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The United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland comprises

England, Scotland and Wales (Great Britain) and Northern Ireland. The
Estimated 2013 GDP of $2.5 trillion .It is eight-largest economy in the world
and third-largest economy in the European Union.
The United Kingdom (UK) is the largest country in the British Isles. The UK
has a long and rich history which is combined with a modern, liberal and
forward thinking mentality. Waves of immigration have made the UK
culturally diverse and wealthy and it is now one the worlds leading financial
and services centres, with an economy which continues to go from strength
to strength.Doing business in the United Kingdomoffers access to the
following key benefits.
Access to a Modern, Liberalised Economy The UKs economy is among
the most vibrant and exciting in the world. With free and liberalised policies
and protocols protecting its growth, the United Kingdom remains an
attractive place for doing business.
A Leader in the Financial Sector The UKs largest exports today are
financial services as a result of the credibility the UK has gained in this
sector. The financial services sector leads the world in its innovation and
forward thinking. The City, located in the heart of London, is home to some of
the worlds most important banking and insurance institutions, and is
considered by some to be the epicentre of the global financial industry.
A Large, Culturally Mixed Population The UK has a large and expanding
population. This means there is a constantly growing marketplace with a
demand for goods and services. The population of the UK is made up of a
wide variety of communities from across the globe, each with their own
traditions, customs and requirements, creating a need for diverse markets.
Anyone doing business in the UK will be able to benefit from this
multiculturalism, either through hiring diverse employees and harnessing
their unique perspectives and experience or through offering products to
communities with ever changing and increasing needs. Effectively working
with this culturally mixed population requires a comprehensive
understanding of British culture which Intercultural Training UK programmes
can provide you with.

An Entry Point for the Rest of Europe and for the Commonwealth The
United Kingdom is a major gateway to the rest of Europe. As a key trading
partner within the European Union (EU), and with links to the member-states
of the Commonwealth, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are
perfect locations from which to launch business operations on a global scale.
Any organisation doing business in the United Kingdom would be wise to gain
an understanding of the countrys rich cultural identity and the customs and
habits of its people which impact on the UKs business culture.
According to 2014 report, the UK has overtaken Georgia and Malaysia in the
league table. The World Bank pointed to corporation tax cuts and simplified
company registration procedures.
In 2014, is the first time the UK has moved up the rankings in the last five
years. Although it moved up two rankings, it is still behind its 2010 score,
when it ranked above the US.