father etc., but then some more details. They told me that it was
written on the leaves how old I was to be, before they could be
read to me. That's why I had to wait over two years.

"You move from house to house, you have no home for yourself."

"YES, 20 moves in 7 years!"

"In the last 2 years since you were last here, you have lost some
belongings of great personal value."

"YES, my 30 year music collection, all my personal documents,

tax, insurance, pension, Education certificates, Years of photo's,
and lots more. "

The priest accepted the leaves belonged to me and would give

the full reading, 14 chapters all about my life. I had the choice,
abbreviated version or full version, every word in detail. It is
written if you are allowed to hear the reading.

"Full Monty for me," I said.

The next part was recorded. "This is the word of God," he said, "I
have to pray this out, my sister will translate as I am reading. The
leaves are written in the ancient Tamil."

He started reading and it was beautiful listening to him, chant

every detail of my life, written 2000 years ago. He highlighted the
problems in my life and why these were happening.

"It has to do with your last life. You have had 7 lives and this will
be your last. In your 6th life you were born in India." He told me
my name, where and when I was born, my mother's and fathers

names, how many brothers and sisters I had... Every detail of my

last life. I had caused considerable pain to others in this past life.
He then revealed I had managed to clear much of the Karma in
this life at the age of 33, with the help of MOTHER MARY.

Before the reading I wondered if this would be mentioned, as 20

years earlier in 1985, I had a divine experience with Mary in

I was not a catholic but had a life changing experience, when

Mary the mother of Jesus allowed me to see her arrive in the form
of a light, coming down from heaven on top of a mountain. When
this happened an aroma of what seemed to be a million fragrant
flowers overwhelmed me. As this scent came into my being I was
filled with overwhelming unconditional love.

It is difficult to express but ALL my negativity from my past was

lifted in one moment, a concrete weight lifted from me. I cried,
"Please God never let me lose this feeling that is inside me at this

I thought everyone there must have seen the light come down,
and that everyone could smell the scent that was so
overwhelming. But no, only me, the only non-catholic amongst
the 30 or so present during the apparition.

One of the visionaries came to me afterwards and told me that

Mary had come over to me, kissed my forehead and given me a
special blessing. There is more to tell at this point but later.

My eventual decision from this experience was to become a

voluntary celibate, fasting twice a week, which lasted for 10

"Ah! That is how you have managed to clear much of the Karma,
but you still have more to clear, and the leaves are giving you
instructions to carry out, to clear all negativity from your past. If
you decide to carry out the recommendations, then your future
destiny will be fulfilled, and your life will be as follows..."

The priest then proceeded to tell me a year by year account of my

destiny; the name of my soul mate to come, when my parents
would be no more, illnesses and accidents. He said: "You have
met many great people in your life, so far (I have!). And you will
meet many more."

All details up until the day I die, (Evening)

Everything he told me, was everything I ever dreamt of how I

would like my life to journey, especially spiritually. There were four
instructions. Two were to be carried out in temples. One with the
help of the priest, who was giving me the reading, and had to be
carried out on a full moon day. I was to take a garland of 108
flowers, 1008 one rupee coins in a copper pot and I was to be
clothed in red garments. The second had to be carried out by the

head priest, on my behalf in Tamil Nadu. The head priest would

carry out a NAVAGRAHA POOJA, which is a nine day ceremony,
involving the nine planets.

A yantra made of copper would be made for me and Blessed in

the Temple by the High Priest, then given to me after the Pooja
was complete. I was then to take the Yantra home, and carry out a
48 day Pooja in my home, then place the Yantra in the sea or
river. I was asked to do a pilgrimage to the holy mountain in the
town I was born in my last life. Finally I was asked to get a baby
fruit tree, and to plant it in a place I had never heard of, and say
this prayer when planting: "As this tree grows, so the negativity of
my past would be washed away."

i and my family had sent our thumb impressions to a nadi shastra

centre in new delhi in dec 2008, but my leaf has not been found
yet, nor any of my family members could get any call from them
yet. they have already given predictions to my brother which were
surprisingly so accurate that i left us wondering about this
awesome science, which is a treasure! our family is going through
many ups and downs and so we are too keen to get our
predictions done. what shall we do now? shall we send our thumb
impressions again or should we send it to any other nadi reader?
if so, plz do let me know the name and e mailid or phone number/
address of the reader.

many thanks
Anonymous said...

I actually received a nadi reading 7 years ago at agastya/kausaka

centre in vaiteshwaran coil (please excuse any typo`s as I havnt
got the details in front of me atm), ...all my details checked out!
That's 8 identifiers including parents names, dob, career, wife's
name, heath issues ect; I was amazed! The predictions seemed
far fetched: Enlightenment, major career success and so forth Lol
Iv since found that the events havnt happened at the times the
the `reader` proposed but that's the readers limitation not the
leaves themselves

I was curious to explore this intriguing form of Astrology. I cajoled

my dad and we chose Sivasamy Nadi Astrologers. (They specialize
in Agasthiya Nadi - Nadi written by Sage Agasthiya) - one of the
most famous guys in this regard.

Once we had settled down, the Nadi reader asked for my dad's
right thumb impression. This is the only thing the Nadi reader
needs to dig out the correct set of palm leaves. Once he had dad's
thumb impression, it took him just 10 minutes to find the Nadi
that corresponds to that fingerprint pattern. He told us that there
were 4 (I dont remember the exact number) types of fingerprints
and that each of these patterns had a corresponding Nadi.

He brought a set of bound palm leaves. Every person with the

same thumbprint pattern would have his details in this set of
bound palm leaves. He started asking dad some questions. The
only answers that dad was allowed to give were 'Yes' and 'No'. He
started eliminating leaves in the colection based on the responses
provided by dad.

The most significant item in each leaf was sounded out as a

question to dad. If he replied in the negative, that leaf would be
filtered out. Examples of the questions that the reader put
forward were :

1. You have n living brother(s), n living sister(s)

2. You were born in the month of xxx
3. You have x kids
4. You don't have a daughter

After many such questions, he got to one leaf where all the
questions were answered in the affirmative by Dad. He then told
us Dad's name, Grandpa's name, Grandma's name, Mom's name,
Dad's DoB with the exact time, etc. Every piece of information
that he gave us was perfectly correct. I was astounded. He then
showed us the palm leaf with the inscribed information. It was
written in ancient Tamil. He showed us the pertinent words (he
pointed out the names that he had sounded out correctly). I could
make out the words easily since it was similar to the modern-day
Tamil script. It was authenticy of the first order.He then asked us if
we wanted to get more details.

There are 9 Kandams. Each Kandam talks about one particular

part of the concerned person's life. For example, one Kaandam
talks about one's past life. One talks about one's life in his/her
next birth(janmam), etc. We decided to check this out. After an
hour, the reader ushered us in and started reading from a journal
that he had written for Dad. The journal had all the information in
a poetic form. He read from the journal and gave us the name,

place of birth, date of birth, profession, caste that dad would have
in his next birth. He gave us a lot of information. All this
information is taped in a cassette in addition to being written (in a
poetic form) in a journal. We get to keep the journal and the

After the wonder faded, I started to think about the implications of

this. If this were true, it means that every move that we make is a
part of a pre-fabricated plan by GOd's hand. Everything in our life
has already been planned.
As Shakespeare said ...
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players .

"It is a sort of advertisement, telling people that in the Bhrigu

Samhita they will find information relating to three incarnations:
past, present, and future."
A strange place to advertise, I thought - inside the house! But
apparently the Samhita requires no publicity. Already the room
was beginning to fill up with people anxious to secure readings for
themselves. They squatted quietly in hopeful expectation, like
patients in a doctor's parlor.
It would be digressing from our story here to enter into a serious
discussion of transmigration of souls. The point may be
conssidered, however, that if the Bhrigu Samhita is proved to be
genuine it will add considerable weight to the case for this

"Speaking of reincarnation," Raha Mrigendra remarked, "there

was a woman in here when I first came who was told by Bhrigu
that in her last life she lived in Patal-Desh, (ancient Sanskrit
writing meaning "the country on the under, or opposite, side of
the world" - the Americas)
in the town of 'Wash-ing-ton.' In Sanskrit characters this ancient
reading actually spelled out the sounds of the name!"
There were by my side a few loose pages of the Bhrigu Samhita. I
examined them. They seemed old, I thought - yet not so ancient
as I had expected.
"This is only a copy of the original," someone explained to me.
"The actual book written by Bhrigu is believed to be hidden
somewhere in Tibet."
The pandit finally entered the room, apologizing for having kept
us waiting. We stood up to greet him. He welcomed Raja
Mrigendra first, with a trace of deference in his manner for his
visitor's rank. Next he was introduced to me.
The pandit's face and bearing impressed me favorably. I was sorry
to find that he spoke no English. Others had to translate our
conversation, which took time and probably left many thoughts
uncommunicated. Nevertheless, we were able to converse
together with a fair degree of fluency."

"Taking the page, the pandit began to read. Raja Mrigendra

translated for me. This is what I heard:
"AUM. Sri Shukra (the son of Bhrigu) said: 'In the dark half of the
month of Margshirsh, on a Monday of the Amavasya, at eight
ghatis and thirty palls, (by our reckoning it was November 30,

1959, at about 10.30 a.m.) what is this combination of planets

called, and what is the reading of the person who asks a question
at this time? What was his last incarnation, and what thoughts
has he in his mind on this occasion?"
"Sri Bhrigu answered: 'O Shukra, this planetary combination is
known as "Guruka Yoga". According to it the person concerned
was born in his last life in the western part of Bharat (India), in a
town the name of which begins with the letter K. This city is now
ruled by the Yavans, (in ancient times this referred to Karachi, the
capital of Pakistan), and is the capital of their country.
"This jiva (individual soul) was born into the arrura branch of the
Kshatriya caste. His family was well-to-do. His name was Pujar
Das. He was an astik (one having faith in the Vedas) and a
religious person...
"After passing years (in that place), he and his wife went together
on a pilgrimage. Ultimately their travels took them to the desert,
where they visited the ashram (hermitage) of the sage Kapila .....
Here this person remained for many years".
The story took Pujar Das to the time of his death. I have given
only such excerpts as may perhaps be of interest to others,
particularly from the standpoint of glimpsing the style of which
the Bhrigu Samhita was written.
The account then continued: "In this life, after much traveling, he
has arrived in my presence, having been coaxed to come here by
one of my devotees, a member of a royal family".
I swallowed hard. This part, at least, applied: the extensive
travelling; the fact of my having come only after being coaxed;
Mrigendra's rank.
"This person's name," the pandit continued, "is Kriyananda".

Stunned, I took the card and passed it to several persons in the

room who had come in hope of finding readings for themselves,
and who said they were familiar with Sanskrit characters. They all
confirmed that it did in fact say Kriyananda. This name is, so far
as I know, unique.
The pandit took the page again and continued reading. The
account defined correctly the type of spiritual discipline I follow; it
mentioned that I had been lecturing in foreign countries; it gave
various facts of a personal nature, and made certain predictions.
At least as far as the known facts of this life went, the reading was
Bhrigu also answered specifically the questions I had put to him
As regards my supposed last incarnation, I have at least the
following facts to ponder: In this life I never glimpsed a desert
until I grew up. Yet the first desert I ever knew, at the age of
twenty-two, seemed strangely familiar to me; more than once I
mentioned to others that I felt more at home there than anywhere
else on earth. Why this sudden love for bare sand and
tumbleweed? I had been accustomed to rich greenery, flower
gardens, and mountain slopes. Again, the Hindu scriptures
exercised an immediate and unusual appeal for me the day when,
as a young man, I first read a few excerpts from them in a book
called The Short World Bible. My religious upbringing had been
orthodox: Episcopalian, mostly. I can think of no influence in this
life that would explain either of these spontaneous interests.
Doesn't Bhrigu's account offer an intriguing answer?
(It might be of interest here to add that I obtained another
reading a few months later, from another portion of the Bhrigu
Samhita. In this one a much earlier incarnation was described because, Bhrigu explained, he had already told me ("in my Yoga
Valli") about my last life. My place of birth in this life was correctly

given, though misspelled: Rumania was written, "Rumanake". The

reading stated that my father named me "James" - my actual first
name at baptism. The reading said that I have lived in America. It
gave my monastic name, Kriyananda. A fact was brought out
about my family that I myself did not know, but that I was able to
verify some months later after my return to America. This reading
made a number of unexpected predictions, several of which have
already since come true.)
Bhagat Ram's usual fee for finding a page and translating it is
Rupees 21, which comes to a little over four American dollars. In
my case he refused payment because I am a monk

This is in part one of the eight million stories that are stored in the
aksha records as given by the Saint Maharishi Brighu in his
treasure Brighu Nandi Nadi which has been translated for
thousands of years according to ancient Vedic tradition by
scholars in persuit of the true Vedic virtues.
For further reference you may contact Metatron concerning the
sale of books in English, Sanskrit and Swedish. Besides there is
also available from Metatron investigative journals conducted by
the San Fransico University of California. Especially by Professor
in the department of religious education and furthermore by
author Christopher David Lane ("Your life recorded in the world's
oldest astrological record").

If you have a serious interest in travelling to India and discover

your own records, arranges three week
tours to India every year since 1974, conducted by Anders B.

After a while Siva brought out a sword sized packet of palm leaves
holding in his both hands. It was unexpected to see palm leaves
of that length. (Later we also measured it, which came out to be
around 30 inches) I noticed that the leaf had three written
columns on it, differing to one written column in other palm
leaves. The rear side had a few lines scribbled starting from one
end to the other without any break whatsoever.
"Let us start searching, Swamy!" Siva exclaimed in his heavily
Tamil accent, indicating us to move to his reading room. At first,
around 10 to 15 leaves were discarded as there were not
matching with Rakeshs information. Gradually, a leaf was found
which contained almost all the details. Rakesh kept confirming the
details by answering every question in affirmative. Finally, we
knew that Rakeshs leaf had been found out.
We left Siva to copy the contents from the leaf in modern Tamil
script, as Naadi readers usually do. Sitting next to him, we started
conversation within ourselves. His writing was going on, and we
were also noticing it. While copying down the names from the
palm leaf to the notebook, Shiva promptly stopped writing the
notebook, turned to us and showed us how each of the names like
Rakesh (self), Surender (father), Chanchal (mother), and
Renu(wife) appear in the palm leaf written in ancient Tamil
script. Thereafter he continued writing, and we continued our
Suddenly at one place Siva stopped writing and turning towards
Rakesh he asked, "Swamy, there is a mention about your parents,
which I find vague. I am not able to understand. Can you please
through some light on this? Siva pointed out that in the palm
leaf, it is written The day (on which this Jaataka has come to
consult this leaf) is significantly special for his parents. Siva went

on telling that a figure 50 also appears on the leaf, connection of

which he was unable to understand. According to him, the nature
of the verses and language was that intricate.
Rakesh almost jumped to say, Yes! Actually today happens to be
the day of 50th marriage anniversary for my parents. We were
prepared to celebrate it in grand way at our hometown in
Rajasthan, but due to the unfortunate demise of my mother in
law, weve cancelled the celebrations and came down to Pune. My
parents should also be reaching Pune this afternoon by flight for
the last rites. But how do you know? Is it written there?
Siva could not hide his mischievous smile while nodding his head
and saying, Everything is written Swamy, everything is written!
The writing was over, the tape-recording was ready. While
handing over the notebook and the cassette, Siva carried the
original palm leaf in his hands and gifted it to Rakesh as a special
token from his Naadi Center. Too much dose for a day, Rakesh
could not believe that a leaf was awaiting for him so far from his
place, in Pune, and within two hours he shall have to compulsorily
salute the Naadi Maharishi imagining how could the Maharishis
know that Rakesh will go for his reading despite the sad event in
his close family?

A few days later we went to Shiva Shanmugam at Koregaon Park

gave our thumbprint and waited while they searched for our leaf.
There we met some very kind people; one of them was Mr. Oak,
who always helped and translates into English. Another one was
Paul from Czech who prepared a report about Naadi and palm
leafs and filming different places to bring the topic nearer to
people who are interested. They found my leaf quite quickly by
asking me a few questions. Telling me my date and time of birth, I

could verify the date but I didnt know the time. Then they said
my father and mothers name. My friend next to me said that leaf
is wrong while the Naadi read my mothers name. This was most
astonishing because the pronunciation of my mothers name was
exactly as I did it and I did it always in a wrong way compared to
other people. It was a long and astonishing reading. I cant verify
things said about my future. The readings had been taped and I
will hear it back in Germany.
Not everybody gets his palm leaf, sometimes they have to travel
to different places, and sometimes their leaf isnt there at all.

Comparison to Real Life

I was in fact 32 years old at
the time.

According to the palm leaves, you are to

receive this information at the age of 32 years, 6
months, and 13 days. Today you are 32 years old,
6 months, and 13 days. Correct?
Yeah, thats right. I said.
According to the past, when you were 20 I was actually 19 years and 10
years old there were many changes in your life.
months old when I first moved
You left your home and moved far away.
from Texas to California to go
to school.
You visited many places after that. You
Received a BA in Psychology
studied at the University, and you studied
from Chapman University in
literature and languages. You finished your
studies in 1989 with a degree in Psychology. Is
this true?
Oh, yeah. I was very surprised by his
From age 21 to 29 there was a
Patty and I were together for
partnership, and then you stopped that
about nine years during that
partnership. Is this true?
Yes I had a girlfriend for about nine
years during that time. I said to him.
Then in 1991 you received another
Kim and I met in 1991, and

partner. You are not living with her now, but you
are still friends. Is this correct?
Yes, that would be my good friend
Kim. I said.
Now in the year 1993 your ideas start
changing. You start working on the human mind.
You want to become a good writer, and start
doing research on the human mind and its
healing qualities. This research is not a
profession, its like a hobby. You are not making
money from this. You want to become a good
communicator and teacher. This is your new idea,
and this is the real purpose of this life. You will
be a good teacher and a healer. Okay?
Yeah, I would love to do that. I said.
You will visit many European countries
including Spain, and then to South America. You
will be a traveler in this life. He then paused for
a minute and changed the topic.
At this moment you are alone. You dont
have a partner. You have been alone since 1993.
You are searching for a good partner. You have
many friends, but you will find your spiritual
partner. Her birthday will be a month within your
birthday, from November to January. She is a
good communicator and a good organizer.
She sounds pretty good so far. I said.
In 1996 you will start to implement all of
your ideas mixed in with your teaching
knowledge. That part of your life will start then.
Before this date you had no serious profession.
This is when you are going to start. Is this true?
Yes, thats true.
You are not going to select a master or
spiritual teacher in this lifetime. You cannot
follow one master. You are going to meet many
masters in this lifetime. One master is not good
enough. You like to get knowledge from many
directions. You cannot follow Sai Baba or anyone
like that. You will collect much knowledge, but

we are still good friends.

In 1993, I started organizing

the Meditation Club at UCLA.

During the summer of 2000, I

went to Phowa ceremony with
Lama Ole in Karma Guen,
Malaga, Spain.
My wife's birthday is in May,
but we met on the last
weekend in October.

In 1996, I started writing my

book Powerful Mental
Development, which was
published in December of
So far, I have met many
different masters. Rama, Sai
Baba, the Dalai Lama, Jose
Silva, Marianne Williamson,
Lama Ole, Khenpo Choga
Rinpoche, and others.

you will not prefer any master. You will take

knowledge from them and move on. He paused
for a few seconds and then continued.
Your real master is not alive. He was a
non-dualism philosopher born in India. But in
this life you cannot see him. You can only see
him through his books.
What was his name? I asked.
His name ends with ananda. He was a
master of kriya yoga and ayurveda. You will
receive knowledge from this master. He has a
spiritual awakening waiting for you. Have you
heard about this master?
No, I dont know who he is. I replied.
You will recognize him soon. He said
with assurance.

The first spiritual name of my

teacher Rama was Atmananda.
Rama passed away in 1998,
but I can still see him
through his books.

In February 2002, SS called at a centre in Chennai, South India,

which he had not visited before; nor had he met its readers
before. He gave his right thumb print at 8 am, with his first name,
the shortened version Sidha, used by his friends. After about an
hour SS was called in for the reading. Several leaves were
unsuccessfully tried for his father's name. Another bundle of
leaves was then brought in. Midway through this bundle, the
reader asked, "Is your father's name Sambandan?" SS replied
`yes' as Sambandan is his father's surname which was not given
earlier to the reader. The reader then asked, "Is your mother's
name Saraswathy?" SS confirmed it, though he had not supplied it
earlier. He then asked, "Is your name Sidheswara?" SS again
agreed, although he had not given his full name earlier. "Is your
wife's name Sosapin?" (Figure), and on being told "yes" by SS, the
reader then said "This is your leaf". His wife's name too was not
supplied to the reader earlier. He then went out for about five

minutes to call in a scribe for audio-recording and the writing out

of the reading.

After searching for about 10 to 15 minutes among

the huge bundles of horo-scopes, the Astrologer
Maha Shiv Bhrigu Shastri came back and said that
he had found the right bundle. He returned with a
large bunch, wrapped in black silk, containing 300
to 400 horoscopes. At this point I almost gave up,
as I felt this was a hopeless task.
The Astrologer, however, was optimistic and
suddenly he presented the correct horoscope that
was an exact copy of my birthchart! It was written
on a very old sheet of paper, and the ink had
turned brown from age. I think it was at least 100
years old. It was the correct Ascendant, and all the
planets were placed exactly as when I was born.
Professor Drakton and Tenzin studied the
horoscope closely. The Astrologer's son also looked
at it. Everyone agreed: This was a perfect match.
I am aware of the fact that there must be millions
of different birth charts. So from a scientific point
of view this is completely crazy. But it is exactly the
way it happened!
The predictions were written in some sort of code,
and it was read out like this:

"Om - Sri Shukra asked: If a man is born in the

Margasira month with this Graha-dristi (planetary
aspects), what will be the name of the yoga, and
what will be the results? Bhrigu answered: Hey
Shukra, at that time there will be Karma-Bandhamyoga, and listen to me about the results: The man
is born in Varn-mahadweep (Europe?) in a city
beginning with K. (I was born in Copenhagen, which
begins with the sound of "K"). He will come at the
age of 35 to hear my predictions between the
rivers Satluj and Vays in a city called Chachadpuri
He has come for his family happiness, his longevity
and for some special work, he has to do due to a
deep feeling in his heart.
His name will be Finn Wandahl (I still think he
said Pinn Wandahl). His father's name will be from
Kai-namsa" (my fathers name is actually Kai).
Then the reading listed a number of good years,
and a number of bad years; my longevity was fixed
with an accuracy of a few hours. Additionally, it
gave some predictions about the future, which
would be too extensive to mention here. But the
reading continued:
"Hey Shukra, because of bad karmas from the
previous life some bad results have been seen.
Since three years ago his wife is no longer with
him, and the feeling in his heart became bad. He

got obstructions and difficulties, and his family

happiness was spoiled" (This is true, as my wife left
me and took my daughter with her).
This was then followed up by a long story about my
previous life, in which I obviously got a curse,
which was supposed to destroy my family
happiness in this life and the coming two
incarnations as well.
Spiritual blackmail
The reading then continued by stating that the
curse of the past could be canceled through a
religious ritual, performed by Maha Shiv Bhrigu
Shastri, for which I was supposed to pay him Rs.
51.000,-, equivalent to US Dollars 3.600,-.
Being an educated man I told him that under such
conditions I would prefer the three bad lives, but of
course I gave him his Rs. 301,- for the job he had

My experience with the ancient science of Nadi Astrology

My name is Ryan Irving and I am an aspiring entrepreneur, lover
of life, and a pursuer of the highest knowledge. In my short time
on this planet, 27 years, I have lived an experience rich life. Upon
graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps
Infantry. Two combat tours later, I was lucky to still be alive. After
a seven month stint in Afghanistan I redeployed to Iraq shortly

thereafter. While on a routine patrol I was severely wounded by a

roadside bomb. I almost lost my leg and am lucky to be here.
Whats the point? After my five years serving, I returned home
with an entirely new perspective. Seeing how less fortunate
people in the world lived with my own eyes, gruesome images of
war firsthand, and coming close to never making it home, I
began to ask, what the hell I am doing here? Is this the best I can
do? It drove me to question life, and strive to seek a better way of
living. Once I started asking these questions, I began a quest to
figure out the purpose of life. This is how I fell into spirituality.
What is spirituality? To me it is the recognition that we are
actually spirit and more than this flesh and blood body. Upon
going through this reality check, I began to walk a different path. I
finally felt like for the first time there was a purpose to life.
I continued to seek out as much information as I could about what
exactly that purpose was. This thirst for clarity led me, as it has
led you, to learning about Nadi Astrology. Nadi Astrology is an
ancient technology based on the translation of thousands of
years old palm leaves. I learned that through this reading, I would
have access to information from not only the present, but my past
and future as well. Impossible you say? Whether true or not, I
HAD to find out for myself. Admittedly, I was slightly skeptical, but
after the first five minutes of the reading I knew I had found what
I was looking for. I watched a gentleman right in front of me via
Skype, start rattling off fact after fact off of this ancient leaf! I was
blown away by the accuracy. Hand on heart, here is a brief list the
nadi leaf nailed within the first few minutes:
I was firstborn
I had one unmarried younger sister
I worked for a private company in sports related field
I was currently in college

My mother was working for a financial institution

My dad would be working for a company that deals with
Had been in the military, was retired, suffered a significant injury
to my lower leg, and was receiving government money
Wow! I was in awe. I felt like I had just found my own personal
holy grail; here are the coinciding facts upon the time of the
I am the oldest one of one other sibling, the youngest being my
one younger, unmarried sister.
I work for a private fitness company as a personal trainer
I am pursuing my college degree in business
My mother is a VP at a credit union
My dad works for a printing company that employs large printing
presses to produce their goods
I was in the military as I have already stated, was exposed to an
explosion that almost tore off my lower right leg, and am
receiving disability pay from the government

And that was just the beginning! I was practically drooling to hear
more and I could not stop smiling! Whatever skepticism I had
prior to the reading was completely irrelevant at this point. Not
only was the reading spot on, I knew deep down with my own
intuition that it was the real deal.
It has helped me to connect the dots within my own life, and has
given me access to the big picture. I was able to look at my life
from a different perspective and see not only why I am living the
way I am, but how I can live better. The reading identified the

blocks in my life, their cause, and offered remedies to clear them.

After having the reading and remedies done, I feel like a new
person. The most noticeable consequence thus far has been my
new found consistent positive outlook. The clarity that this
ancient technology has given me has given me the reassurance
that I am on the right path, and I am now in control of how I want
to walk it. I have felt a lot lighter emotionally and not as easily
swayed by negativity, particularly my own negative thoughts and
emotions, whereas in the past I was very susceptible to get
bogged down and dwell on it. Now that I have the big picture and
realize what I am here to do, I find it much easier to remain
detached from all things that do not resonate with the way I want
to live. Another bonus is my relationships have improved across
the board. It is easier to enjoy yourself and others when your
outlook on life is an unwavering positive one!
It is my sincere hope that by creating this website more people
become aware of the EXTRAORDINARY benefits this technology
offers. My goal is to provide an informative space where people
can learn about what nadi technology is all about and how it fits
in to their lives. It has had, and is having, a tremendous impact on
my life, and I can tell you without batting an eye, it will do the
same for yours. So thank you for visiting and may this this site
provide you with the profound clarity myself and many others
have experienced. May it be a stepping stone on your path to
living the divine life you were meant to live.

With all my Love,

Ryan Irving

Jyoti, India
"My Nadi predicted the early demise of my mother... around the age 67. She was
suffering from a terminal kidney disease. I did the prescribed remedies and the disease
has now gone into remission.
She since came to India for a Nadi Reading and Remedy Trip herself. Miraculously her
new Nadi Reading predicted that her life had been extended to over 77+ years."

Eddie, Toronto, Canada

"My life consisted of a string of failed relationships. Even though I read many "self help"
books, listened to tapes, went on courses, retreats and meditated almost daily, I felt I
could never achieve a harmonious romantic relationship with a "significant other". The
main reason was infidelity. I simply had difficulty being faithful to one person.
I even took the opportunity to travel to India on one of the "Nadi" trips. This trip (I
believe) was the most instrumental in helping dissolve so much of the negative karma in
my life. Things began to change for the better. I began to attract better situations to
myself. My finances improved, my career became more enjoyable and yes, I met the
person of my dreams.
Not that he was so different from others. I WAS different. I was no longer feeling that
desire to "look over my shoulder". I felt totally satisfied and complete with my new
partner. I am literally living my "miracle" by having NO desire to cheat. For the first time
in my life, I feel what so many around me did. I feel peace, satisfaction and intimacy."

Muruga Jothii, Malaysia, August 2014

I and my entire family would like to thank the whole Nadi team who provided us super
good services to perform the in-person Nadi Remedy. My special thanks to Ms. Thilagah
for arranging the whole trip. I would also like to thank Mr. Palani who provided a lot of
information on temple remedies.
I would like to thank Mr. Murugan (our driver during the trip) for managing the whole trip
so well. It was nice to see him stop the van for a snake to cross the road. My heartfelt
thanks to the whole Nadi team and Mr. Chandru.

Mridula Singh, Bhopal

We recently happened to visit the temple for performing the in-person remedies as
suggested by the Nadi team. We are happy the way the entire trip was managed. It was
really nice. All the arrangements including the driver, the guide and the resort arranged
for us were superb.
The driver and Mr. Chandru were of great help to us since they could speak English and
Hindi as well. The driver was nice and polite and spoke good English. It was a
memorable trip for us and we look forward to going on more such trips.

Prathiba Devi, Singapore, February 2014

Thank you for organizing my in-person remedy trip. The trip was indeed well organized.
I am very happy with this trip and feel fulfilled with my prayers. Just as you had
promised, we had good hotels to rest, a comfortable vehicle for travel and a
knowledgeable guide.
The guide Mr. Chandru was very not only knowledgeable, but also very kind and polite.
He was very active throughout the trip. He planned well ahead and once we reached
each temple, he guided us with the prayers without any delay. He took very good care
of us. He was also very concerned about our safety.
As an ambassador for AstroVed, he did good justice in upholding the name of the
organization. It was a good experience for us. The prayers went on very smoothly. I am
hoping to have positive changes in my life soon. I have recommended AstroVed to my

Jan Kruger
I had a special feeling about the high quality and professional way the Nadi reader and
the interpreter went about their presentation. I felt good to meet such people.

Selvam Krishan, Malaysia

We have successfully completed our remedies with the guidance of your assigned tour
guide Mr. Paneer Selvam and driver Mr. Umapathy. We are very happy with the service

provided by both of them and I sincerely believe that Mr. Paneer Selvam is a person
with lot of knowledge on Hindu temples.
He gave us good information on the temples and took good care of us. We appreciate
AstroVed's effort and commitment to provide quality service for remedy seekers like us.

Anirudh, Germany, January 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the well organized
tour you planned for me and your flexibility in considering all my needs. Due to your
detailed planning regarding timings for different poojas and temple visits the entire tour
was very pleasant enabling me to concentrate solely on the pooja and darshan.
For instance, at the Rahu Ketu temple, I did not have to wait for the muhurat for
performing the pooja. The visit to the Devi temple was planned on a Friday, which was
great! My guide, Mr. Chandru had very good knowledge of temple procedures and was
very helpful in communicating with the priests and advising me.
The driver was also very helpful. I'd also like to thank the Nadi reader and the translator
you chose for me for their very good guidance and excellent counselling. I liked the
accommodation you chose for me. Your guest house and the hotel were good for the
price at which they were offered.
I'm very happy to have contacted you for organizing this trip. I'm very pleasantly
surprised and thankful for your help in the temple poojas which otherwise would be
extremely difficult to carry out in such a smooth and stress-free way.

Debasis Sengupta, Kolkata, October 2013

I have completed my Nadi remedies today as per Chapter 13, i.e., visit to temples as
suggested. It was an excellent darshan and I am very happy the way the whole program
was conducted by your team. I am happy the way Mr. Dinesh took care of me during the
entire journey.
I would like to complement and extend my gratitude to all of you for conducting such a
nice program. Every minute of my journey was enjoyable. I could feel my closeness to
the Gods and Goddesses and everywhere it was my fortune to have done the archana
as per the directions given in my Nadi.

Srinidhi Gadadharan
Thank you for helping me find my Nadi and giving me the reading. Ever since I heard
the divine poems on my life from you, it has made my beliefs stronger. I am confident of
achieving my life's goal, overcoming all obstacles and realizing my true purpose.
I am crystal clear on what I want to do now. I admire you for the positive reading and the
way you conducted the entire session.
I have learnt many things profound and divine through this reading. With the divine
message and blessings, I can feel the confidence on how I can achieve those outcomes
and make a difference to myself and others!
You have helped me find my strength and inner peace. I deeply appreciate your
patience and the professionalism in answering each of my questions and bringing more
insights to me. I encourage every person to take this up so that the whole world will be a
better place to live. These are not just leaves, but the innate sanctum to an individuals
The Bhakti toward divine which we demonstrate, cannot work without understanding our
karma (our actions both within & outside) and without knowing our karma, we cannot
generate Bhakti in this age. Both require devotion & dedication.
I thank the entire AstroVed team wholeheartedly for all the singular affection that you
have offered. May God bless you and give you the strength and energy to help more
and more people.

Maheswaran, Malaysia
I just want to express my sincere gratitude to Astroved to make my 8-day trip very
successful and fabulous. Our guide, Mr. Chandru is really professional at his work. His
work is really outstanding and very impressive.
I never thought that I and my family will have such a wonderful trip to India and do all
the rituals.

I am planning to come again to India to visit the temples and perform other rituals by the
end of this year. Hope to get Mr. Chandru as our guide again. I would like to thank our
driver Mr. Ram as well.
Thank you very much for the fabulous trip.

Alexander Kenneth Joseph Faure, Dubai, Nov

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team to make it possible for me to do
my remedies. I do not have words to describe the temples. I think the temples are
Special thanks to Mr. Chandru and Nithya for the long drives, they were both excellent.
One big surprise that I will treasure was when I found out that the guest house that I
stayed in is Dr. Pillais home. I was welcomed by the lady (sorry I have forgotten her
name) and she made me comfortable. We did a pooja (for Karuppasamy) together and
she allowed me to say a prayer in Dr. Pillais pooja room. It was amazing. My next wish
is to meet the Guru himself.
Please pass on my Thanks and e-mail address to the lady.
My second day stared with an early Homa organized by Mr. Chandru, which was very
special because I got to pray for the family after our loss.
With Gods blessings from this trip I am certain that my life will change for the better and
I will bring my family to pray and visit the temples.
Once again I would like to thank AstroVed for all the support. Special thanks to
Hariharan for accommodating all the date changes.

Rahniee, Singapore, Feb 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your kind hospitality
during my visit.

Chris, Canada

"...In my Nadi Reading I was told about "some activities that I was carrying on of which
no one suspected and that I was very adept at making secretive plans." No one knew of
my activities so I was surprised if not suspicious of how the Reader knew. I had gone to
great lengths to ensure that absolutely nobody knew what I was undertaking. It was
essential to my well-being that it be kept secret. It was all very shocking to me that
something written thousands of years ago predicted my current situation..."

Linda, Chicago, IL, USA

"I received my Nadi Reading transcript just before leaving for India to do the Remedies
in person. In one of my past lives, I had been born into a wealthy Brahmin community
and lived an opulent life. But, in spite of this, I did many bad things making obstacles in
the marriages of many girls, confiscating property of relatives, not looking after parents,
and doing immoral acts within the temple. I was sad to learn of this life I had led and
very sorry for it.
One of my Remedies was to walk around a very special vortex. That night, I woke up
having a vision of a person in whose body I was. She (I) was jumping down off a bench
and I expected to land on two legs at a certain distance from the floor, but I landed on
two short little chubby legs, much the size of a toddler.
Then, as I looked downward from a normal height I saw her head, and it was large and
ugly and she had a big reddish nose. I saw what was myself in this body of a dwarf with
a heavy and bony skull. I felt her sadness and her shame. I felt compassion for her and
for myself having lived in her suffering little body. I could only forgive and pity her. I
remembered reading about how before she died she had sincerely repented of her sins.
I will not forget that vision of her. Her name, my name, was Shyamala."

S.T., Toronto, Canada

"I had HIV and Hepatitis C for over 10 years. A year ago I was literally dying. I had been
given medications 8 years ago that had a very serious and almost lethal side effect. I
had an itchy red rash, blisters covered my skin, my body was burning hot, I couldnt eat
or sleep and was severely nauseas. I felt the life force drain right out of me. I had no
option but to stop the medications or die.

The second combinations I tried worked for a few years and after that I started
developing side effects again. I developed about 50 different allergies to foods. I
decided to stop the medications. I lived off medications for two years. I needed a
miracle to live.
I set off to India and got my Nadi leaf read and completed the prescribed remedies
hoping for a miracle. Well since being back here in Toronto, Ive experienced a few. I am
alive and the HIV virus is undetectable in my body and my immune system is
functioning healthily again. I have been healed.
I cant quite describe what it feels like to be able to eat a wide variety of foods again, to
actually feel alive again. I AM alive! "

P.B., Melbourne, Australia

"I had my Nadi read a few years ago. In the identification process things were revealed
about me that the reader couldnt possibly have known. Not many in my immediate
circle even knew them. That was surprising but I was still a bit sceptical. That is until it
came to doing my remedies. I went on a remedy trip in India even before my leaf was
fully translated (they translated the remedy chapters for me first). The process was so
different then as translating was much slower.
I marvelled at the architecture of these great temple structures from the outside, and
looked around at the vendors hawking their religious wares, the Holy Men with their
begging bowls and the numerous street cows, goats and dogs, but it was very much an
observers experience. As soon as I stepped inside of the first temple on my list I was
humbled and my mind changed immediately: "In the wink of an eye!" I felt embraced by
the energy and sobbed uncontrollably. I had no memories and no flashes of recognition
or anything but I felt as a deep healing had occurred. Ive been different in my outlook of
life since then.
When I got back to normal life at home, I could not go back to the old way of being
even if I had wanted to. The change was that profound. I saw people differently and I
didnt feel like I was in a prickly suit all the time as I had before. My boyfriend and I were
able to call it quits after many years of a painful, co-dependent relationship. It was easy
parting for both of us and we are friends to this day.

I received my Nadi translation in my inbox some weeks later. It revealed a story from a
past life where I had a curse put on me to never be able to be loved.
This was just one thing revealed to me and one past energy signature that was healed.
Im able to live a new life such as I hadnt thought of before that not one of the many self
help books I had searched through and hours of painful analysis could lead me to. "

Joy Leo (Savitri Vidya), Hong Kong

This is my second Nadi reading; the first one occurred 3 years ago. Even during the leaf
id process over the phone, the Nadi came alive! After revealing my birth names and bio
data correctly, It went on to disclose--very succinctly--two spiritual names given to me
by Dr. Pillai about 2 years ago. "Vidya," and then "Savitri." I couldnt believe my ears!
The leaf pointed out I was very blessed to be given these names by the living avatar of
Lord Shiva. Three years ago when I had my 1st Nadi reading, I didnt have those
names. The Nadi also said that because of remedies done, my 2nd reading reflected an
improved and better destiny. Indeed, it feels like a New Destiny.

Lorelei B.
"The Nadi Reading gave my dad's name, my mom's name and all my details like my
birth time and my birth month all of that. It was right there on the leaf. It was an
interesting experience that this was all revealed in the reading but I didnt understand
the true importance of Nadi until I went to India and did the remedies at the temples.
The magic is in the remedies.
I've been lucky enough to go into Indian Temples before but it was different this time.
The energy impacted me at a much deeper level. I resonated with the energy there.
These places really seemed to be mine or just what I needed. It was familiar and I felt
embraced by it and it felt like my soul was being fed what it needed.
It was not really until, after the trip, after all these temples, when I got back to my normal
life, that I started to feel the effects; the changes that were made, the transformation
that were made by just being in these temples.
My understanding is that, if you have the remedies done by proxy, it works just the
same because your energy of your name and your birth star are given to the priests.

The sound vibrations are like a tracking device for the Divine to hone in to you. Being
able to come to India, having the opportunity to step into these vortexes, is a rare and
invaluable gift. They are really new prescriptions to change your own vibrations; to
change your destiny.
It may or may not be immediately noticeable; the changes that it makes in you. But
when I got home, to my normal life, things started to change. Some were fast changes
and some were slower. The most immediate change was that a relationship that I was
in, an unhappy one, immediately just dissolved and it dissolved very amicably.
And maybe 2 or 2 months and I had a different job. It seems like I was losing at first
because my other job started to peter off but then I began another new job with more
money and more time and I was enjoying it more. There were so many changes. It
doesnt seem like its possible but it is possible. Thats a life changing experience and it
has re established the truth. I heard Nadi was "life changing", or "destiny changing". I
really understand that statement now. Its just so true and is one of the ultimate truths
that it changed me very deeply."

Kamala V.
"I was called to have my Nadi reading in 2011. The Nadi Reading shifted the way I
perceived my life and life in general. The information that was revealed in the reading
provided so much insight on the present circumstances and its relation to what I did in
another life-time. It was very enriching and accurate and it opened up a new perspective
about the meaning of karma, which was not a very real concept to me coming from a
different culture. For instance, the reading showed me that in many areas such as
family, career and financial situation, I was not a victim of the circumstances as I used to
believe, quite the contrary, it showed me that I was experiencing what I did to others in
the past. When the Nadi remedies were done I experienced relief. Astroved has always
provided outstanding and timely customer support during all these years since I first
found them in 2009."

Maggie, Chennai, India

"I got my first Nadi done in 2001, when I was 32 years. It was stated in my Nadi that at
my age of 34, I would lose my father as there would be a threat to his longevity. It is

very important that I perform the remedies. I took this very lightly as at the time when I
did my Nadi my father was healthy. But the next year that is in 2002, all of a sudden, my
father fell very sick and he lost his senses. With great difficulty he recovered. Even at
that time I did not realize that I will have to do the remedies. In 2003 he passed away
and I lost him.
Again in 2004 I did another Nadi. In that Nadi, it revealed that at my age of 37 I would
suffer from problems in my abdomen and it can become very critical. So if I perform the
remedies, the intensity of my sufferings could be reduced. I did not have any critical
issues but had some problems here and there. But still I did the remedies. It so
happened that towards the end of my age of 37, all of a sudden I had developed an
unexpected issue and I had to undergo the Hysterectomy. Though it was a painful
process, my recovery was very quick than expected. Then I realized the power of the
These are the major incidents that made me to really Understand the significance of
Nadi. Of course all the things have been happening in my life as they have been
predicted in my Nadi. My Husband also had his Nadi done in 1999. He did all his
remedies. It said that during his age of 41 he would purchase a house. We did not take
this seriously as we were in a position where we could just dream of a house and not
own it. But then in 2010 to our surprise things went in our favor, we had a good agent
who helped and we purchased a house when my husband was on the verge of
completing his 41 years."

Anne Lawrence
I have had 8 Nadi readings over the last 12 years. 7 years ago I had an Astroved
astrologer review my Nadi with me and interpret the planets behind the predictions. So
much insight was revealed that I myself had missed from reading my Nadi. During the
future negative times that the Nadi predicted, I was able to gain a much better
understanding and hope on handling the difficulties. It was one of the most insightful
Nadi experiences I have had and many of the predictions have since come true....

Rani, Ohio, USA

"My first Nadi Reading was about nine months after the sudden death of my husband.

We had a beautiful loving relationship, totally living for each other, a closeness that is
rare to find. He lived from his heart with his hand out to help anyone who needed, any
time! He did have one little lady in his life that he placed above everything, our
granddaughter Jenny, whom he rocked to sleep almost every night of her life (she would
not go home) and when she did, he would go get her! He was only 55 when he went to
sleep and did not wake up, he was buried on Jennys 4th birthday.
I was filled with heart sorrow, I felt a emptiness that a room full of people could not fill, I
found nothing I could do that would ease the pain and sorrow. Our home was a constant
reminder that half my life was missing. I was very depressed, I lacked motivation, I had
no peace! I had all the love in my heart for him and no way to express it. I was stuck in a
place and space of just trying to survive day to day. I was so stuck that I could not move
anything he had placed in a spot.
Then, a miracle happened, I was guided to my Nadi Leaf!
When I sat down with the Nadi Reader, I had a strong desire to get the answers I
needed to move on with life! When my Leaf was found, I felt good because it gave me
so much personal information that I had no doubts. I was given in depth information in
the first chapter but my husband was not mentioned, I wasnt exactly sure why, but
another chapter I was given information about him and his death, including a past life
marriage, where I died first. My Nadi Reading told me about my past lives, my name in
that life, where I was born, my parents names, how I lived. The Nadi covered negative
and positive aspects of past lives and the remedies needed.
I was so grateful to have my remedies completed as soon as possible because I
understood the importance of this act! I could totally relate my past lives information to
everything I had suffered in this lifetime, I had a heart felt desire to make amends for my
past! There was an added bonus of visiting the beautiful temples and experiencing the
loving and positive energies within them, I felt a deep connection!
Once my Remedies were completed, everything changed for me. I found myself
involved in life again, I was not experiencing the deep depression anymore and I
actually found joy in my life. While I have always been spiritual, I felt my connection to
God and that alone sent me on a whole new adventure in life. I have a clearer
understanding of life, death and the in between. I am not living in the past, I sold our

house and everything we owned, no longer emotionally feeling stuck! My personal

experience with my Nadi Leaf Reading gave me an inner freedom and peace Ive never
felt before, totally transformed my life, my Soul! I am forever grateful!"

Jean, U.K.
My Nadi Reading was a completely transformative and magical experience.
To understand the experiences of this lifetime and past lives gave me the confirmation
that a new destiny was possible and within my grasp. The Nadi gave me an inner
knowing that everything will be OK. A very simple statement which has remained my
Through the blessings of the Nadi reading and remedies, I am a completely different
person now. The information of a whole new life was revealed to me which has unfolded
exactly. To know there is no need to fear the future is a complete revelation and has
enabled me to keep a sense of inner peace, whilst living in this crazy outer world.

V. Wells, Los Angeles, CA

Recently I purchased a new white Prius (a beautiful hybrid car) and drove a scenic route
through the hills to the seaside town of Malibu and said hello to the Pacific Ocean. It
was a magical moment, to be in Malibu, in a new car and reflecting ""How did this
Over the years Dr. Pillai has suggested to me a few times to get a Nadi reading, and a
few times a Nadi leaf has predicted (among other things) that I would own a luxurious
car. While people buy cars everyday, as I said to the finance director at the dealership,
"This is a big deal for me." He paused gently and said, "Thank you for reminding us of
that; we do this everyday and need to remember it is special for people."
I do not honestly understand "how" a saint in India in the long ago past would "see" that
I would buy a luxurious car and record that on palm leaves known as Nadis. I do know it
was not an idea in my consciousness before the Nadi readings. I do know the remedies
suggested by the Nadis put my feet onto a great change in destiny, and this has
empowered several of the positive Nadi predictions to come true.

I physically and psychically feel better in the new car, more shielded from vibrations of
other people, especially during traffic.
I encourage anyone feeling attracted to Nadis to check them out, and I can sincerely
recommend doing Nadis through AstroVed as I have experienced both their Nadi
services and their remedy services to be done in a customer-friendly, authentic and
supportive way.

Guldal Caba PhD NMD NAC

"I am compelled to write about my wonderful experience with my Nadi reading. Prior to
discovering the wonderful Nadi opportunity I led a spiritual life as educator, therapist,
and spiritual consultant. I trusted in the Divine for guidance and knew that karma could
and did block desires and goals of this lifetime. As I did my own spiritual work, and
helping others with theirs; healing karma and finding the quiet to listen to inner wisdom,
etc. I noticed there was a continual pattern of disharmony that no matter what I did, it
would show up in some form or another to block my growth, block my ability to reach my
goals past what had already occurred.
After a few years of this dance, I was weary and of course challenged in my faith and
trust. The Nadi found me. I cannot describe the relief in the validation of my experience,
the knowing that all that had occurred was written centuries before I was born and in the
words of Japanese Buddhists "It Couldn't be Helped."
Also, the discovery of all that was good and powerful and what could and and did await
me. I was strengthened in my belief and in my understanding of the greater whole. The
remedies have opened up my karma and I can see and live the differences in my
experience. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and the learning and the changes...
I recommend anyone who is curious about self and life, who is struggling and looking for
answers. Look here and be amazed at the Grace that could be yours.

Anthony F., Canada

"When the nadi reader entered the room with the leaves I felt this strong energy come
into the room, it picked me up and pushed me back, I knew he had my leaf in the bundle
he carried. After doing the remedies outlined in the Nadi leaf I felt a heaviness leave me.

At the same time a welt developed on my neck, this signified to me that large amount of
karma had been lifted. I would highly recommend finding your Nadi leaf."

Colleen.W., San Diego, CA, USA

"My reaction to the information provided by my first Nadi leaf was amazement at some
of the personal things Nadi was validating for me at very deep levels. The leaf made a
prediction that I would take an immediate trip when certain planets changed signs which
I scoffed at as I had no trip planned, and yet, I did end up traveling across the country
during that time. The remedies were first done by proxy and later I traveled to India and
did them in person. I know these remedies gave me a new future as my path has
opened in amazing ways it was not set on before the Nadi. I have a very blessed life,
and I am grateful to have experienced the profound power of Nadi. If you feel called to
Nadi, be sincere and bring your very best etiquette to the experience as these are
deeply divine interactions."

Prateek Srivastava, Delhi, India

"I got my nadi reading done by Astroved in Delhi.I was astonished when the nadi reader
precisely told about my birth place, time , names of my family members, past birth
etc.Nadi revealed lot about my future which has helped me get more clarity in my life.In
the shanti chapter nadi revealed certain temple vortexes to clear off past sins.
Fortunately I was able to perform my nadi remedies, right after that I felt the bliss of
being karma free, life has been happening since then...."

George L.E., Singapore

"Right now, I am in my late 20's and am an American with a successful business based
on online marketing. My first Nadi experience was impressive and also the remedies as
Right afterwards, several things happened when I got home: my health improved, I got
a raise without asking, and my close relationship at the time became much more loving.
That was about 3 years ago. I got my Nadi Reading again, because there are much
larger goals I have set for myself and hope to get there, and this is what happened.

"The Nadi reader looked at a Nadi leaf in his bundle, and the translator went to work
interpreting between us.
I was asked a lot of yes/no questions. I was told to only say "Yes" or "No".
















I was asked questions which seemed they were narrowing down more about me.











If I answered any question with a "No", the Nadi reader knew that leaf was not mine,
and he flipped over to another leaf in the bundle and the questioning began again.
The questions kept narrowing down to my particular situation, until there was a leaf that
was all "Yes".





















This happened pretty fast that he narrowed it down with about 20 questions to my leaf.
Then it was "Yes", "Yes", "Yes".
I figured hey, anybody can know a lot about anybody if you ask them all these questions
and record all the responses, but then he asked some startling questions that were
impossible for anybody else to know about.











Her given name means flower in Spanish, and her spiritual name, the name of a flower
in Tamil.
He asked about my father's name, but in a way I could not comprehend at all, and I
knew no one knew my father's name so I let him continue with his interpretation. Then I
noticed he was getting the general sounds right. Then finally I heard my father's name,
and it was too close to be wrong.
I couldn't believe it! Nobody anywhere, not here or anywhere, knew my father's name.
It's not even online. My father's name is only on my birth certificate which no one at
AstroVed had ever seen nor have I ever brought it up at AstroVed. His name is not in
any public domain location. I also didnt even see him in the years prior to his death.
The Nadi reader also knew that he was dead. This was too much to handle, but I was
very amazed. My faith in the Nadi reader started to increase considerably. I found it very
interesting, that the leaf had the sounds of my father's name even though they did not
know how to put the proper accent on the sounds.
I enjoyed the experience even though translation was a little rough. It's pretty profound
and actually pretty fast. I was skeptical at first, how can yes/no questions narrow down
so much? I didn't give them any names or places. But when all the answers were "Yes",
we both knew it was my leaf. The leaf knew too much that we both knew it was mine.
After this in-person session where the Nadi leaf was identified, the Nadi reader had to
transcribe from the ancient Tamil into modern Tamil, and then someone else had to
translate into English. Then it was typed up and emailed to me as a document.
When I had the Direct Explanation reading, it was actually quite impressive. It detailed a
lot of what I am currently doing and what I did recently. It knew that I was in marketing
and that I had done real estate. It was said when I would get married (when Jupiter is in
Pisces, so it could happen this year, whoa!)

Coming from a skeptical mind, it is hard to believe, yet it makes a lot of sense. Besides
knowing who I was in the past and who I am now (which makes me believe it more), the
Nadi leaf gave me tips on how to have a better future.
It talked about things I am interested in doing. As a side note, this might sound crazy,
but sometimes it seems when I listened to the MP3 again, that it's changing or that
somehow it has something in it that I missed before that I didn't catch the first time I
heard it. I encourage you to tell people to keep listening to and re-listening to the
information from their leaf.
I will be honest. The Nadi leaf can tell you some bad things. The purpose of it is to help
you avoid those things.
I'm happy that my leaf talked about my business and the ability to have multiple streams
of income from foreign countries as I am already working on that. However, the leaf
says doing the remedies will enhance everything for my life.
Three years ago when I got my first Nadi, I had OK income, and there were up's and
down's with some hardships. After the first Nadi reading, I got a raise without asking, my
health improved, and just a general feeling of everything was better.
I expect similar results, except much more so with this new Nadi.
Since the new reading, I have a completely new outlook on life and in my business. I
truly feel there is more possibility for me now, and I'm so happy that I'm here.
With this new reading, I feel a new clarity, and my faith in my ability is stronger. I know
exactly what action steps to take now for my dreams and how I desire to live my life.
In my opinion, Nadi leaves can really help you understand who you are.
That is so key; I've been looking for that my whole life. I'm now attracting everything I
need to prepare for this beautiful life I've always wanted. I did the remedies for the new
Nadi reading during New Year's Eve in person in India.
However, I am listening and re-relistening this new Nadi leaf reading recording often.
People should be encouraged to do that as some things click more after you listen to it
several times. I got the regular chapters (1, 13, 14), plus chapter 10 for money,
profession and career The new Nadi talks about an upcoming marriage as well as my

business. It even gave the time for when marriage would be good this year (when
Jupiter is in Pisces).
It predicts more success in what I'm doing, that I will create more partnerships in
business (which is something I am already doing) and meet more wealthy people as
well as more holy people.
There is a prediction that I'll enjoy conjugal pleasure and acquire immoveable property
(such as real estate) , and this is also in line with what I want, too.
The new Nadi said some bad things, that due to Saturn my mind state would be more
complex, my reputation could be tarnished and even though it predicted martial life, it
said I could get separated or even go to prison as well as have my income get messed
with and my health deteriorate.
However, that's the purpose of the remedies, and I would prosper, have benefits, good
domestic life and amass wealth. It predicts I will carry out training in business or
electronics area along with dealing with foreign goods.
Doing the remedies in person is something I can recommend. It was gorgeous and
beautiful everywhere I went in India for the remedies. I had an ancient feeling I had
been to some of the places before. At the temples, something released. I finally felt
peace. It was a very long drive to get to some of them, and the ride was pretty rough
and long, but it was worth it.
At the temples, I did various rituals where the priest lit some fire and showed lamps to
the deities and gave me sacred ash at the end of the rituals which I put on my forehead.
It is a great experience in general to go to these temples; however, we were there for a
purpose. I never really understood before what remedies are meant to do at these
The temples are for planets or other aspects of the deities. They represent different
aspects of the mind. Going there to these temples helps you to influence yourself in
your own weak areas to become stronger, to become a better you.
It's hard for me to understand religion. In south India, I see a culture, an ancient lifestyle
which is only there for good.

The remedies do something to you that is ONLY for the better. They don't change you I
think they change how you look at things.
Even if you just get peace of mind or manifest one or two of the positive things from
your Nadi after you leave India, the Nadi leaf is so worth doing.
I am happy right now. I will be traveling more, working on my goals and being organized
with a life plan.
The Nadi reading is a blueprint to living life. Through the Nadi reading, I could see who I
was, who I am now and where I'm going.
I am able to feel the positive effects of doing the remedies.
Basically, the Nadi gives you a good road map to follow. And if there is something you
don't like in them, you can change it with the remedies. You have to experience it to
understand it.
You should definitely get some knowledge and orientation beforehand in doing your
There are some language barriers; it is a different culture; however, the blueprint is one
you can follow for life.
I recommend everyone should do it at least once to see how amazing your life can be.
It's just a fun experience altogether. Go with zero judgment and be willing to end bad
things in your life and increase the good.
Honestly, you don't have to believe it. You just have to experience it for yourself. Prove it
to yourself if this is the right thing for you.
You'll know more when you get the English translation of your Nadi.
Some of it might even seem completely insane and make you think it's a complete lie.
However, when you do it, take the lessons that you receive.
I think it's one of the strongest astrologies out there. I've been getting other kinds of
astrology readings for 15 years, and I've heard some amazing people, and still, the Nadi
is by far one of the best things to go through.

I repeat: you don't have to believe it. You have to experience it and prove it to yourself
whether its right for you or not. If you go open, you will have a good experience.
Don't go thinking it's fake. Go to get the lesson.
Find your truth in that lesson and experience. It really is by far one of the best things to
go through.
I hope this inspires some people to try out Nadi for themselves."

"Everything is new and nice in my second Nadi. I saw it two years after seeing my first
Nadi. For me this is solid proof that divine grace, rituals and sounds can completely
change destiny."
If you want to know how thoughts become events, people and things, you must see

Viganeswaran Ponnudurai
"Thanks and I am impressed with all your staff for the Nadi reading. They were all very
eager and full of enthusiasm to help us out. Our heartfelt thanks to all who were there to
assist us to complete (the reading) to our full satisfaction. I must say you got a first-class

Hiroppi, Japan
"Recently, I read Nadi leaf of 7th chapter. I am surprised. The man who is written in Nadi
leaf, manifested in my life. I think 95% is correct to that which is written in Nadi 7th
chapter. I am immensely thankful!"

"I've just been sitting thinking about the reading in the last hour, and I just wanted to say
a HUGE thank you that (Nadi) reading went incredibly well and I really feel that this will
be accurate as it seemed to work so well.

Amazing - I am so very grateful - thanks for the chance - it really has made a difference,
and I know what I'm about to hear will make a major difference to my life. Please thank
the astrologer and the translator again for me - I am so very grateful and very relieved!"

"Thank you so very much. I am so grateful for this gift (of Nadi)."

Isis Liew Yuk Kong

"I am looking for the prayer and blessings, and also to receive the Raksha plate upon
completion of 120 days of ritual. Once again, thank you very much, especially to the
proxy person who will be representing me during the ritual."

Victoria Janis
"I understand that the (Nadi) remedies need to be done on specific days. I appreciate
your professionalismAll the best to your staff and your divine work."

Maria Bernett
"Thank you very much for sending the Nadi chapters which I will listen to in great detail.
Please extend my best regards to the very kind translator who helped me during my