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delivers better results

Strength & Versatility
EASYWALL is a fully load-bearing sheer wall system that
can accommodate any building design from a standard
residential home to multi-level apartment blocks and
commercial buildings. EASYWALL evenly distributes the
load of the building throughout the wall structure providing
opportunities to significantly reduce foundation costs.

Energy Efficient Construction

For external walling applications, EASYWALL can be
manufactured with an insulated external face ready for

Quality & Durability

EASYWALL is concrete filled in a continuous flow to
eliminate joints and reduce maintenance costs. Traditional
masonry systems however have many joints where various
materials meet, and these joints are susceptible to cracking
due to expansion and contraction within the structure.

Reduction in Site Waste

EASYWALL is delivered to site pre-manufactured to size
and ready to install, meaning zero material wastage and
significantly reducing the time and money spent on sitecleanup and rubbish removal.

Efficient & Sustainable Design

EASYWALL can be manufactured to suit virtually any
building design. If the building is designed using
EASYWALL standard size forms, the material wastage in
the factory is reduced to zero, providing environmental
benefits from reduction in road transport and land fill sites.

Bottom track fixed to

concrete slab

Steel reinforcing

factory prepared to exact
sizes for external walls

EASYWALL panels with

rigid foam board insulation
for external walls requiring
thermal insulation

EASYWALL panels factory

prepared to exact sizes for
internal walls

EASYWALL panels for

parapet and basement wall

Steel reinforcing bars placed

horizontally and vertically
to project specifications

EASYWALL factory
prepared corner panel

Open sides of lintel and wall

panels are closed using a premanufactured closing track
with fibre cement facing

Render coating
to foam board insulation
by others)

Reduced Construction Costs

EASYWALL is priced competitively against traditional
masonry construction and provides additional time and cost
savings through reduction in manpower, supervision and
waste removal. Reduced construction times also provide
savings in finance costs.

Creative Finishing
EASYWALL standard panels incorporate fibre cement
sheeting as the formwork faces, providing exceptional
scope for creative finishing. External and internal joints
are finished flush using proprietary systems, ready for
coating. EASYWALL can be painted or texture coated
and is an excellent substrate for ceramic tiling. Stone
cladding can also be fixed direct using standard proprietary
systems. Decorative mouldings can be fixed direct to the
face of the formwork.

Jointing and coating

system (applied to fibre
cement sheet by others)

delivers faster results

Multi-level Construction
EASYWALL is a load-bearing sheer wall system that is
especially cost effective in multi-level construction.
A range of EASYWALL panels is offered to cater for different
wall types within the structure such as lift shafts and basement
retaining walls, as well as fire rated and standard dividing walls.
EASYWALL's speed of construction reduces floor to floor
cycles compared to traditional masonry construction.
EASYWALL's reduced wall thickness over traditional
construction methods mean increased salable living space
within the original building envelope.
As much as 300m2 of EASYWALL can be delivered on a single
truck, providing savings in transport and delivery costs.

Residential Housing
EASYWALL insulated formwork panel is the perfect solution
for the construction of energy efficient homes, providing the
additional benefit of thermal mass, which stores energy and
assists in reducing power consumption for the owner.

EASYWALL panels are

manufactured to size to suit
individual projects and for specific
locations within the structure.
External wall panels are
designed to match edge beam
specifications and can include
high performance insulation that
provides contiguous insulation to
the entire faade area.
Impact and moisture resistant fibre
cement sheets provide a quality
substrate, ready for jointing
and finishing with your choice
of coating system or decorative
EASYWALL panels are
manufactured under strict quality
control standards to ensure
installation goes quickly and

EASYWALL is suitable for all locations in the home including

basements and retaining walls.

EASYWALL is delivered to site as
pre-manufactured panels ready for
Lightweight panels mean that no
cranes or heavy lifting equipment are
needed for installation.
Bottom track is fixed to the concrete
slab along with steel reinforcing
starter bars.
Panels are placed over the bottom
track and are joined by inserting the
half exposed stud of one panel into
the open side of the adjoining panel.

Panels are then aligned and

temporarily braced.
Steel reinforcing bars are installed
horizontally and vertically to project
Open sides of lintel and wall panels
are closed using a pre-manufactured
closing track with fibre cement
Panels are stage filled with concrete
using pumping equipment.

Panels are fixed together with

adhesive and screws through the
fibre cement sheets into the stud and
steel track.

External skin of 6mm Fibre

Cement sheet ready for
jointing and coating, or rigid
PIR foam board that provides
a fully insulated wall ready
for render finishing.

EASYWALL when used as party and boundary walling in town

house construction, can provide fire and acoustic protection in
one single wall.
EASYWALL is an ideal product for the owner builder as the
walls are delivered as a pre manufactured kit with instructions
on how to assemble. EASYWALL can provide on-site training
as part of the owner builder package.

Patented EASYWALL HStud provides an extremely

strong inner core.

EASYWALL meets the highest fire protection levels for bush

fire prone areas and can be used for 'safe room' construction.

Fibre Cement sheets have

recessed edges for tape
setting and jointing to
provide a quality substrate
and smooth surface
suitable for a wide range
of finishes.

Basements & Retaining Walls

EASYWALL is an ideal solution for the construction of
basements and retaining walls.

Once formwork panels

are installed and steel
reinforcement placed,
the panels are stage filled
using a concrete pump.

Fibre Cement facings can easily be tanked to provide a

waterproof load bearing wall.

Installation Made Easy

For customers preferring a 'Supply & install' service, approved
installation contractors can be arranged to provide quotations
to install EASYWALL systems.
Installation training packages are available for customers
wishing to install EASYWALL using their own staff or existing
Owner builder assistance packages available on request.

Bottom track fixed to

concrete slab locates
panels during installation
and concrete filling

Typical EASYWALL Panel

for Walls Not Requiring

Insulated Panel
for External Wall Applications