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Test 1:

Units 13

Review of present and past forms

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in parentheses. Use the present continuous,
the past continuous, or the active or passive of the simple present or simple past.
1 The phone

(ring). Could you please answer it?

2 Many more personal letters

3 I
of the job I have.

(send) before e-mail

(talk) on the phone for hours every day because

4 The telegraph

(not use) very much nowadays.

5 What

(you / do)? I was cleaning the house.

6 I

(send) you the payment last week.

(you / call) Peter yesterday? No, but I

(write) him an e-mail message last night.

Tag questions: have and modals

Complete the conversation with the appropriate tag questions.
Kit: Youve seen Andrew recently,

Jake: Yes, I have. His birthday is next week, actually. We should do something for him.
Kit: We could have a party,

? We could invite his friend Liz, too.

Jake: Great idea! They havent been to our house yet,

Kit: No, they havent. In fact, nobody has been here since we finished decorating, so thats
a good reason to have a party, too.
Jake: You wont forget to invite Paula and Matt,
like to meet Andrew.

? I think theyd really

Kit: Sure. Ill do that. And youll cook something nice,

Jake: Of course!

Present perfect continuous and present perfect simple

Complete the paragraph with the present perfect continuous or present perfect simple forms
of the verbs in parentheses. More than one answer is sometimes possible.
Lorenzo Pallan

2004 Oxford University Press

(be) a professional actor for about 12 years.

(receive) several awards for his work in the theater, but



Test 1: Units 13

this year he

(concentrate) on making a career in movies.

For the past few weeks, for example, he

(rehearse) for a part

in a movie based on Mexican history, and he

excited about the project. We
he says, and I

(become) very

(work) very hard these days,

(learn) a lot about the rich past of my country.

I hope this film shows other people what it was like.

Questions with prepositions

Write questions about the underlined information. Use the beginnings given.
1 What

Federico Fellini was famous for his films.

2 How many

Josh has been in six movies.

3 What

Pauls novel is about some lost mountain climbers.

4 Who

Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller.

5 What

The letters SPF stand for sun protection factor.

6 Where

This car comes from Germany.

Past perfect
Fill in the blanks with the simple past or past perfect forms of the verbs in parentheses.
Use the two verb forms in each sentence.
1 Tim

(go) to bed very early last night because he

(not sleep) well the night before.

2 After putting the letters into the mailbox, June

that she
(not put) stamps on them.
3 When I
(already / go) home.

(arrive), Thomas

4 After dinner, I
(prepare) the day before.
5 When I
my luggage.
6 I
before she moved here.
2004 Oxford University Press


(serve) the dessert that I

(leave), they still
(not know) that Pat

(not find)
(live) in Austin


Test 1: Units 13

Relative clauses (object)

Fill in the blanks with the relative pronouns who or that. Use who when possible; otherwise,
use that. Then circle the relative pronouns you can leave out.
1 I have a friend

has climbed Mount Everest.

2 Paul is the person

I was telling you about.

3 Did you get the book

I asked you for?

4 I have some information

is very interesting.

5 Mrs. Delaney is the woman

introduced Tom and Kate.

a Match the words (18) with the definitions (ah).
1 shout

object used to make music

2 behavior

how someone or something acts

3 concert

change in someone or something over time

4 honk

event where music is played

5 stage

work that involves finding out about a subject

6 research

speak loudly

7 instrument

make a noise with a car horn

8 development

area, usually in a theater, where actors, dancers,

or musicians perform

b Fill in the blanks with the phrasal verbs below.

came into

fell for

run into

1 Phil
marry him six months later.

turn down

turn up

Annie as soon as he met her, and he asked her to

2 Lea and Alex dont like it when friends

without calling first.
3 Samuel

at their house

a lot of money when his uncle died.

4 I was surprised to
was still in Italy.
5 She had to
accepted another one.

turned out

Della at the theater. I thought she

their job offer because she had already

6 We had lots of problems with the project, but everything

well in the end.

2004 Oxford University Press


Test 1: Units 13


Listen to the conversation and write T (true) or F (false).

1 The woman on the train left her bag at home.

2 The woman on the train likes the book she is reading.
3 The woman on the train is sure that she knows the authors name.
4 The young woman in the book decided to start her own movie company.
5 The young woman in the book fell in love during an interview.
6 The woman on the train told the man the end of the mystery.
7 The man on the train wrote the book they are discussing.
8 The woman on the train has only read a few of the writers books.
9 The woman on the train didnt enjoy the writers books.
10 The woman on the train asked the man to sign her copy of his book.

2004 Oxford University Press