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Wisconsin v. AZ state every offensive play.- cutup + wideshot
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I've been studying the 4-2-5 and I pulled a lot of good resources from Runcodhit, Brophy, Deuce, Blitzology, and Chris at
SmartFootball. Here are links to the 4-2-5:
Start here:
Multiplicity but Simplicity: Why the 4-2-5 Defense - Gary Patterson - DC - New Mexico (1997)
TCU 4-2-5 - Gary Patterson (Nike COY)
Defending Trips - Disguise and Scheme
3x1 Formations- Defending the Open Side
Defending Tight Bunch Formations
Stopping the Power Running Offense with the 4-2-5 Part I: Principals
Stopping the Power Running Offense with the 4-2-5 Part II: Double Tight I
Split Safety-Zone Blitzes
4-2-5 Alignments-Part I
4-2-5 Alignments-Part II
4-2-5 Resources
Quarter Coverage- Safety Push Technique
Quick Thoughts- Determining Coverages for a Defensive Scheme
Cover Black- Inverted Man-Under Halves
Robber Coverage Notes
Attacking the Away Side : Boise State vs TCU
Random Thoughts
4-2-5 Away Side Run Support
4-2-5 Split Field Coverage
TCU Defense Explained ***This has TCU Install video
TCU's 42 Nickel Coverage & Front Coordination
TCU's 42 Nickel Blitz & Coverage Concepts
TCU "2 Read": Adaptation to the Spread (2x2)
TCU "2 Read": Adaptation to the Spread (3x1)
Fiesta Bowl: TCU vs Boise State
AFC: Automatic Front Check
Powerpoint Playbooks / Animation
Virginia Tech Robber
TCU's 42 Nickel Coverage & Front Coordination
Brophy's Playbook and Resource Page

Automatic Coverage Check (ACC)
TCU Terms - Defined
Cover Blue for Corners - Deuce
Cover Blue for Safeties - Part 1 - Deuce
Cover Blue for Safeties - Part 2 - Deuce
2 Read/Blue Coverage
2 Read/Blue Coverage-The Reads
2 Read/Blue Coverage Revisited
2 Read/Blue Coverage-Run Fits
2 Read/Blue Coverage-Vs. Trips
2 Read/Blue Coverage-Vs. Empty Sets
Post Snap Communication in Pattern Reading Coverages
Simplifying and modifying TCU's blitz scheme for lower level play
Backside Safety in Quarters Coverage vs. The Run and Playaction
The 4-2-5 vs. Flexbone
The down and up stunt vs. the zone read play
The 4-2-5 and the Under, Meshing Two Great Defenses!
The 46 Nickel
Florida's Nickel Tracer/Auburn's Heat Package
Blitz of the Week #17 (Super Stick)
Making It All Look The Same (TCU Pressure Package)
TCU's Thunder Concept
Smart Football:
Deconstructing the Virginia Tech defense
Coach Huey thread links:
TCU 4-2-5 Defense
4-2-5 and Under
Playbooks and Other Resources:
1999 TCU Defense / Coverage Manual - Gary Patterson - DC
2006 Baylor Defense - Bill Bradley
2004 Villanova Defense - Joe Trainer
2001 Boise St. Defense - Bob Gregory
2000 Boise St. Defense - Brent Guy
2000 Oregon Defense - Bob Gregory
1992-1997 Williamette Defense - Bob Gregory
8 Man Front - David Bailiff - SW Texas St. (2000)
DL Pressure Games - David Bailiff - SW Texas St. (2001)
Virginia Tech - Cover 2 - Robber Package
1998 Virginia Tech Defense - Bud Foster

If you are looking for a history lesson or you hybrid your 4-2-5 into a 4-4 you should definitely check out the old Virginia Tech
stuff here and here.
Thanks for the 4-2-5 links. Here is the 2000 Oregon Defense:
What do you think about the 42 Nickel of Barry Alvarez while under Lou Holtz at Notre Dame? And do you see anything bridging that
to what we see in the modern manifestations of the 42?

Thanks for the comments guys. The Willamette playbook is a great resource. I have seen more and more teams using the 4-2-5 style
coverage package both with and without 4-2-5 personnel. I am a fan of the 3-4 with split field safety coverage. Coach Hoover thanks
for linking the Oregon playbook. As for the Alvarez stuff I have been looking it over. The 1988 ND playbook is available on Fast and
Furious website. It appears that Alvarez was using mostly a Cover 2, 2 man, & Cover 1 (man free) based coverage package. I would
be interest to know who was the first to link the 4-4 Robber coverage package from Virginia Tech with nickel personnel and when that
concept transitioned to the half field safety concept.


6 man or more w/Cover Zero

50 (64%)

6 man w/ Man Free

32 (41%)

5 man w/ Man Free

44 (57%)

5 man w/ 3 Under 3 Deep Fire Zone 60 (77%)

5 man w/ 4 Under 2 Deep Fire Zone

Here are some good resources for coaches interested in 4-2-5 Defense
Stuff from:
TCU here and here
Boise State here and here
Baylor here
Villanova here
Willamette here