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[Q-1] Silicon based rectifiers are preferred
than germanium based rectifiers because
(a) Si is available easily compared to Ge
(b) Only Si has a stable off state
(c) Ge is very temperature sensitive
(d) Si only has the characteristics 1 + 2 <
1 at low collector currents and reaches 1 at
high currents
Which of the above statements are true?
1. A, B, D
2. B, D
3. B Only
4. D Only
5. None of the above options
Answer: 2
[Q-2] In a triac,
(a) The triggering pulse to main terminal 1
should be of the same polarity as the anode
potential between MT1 and MT2
(b) The triggering pulse should be of
opposite polarity to that of anode potential
(c) When the triggering pulse is positive and
anode is positive, it is operating in the first
(d) When the triggering pulse is negative
and anode is negative its sensitivity is
Which of the above statements are true?
1. A, D
2. A, C
3. C, D
4. A, C, D
5. None of the above options
Answer: 4
[Q-3] In a single phase full wave SCR
circuit with R, L load
(a) Power is delivered to the source for
firing angle of less than 90
(b) The scr changes from inverter to
converter at = 90
(c) The negative dc voltage is maximum at
= 180

(d) To turn off the scr, the maximum delay

angle must be less than 180
Which of the above statements are true?
1. C, D
2. C Only
3. D Only
4. A , B
5. None of the above options
Answer: 1
[Q-4] While comparing triac and scr,
(a) Both are unidirectional devices
(b) Triac requires more current for turn on
than scr at a particular voltages
(c) A triac has less time for turn off than
(d) Both are available with comparable
voltage and current ratings
Which of the above statements are true?
1. A, C
2. B, C
3. A, B
4. D Only
5. None of the above options
Answer: 2
[Q-5] Which of the following statements are
(a) If the SCR, even with proper gate
excitation and anode-cathode voltage does
not conduct for a particular load resistance,
then it would be necessary to decrease the
load resistance to turn ON the SCR
(b) The SCR would be turned OFF by
voltage reversal of the applied anodecathode ac supply of frequencies up to
(c) If the gate current of the SCR is
increased, then the forward breakdown
voltage will decrease
1. A, B, C
2. B, C
3. A , C
4. A, B
5. None of the above options

Answer: 3
[Q-6] Which of the following statements are
When gate triggering is employed, a SCR
can withstand higher values of di/dt, if the
1. Gate current is increased
2. Rate of rise of gate current is increased
3. Gate current is increased
4. Rate of rise of gate current is decreased
(a) 3, 4
(b) 1, 4
(c) 2, 3
(d) 1, 2
(e) None of the above options
Answer: A
[Q-7] In a SCR based converter, the free
wheeling diode is used to
(a) Add to the conduction current of
(b) Oppose the SCR conduction
(c) Conduct current during the OFF period
of the SCR
(d) Protect the SCR by providing a shunt
Answer: C
[8] For a fault at terminals of the
synchronous generator the fault current is
max for a (a) 3 phase fault
(b) 3 phase to ground fault
(c) Line to ground fault
(d) Line to line fault
Answer: A

will be
(a) 100MJ
(b) 400MJ
(c) 800MJ
(d) 12.5MJ
Answer: B

[9] Reactance relay is normally preferred for

protection against
(a) Earth faults
(b) Phase faults
(c) Open circuit faults
(d) None of the above
Answer: B

[14] A three-phase, 33kV oil circuit breaker

is rated 1200A, 2000MVA, 3s. The
symmetrical breaking current is
A. 1200A
B. 3600A
C. 35kA
D. 104.8Ka

[10] A 100 MVA, 11kV, 3 phase, 50Hz, 8

pole synchronous generator has a inertia
constant H = 4 seconds. The stored in the
rotor of the generator at synchronous speed

[11] The use of high speed circuit breakers

(a) Reduces the short circuit current
(b) Improves system stability
(c) Decreases system stability
(d) Increases the short circuit current
Answer: B
[12] Bundled conductors are employed to
improve the
(a) Appearance of the transmission line
(b) Mechanical stability of the line
(c) Current carrying capability of the line
(d) Corona performance of the line
Answer: D
[13] For enhancing the power transmission
in a long EHV transmission line, the most
preferred method is to connect a
A. Series inductive compensator in the line
B. Shunt inductive compensator at the
receiving end
C. Series capacitive compensator in the
D. Shunt capacitive compensator at the
sending end

[15] In a transformer, zero voltage

regulation at full load is
(a) Not possible

(b) Possible at unity Power factor load

(c) Possible at leading Power factor load
(d) Possible at lagging Power factor load
[16] The DC motor, which can provide zero
speed regulation at full load without any
controller is
(a) Series
(b) Shunt
(c) Cumulative Compound
(d) Differential Compound
[17] In 8 - pole wave connected motor
armature, the number of parallel paths are
(a) 8
(b) 4
(c) 2
(d) 1
Ans: C
[18] In a transformer the voltage regulation
will be zero when it operates at
(a) Unity p.f.
(b) Leading p.f.
(c) Lagging p.f.
(d) Zero p.f. leading.
Answer: B
[19] In a stepper motor the angular
(a) Can be precisely controlled.
(b) It cannot be readily interfaced with
micro computer based controller.
(c) The angular displacement cannot be
precisely controlled.
(d) It cannot be used for positioning of work
tables and tools in NC machines.
Answer: A
[20] The power factor of a squirrel cage
induction motor is
(a) Low at light load only.
(b) Low at heavy load only.

(c) Low at light and heavy load both.

(d) Low at rated load only.
Answer: A
[21] The generation voltage in India is
(a) Between 11 KV and 33 KV.
(b) Between 132 KV and 400 KV.
(c) Between 400 KV and 700 KV.
(d) None of the above.
Answer: A
[22] When a synchronous motor is running
at synchronous speed, the damper
winding produces
(a) Damping torque.
(b) Eddy current torque.
(c) Torque aiding the developed torque.
(d) No torque.
Answer: D
[23] If a transformer primary is energised
from a square wave voltage source, its
output voltage will be
(a) A square wave.
(b) A sine wave.
(c) A triangular wave.
(d) A pulse wave.
Answer: A
[24] A salient pole synchronous motor is
running at no load. Its field current is
switched off. The motor will
(a) Come to stop.
(b) Continue to run at synchronous speed.
(c) Continue to run at a speed slightly more
than the synchronous speed.
(d) Continue to run at a speed slightly less
than the synchronous speed.
Answer: B
[25] The frequency of the rotor current in a
3 phase 50 Hz, 4 pole induction motor at
full load speed is about
(a) 50 Hz.
(b) 20 Hz.

(c) 2 Hz.
(d) Zero.
Answer: C
[26] The speed of a dc motor can be
controlled by varying
(a) Its flux per pole
(b) Resistance of armature circuit
(c) Applied voltage
(d) All of the above
Answer: D
[27] Regarding Ward-Leonard system of
speed control which statement is false?
(a) It is usually used where wide and very
sensitive speed control is required
(b) It is used for motors having ratings from
750kW to 4000kW
(c) Capital outlay involved in the system is
right since it uses two extra machines
(d) It gives a speed range of 10:1 but in one
direction only
(e) It has low overall efficiency especially at
light loads
Answer: D
[28] A stepper motor is
(a) A dc motor.
(b) A single-phase ac motor.
(c) A multi-phase motor.
(d) A two phase motor.
Answer: D
Stepper motor works on 1-phase-ON or 2phase ON modes of operation
[29] A motor which can conveniently be
operated at lagging as well as leading
power factors is the
(a) Squirrel cage induction motor.
(b) Wound rotor induction motor.
(c) Synchronous motor.
(d) DC shunt motor.
Answer: C
[30] The d.c. series motor should always be
started with load because

(a) At no load, it will rotate at dangerously

high speed.
(b) It will fail to start.
(c) It will not develop high starting torque.
(d) All are true.
Answer: A
[31] The sheath is used in cable to
(a) Provide strength to the cable.
(b) Provide proper insulation.
(c) Prevent the moisture from entering the
(d) Avoid chances of rust on strands.
Answer: A
The sheath in underground cable is provided
to give mechanical strength.
[32] The drive motor used in a mixer-grinder
is a
(a) DC motor.
(b) Induction motor.
(c) Synchronous motor.
(d) Universal motor.
Answer: D
The universal motor is suitable for AC &
DC both supply systems.
[33] A balanced three-phase, 50 Hz voltage
is applied to a 3 phase, 4 pole,
induction motor. When the motor is
delivering rated output, the slip is found to
be 0.05. The speed of the rotor m.m.f.
relative to the rotor structure is
(a) 1500 r.p.m.
(b) 1425 r.p.m.
(c) 25 r.p.m.
(d) 75 r.p.m.
Answer: D
NS = 120f /P = 120 x 50 /4 =1500rpm
N = NS ( 1-s) = 1500 (1-0.05) = 1425
Relative speed = 1500 1425 = 75 rpm
[34] The primary winding of a 220/6 V, 50
Hz transformer is energised from 110 V, 60
Hz supply. The secondary output voltage

will be
(a) 3.6 V.
(b) 2.5 V.
(c) 3.0 V.
(d) 6.0 V.
Answer: C
[35] The current from the stator of an
alternator is taken out to the external load
circuit through
(a) Slip rings.
(b) Commutator segments.
(c) Solid connections.
(d) Carbon brushes.
Answer: C
[36] In a 3 phase induction motor the
maximum torque
(a) Is proportional to rotor resistance r2 .
(b) Does not depend on r2 .
(c) Is proportional to square root of r2 .
(d) Is proportional to square of r2 .
Answer: B
[37] In a d.c. machine, the armature mmf is
(a) Stationary w.r.t. armature.
(b) Rotating w.r.t. field.
(c) Stationary w.r.t. field.
(d) Rotating w.r.t. brushes.
Answer: C
[38]The size of the feeder is determined
primarily by
(a) The current it is required to carry.
(b) The percent variation of voltage in the
(c) The voltage across the feeder.
(d) The distance of transmission.
Answer: A
[39] The emf induced in the primary of a
(a) Is in phase with the flux.
(b) Lags behind the flux by 90 degree.
(c) Leads the flux by 90 degree.
(d) Is in phase opposition to that of flux.

Answer: C
[40] The relative speed between the
magnetic fields of stator and rotor under
steady state operation is zero for a
(a) DC machine.
(b) 3 phase induction machine.
(c) Synchronous machine.
(d) Single phase induction machine.
Answer: all options are correct
[41] As the voltage of transmission
increases, the volume of conductor
(a) Increases.
(b) Does not change.
(c) Decreases.
(d) Increases proportionately.
Answer: C
Due to skin effect
[42] In a 3-phase synchronous motor
(a) The speed of stator MMF is always more
than that of rotor MMF.
(b) The speed of stator MMF is always less
than that of rotor MMF.
(c) The speed of stator MMF is synchronous
speed while that of rotor MMF is zero.
(d) Rotor and stator MMF are stationary
with respect to each other.
Answer: D
Motor is magnetically locked into position
with stator, the rotor poles are engaged with
stator poles and both run synchronously in
same direction.
[43] An alternator is delivering rated current
at rated voltage and 0.8 power-factor
lagging case. If it is required to deliver rated
current at rated voltage and 0.8 powerfactor leading, the required excitation will
(a) Less.
(b) More.
(c) More or less.
(d) The same.

Answer: B
Over excitation gives leading power factor
and under excitation gives lagging p.f .
[44] Out of the following methods of
heating the one which is independent of
supply frequency is
(a) Electric arc heating
(b) Induction heating
(c) Electric resistance heating
(d) Dielectric heating
Answer: C
[45] In a capacitor start single-phase
induction motor, the capacitor is connected
(a) In series with main winding.
(b) In series with auxiliary winding.
(c) In series with both the windings.
(d) In parallel with auxiliary winding.
Answer: B
To make single phase motor self start. We
split the phases at 90 degree. Hence,
motor behaves like a two phase motor.
[46] A synchro has
(a) A 3-phase winding on rotor and a singlephase winding on stator.
(b) A 3-phase winding on stator and a
commutator winding on rotor.
(c) A 3-phase winding on stator and a singlephase winding on rotor.
(d) A single-phase winding on stator and a
commutator winding on rotor.
Answer: C
The basic synchro unit called a synchro
transmitter. Its construction similar to that
of a Three phase alternator.
[47] A ceiling fan uses
(a) Split-phase motor.
(b) Capacitor start and capacitor run motor.
(c) Universal motor.
(d) Capacitor start motor.
Answer: D

To give starting torque and to maintain

[48] A hysteresis motor
(a) Is not a self-starting motor.
(b) Is a constant speed motor.
(c) Needs dc excitation.
(d) Can not be run in reverse speed.
Answer: B
[49] The most suitable servomotor for low
power applications is
(a) A dc series motor.
(b) A dc shunt motor.
(c) An ac two-phase induction motor.
(d) An ac series motor.
Answer: B
[50] The size of a conductor used in power
cables depends on the
(a) Operating voltage.
(b) Power factor.
(c) Current to be carried.
(d) Type of insulation used.
Answer: C
[51] A rectifier type instrument is connected
to 100VDC and is operated in the DC
measuring module reads
(a) 111V
(b) 90V
(c) 50V
(d) 100V
Ans: A
[52] A permanent magnet moving coil
ammeter has a coil resistance of 99ohm and
Full Scale Deflection(FSD) current of
0.1mA. Shunt resistance is 1 ohm. Current
through the meter at 0.5 F.S.D is
(a) 0.007mA
(b) 0.05mA
(c) 0.023mA
(d) 0.1mA

Ans: B

Ans: B

[53] One single phase wattmeter operating

on 230V and 5A for 5 hours makes 1940
revolutions. Meter constant in revolutions is
400. What is the power factor of the land?
(a) 1
(b) 0.84
(c) 0.73
(d) 0.65

[58] A spring controlled indicating

instrument has a deflection of 90deg for
maximum current I. The corresponding
deflection for a gravity controlled
instrument is
(a) 90
(b) 120
(c) 30
(d) 0
Ans: C

[54] For power measurement of three phase

circuit by two wattmeter method, when the
value of power factor is less than 0.5 lagging
(a) one of the wattmeters will read zero
(b) both give the same readings
(c) one of the wattmeter connections will
have to be reversed
(d) pressure coil of the wattmeter will
become ineffective.
[55] When using ohmmeter, applied voltage
is to be disconnected from the circuit
(a) Voltage source will increase resistance
(b) Current will decrease resistance
(c) the ohmmeter has its own internal battery
(d) non of the above
Ans: C
[56] Which wave has the least form factor?
(a) Square wave
(b) Rectangular wave
(c) Sine wave
(d) Triangular wave
Ans: A
[57] With a sweep time 10ms across the
screen the approx. horizontal sawtooth
frequency will be
(a) 50Hz
(b) 100Hz
(c) 1kHz
(d) 500Hz

[59] It is found that 10A current passes

through a resistor of 10ohms. The resistor
has 5% tolerance . The error in measurement
of current can be as high as 5%. What is
max error in measurement of power,
calculated from measured value of I and the
nominal value of resistor?
(a) 100 W
(b) 150W
(d) 200W
Ans: B
[60] A resistor of 10Kohms with 5%
tolerance is connected in parallel with a
5Kohms resistor of 10% tolerance. What is
the tolerance limit for the parallel network?
(a) 5%
(b) 6.67%
(c) 10%
(d) 8.33%
Ans: D
[61] The resistance offered to the passage of
an in-varying current by a column of
mercury at the temperature of melting ice of
mass 14.4521 gms of uniform crosssectional area and length 106.3cm is
(a) Standard ohm
(b) One international ohm
(c) One ohm according to SI units
(d) One ohm according to working standards
Ans: B

[62] The most preferred material for the

control spring is
(a) German silver
(b) Platinum silver
(c) Silicon bronze
(d) Phosphor bronze
Ans: D
[63] A mulliammeter can be used as
(a) Voltmeter and ammeter
(b) Wattmeter
(c) Ohmmeter
(d) Frequency meter
[64] Which instrument has identical
calibration for ac as well as dc values?
(a) Hot wire type
(b) Moving coil type
(c) Induction type
(d) Moving iron type
Ans: A
[65] An instrument to be used for
measurement and control should preferably
(a) Dead zone and dead time
(b) Linear output and fast response
(c) Non-linear output
(d) A highly damped response
66] The current coil of a wattmeter is
connected to the CT of R-phase. The
potential coil is connected across Y and B
phases. The wattmeter measures
(a) Active power in R phase
(b) Active power of Y phase
(c) Reactive power of R phase
(d) Power proportional to 3 phase power if
the load is balanced
Ans: C
[67] The problem of Electro-static coupling
in a transformer is acute at
(a) Low frequencies

(b) Power frequencies

(c) High frequencies
(d) High load on the transformer
Ans: C
[68] Which meter is suitable for the
measurement of 10mV at 50MHz?
(a) Moving iron voltmeter
(b) VTVM
(c) Moving coil voltmeter
(d) CRO
[69] It can be stated that
(a) CT operates at almost the same flux
density as a PT
(b) CT operates with a higher flux density
than PT
(c) CT operates with considerably lower flux
density than a PT
(d) no generalisation can be made with
regard to the flux densities in CT and PT
Ans: C
[70] The thermocouple instruments do not
(a) High sensitivity
(b) Absence of frequency error
(c) Independence of ambient temperature
(d) High degree of measuring accuracy
Ans: D
[71] Some wire- wound resistors have bifilar
winding. This type of winding is used to
(a) Increase the thermal stability
(b) Reduce the tolerance
(c) Reduce the inductance of winding
(d) Double the power rating of the resistor
Ans: C
[72] Wien bridge is useful for measuring
(a) Very high frequency
(b) Low frequency
(c) Medium frequency
(d) High frequency
Ans: D

[73] A megger is usually

(a) Moving iron type instrument
(b) Electro-static type instrument
(c) Hot-wire type instrument
(d) Moving coil type instrument
Ans: D
[74] A moving iron ammeter may be
compensated for frequency errors by
(a) a shunt resistance
(b) a series inductance
(c) shunt capacitance
(d) series resistance
Ans: C
[75] Ryall crest voltmeter is used for
measurement of
(a) AC voltage of any form
(b) Low frequency voltage
(c) High DC voltage
(d) High AC voltage
[76] Jewels are used in instruments for the
purpose of
(a) Damping
(b) Torque control
(c) Suppressing noise
(d) Bearing
Ans: D
[77] The thermocouple instrument will
(a) Current
(b) Voltage
(c) Flux
(d) None of the above
Ans: D
[78] The differentiator has a transfer
function whose
(a) Phase increases linearly with frequency
(b) Amplitude remains constant
(c) Amplitude increases linearly with

(d) Amplitude decreases linearly with
Ans: A
[79] Introduction of integral action in the
forward path of a unity feedback system
results in a
(a) Marginally stable system
(b) System with no steady state error
(c) System with increase stability margin
(d) System with better speed of response
Ans: A
[80] The Fourier transform of a signal h(t) is
H(j) = (2cos)(sin2)/. The value of h(0)
(a) 1/4
(b) 1/2
(c) 1
(d) 2
Ans: C
[81] A Linear Time Invariant system with an
impulse response h(t) produces output y(t)
when input x(t) is applied. When the input
x(t-) is applied to a system with impulse
response h(t-), the output will be
(a) y(t)
(b) y(2(t-))
(c) y(t-)
(d) y(t-2)
[82] The system represented by the inputoutput relationship y(t)= 5t- x()d, t>0 is
(a) Linear and casual
(b) Linear but not casual
(c) Casual but not linear
(d) Neither linear nor casual
Ans: B
[83] For the system 2/(s+1), the approximate
time taken for a step response to reach
98% of its final value is

(a) 1s
(b) 2s
(c) 4s
(d) 8s
Ans: C
[84] Given the finite length input x[n] and
the corresponding finite length output y[n]
of an LTI system as shown below, the
impulse response h[n] of the system is
(a) h[n]={1,0,0,1}
(b) h[n]={1,0,1}
(c) h[n]={1,1,1,1}
(d) h[n]={1,1,1}
[85] It is required to construct a counter to
count upto 100(decimal). The minimum
number of flipflops required to construct the
counter is
a) 8
b) 7
c) 6
d) 5
[86] The gate that assumes the 1 state, if and
only if the input does not take a 1 state is
a) AND gate
b) NOT gate
c) NOR gate
d) Both b and c
Ans: D
[87] For NOR circuit SR flip flop the not
allowed condition is....
a) S=0, R=0
b) S=0, R=1
c) S=1, R=1
d) S=1, R=0
Ans: C . When S=R=1 the output is
subject to unpredictable behaviour when
S and R return to 0 simultaneously.

[88] A bistable multivibrator is a

a) Free running oscillator
b) Triggered oscillator
c) Saw tooth wave generator
d) Crystal oscillator
Ans: B
[89] For a large values of |VDS|, a FET
behave as
a) Voltage controlled resistor
b) Current controlled current source
c) Voltage controlled current source
d) Current controlled resistor
Ans: C
[90] When a step input is given to an opamp integrator, the output will be
a) a ramp
b) a sinusoidal wave
c) a rectangular wave
d) a triangular wave with dc bias
Ans: A
[91] In a full-wave rectifier without filter,
the ripple factor is
a) 0.482
b) 1.21
c) 1.79
d) 2.05
Ans: A
[92] Hysteresis is desirable in Schmitttrigger, because
a) Energy is to be stored/discharged in
parasitic capacitance
b) Effects of temperature would be
c) Devices in the circuit should be allowed
time for saturation and desaturation
d) It would prevent noise from causing false
[93] For a 10-bit DAC, the Resolution is
defined by which of the following

a) 1024
b) 1/1024
c) 10
d) None

b) As a dynamic memory
c) To realise a sequential logic
d) To realise a combinational logic
Ans: D

[94] SRAM full form is

a) Serial Read Access Memory
b) Static Random Access Memory
c) Static Read-only Access memory
Ans: B

[98] A dynamic RAM consists of

a) 6 Transistors
b) 2 Transistors and 2 Capacitors
c) 1 Transistor and 1 Capacitor
d) 2 Capacitor only

[95] What are the minimum number of 2 to

1 multiplexers required to generate a 2 input
AND gate and a 2 input Ex-OR gate?
a) 1 and 2
b) 1 and 3
c) 1 and 1
d) 2 and 2

[99] When a CPU is interrupted, it

a) Stops execution of instructions
b) Acknowledges interrupt and branches of
c) Acknowledges interrupt and continues
d) Acknowledges interrupt and waits for the
next instruction from the interrupting device.
Ans: B

[96]The output of a logic gate is 1 when all

its inputs are at logic 0. Then gate is either
a) A NAND or an EX-OR gate
b) A NOR or an EX-NOR gate
c) An OR or a EX-NOR gate
d) An AND or an Ex-OR gate
Ans: B

[100] The period of the signal x(t) = 8 sin

(0.8t + /4) is
A. 0.4s
B. 0.8s
C. 1.25s
D. 2.5s

[97] A PLA can be used

a) As a microprocessor