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1. It has an excellent path to create investing in variety of business such as Amer

has many diversification and segmentation to focus in.
2. The positive variety of business means to have less risks in assets and increase
investment performance efficiency and effectively.
3. Amer doesnt focus inside the country only but also it has a vision to go out
country for expansion business globally.
5. The average 1% increase in the population which creates a constant demand.

1. Weak economic growth that negatively affects the purchasing power of
individuals and decrease investment opportunities especially that most of
projects are second home.
3. Ambiguity about the adopted economic policies by the coming regime and
whether they would be in favor the market economy or not. challenges face largest developers and its negative on their
5. Scarcity of land and laws limit the height of buildings and determine a
specific percentage of the land plots to build on.
6. The concentration of construction in Cairo, Alexandria and touristic areas
ignoring deprived areas like Upper Egypt.
7. Labor problems are another issue facing Amer because of pay a low wages
for labors.
8. Amer failure in quality issue from suppliers causes customer re thinking in
their purchasing

1. The resuming of money transfers from Egyptians working outside Egypt to invest
it in real estate
. 2. Optimistic ambitions about the reflections of the Egyptian Revolution on the
local economy and the renaissance such change in the society can achieve.
3. Amer has great opportunities to consolidate position in domestic market.
4. Amer has many diversification of projects revenue around international markets
such as projects in Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Jordan.
5. strong in segment diversification to increase financial profit growth.
1. Higher prices of cement and steel after the expected removal of subsidies on
2. The continuity of the legal challenges threaten the work of real estate companies
. 3. Slow down in the global economy that may negatively affect the Egyptian
economy indirectly and lessen the multi-national firms investments in the real
estate sector in Egypt.
4. Reluctance of banks to lend real estate companies especially large ones face
legal challenges.
5. The global business environment economic trend downturn may affect the
company because Amer has their projects in many foreign countries so that will
increase the cost.
6. A new establish of any new competitors entrant the market will be strong
competitive to Amer.
7. Market shrinkage can be affected by decrease the revenue and profits.

8. The competitor reducing prices that will effected in Amer financial position.