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(407) 716-1784 737 STRIHAL LOOP, OAKLAND, FL 34787


Highly qualified and well developed Director of HR with extensive human

resources leadership and development experience. Adept at managing all HR
activities, including staff development, motivation, and team building.
Currently seeking a position as an HR Director which will effectively utilize
acquired skills and abilities, bringing over 14 years of related professional
experience as follows:


1 HR Management
2 Program Development
3 Staff Training/Coaching
4 Contract Negotiation
5 Needs Assessment

6 Benefits Administration
7 Performance Management
8 Employee Retention/Relations
9 Workforce/Cost Reduction
10 Conflict/Project Management

11 Policy & Procedure Enforcement

12 Employee Orientation
13 Internal Auditing
14 Recruiting/Hiring



15 Directing all HR activities including recruitment, interviewing, selection,

training, benefits/compensation administration, and employee
16 Facilitating the development and implementation of staffing structures to
ensure alignment with organizational objectives.
17 Formulating short and long term strategies to support organizational
18 Conducting audits to ensure compliance with all applicable company
policies and legal regulations.
19 Mediating and resolving conflicts between management and employees.


20 Evaluating, developing, and modifying HR policies, programs, and benefits.

21 Assessing human resources needs, recommending
individual/organizational development actions, and implementing
consistent HR standards.
22 Designing and administering human resources and benefits programs, as
well as implementing benefits offerings and programs to improve
employee morale and retention.
23 Creating and supporting company-wide training and performance
management initiatives.
24 Developing employee orientation programs to increase policy, procedure,
and benefits awareness.


Tempus Resorts International, Celebration, FL Nov.

2002 – Jun. 2009
Director of Human Resources
25 Managed legal functions, resulting in no EEOC or employment-related
lawsuits being filed during tenure
26 Recognized as “Manager of the Year” by peers and the Senior
Executive Team (2006)

Starwood Vacation Ownership, Orlando, FL Jan.

2002 – Sept. 2002
Human Resources Manager

Sunterra Resorts International, Orlando, FL Jan.

1998 – Jan. 2002
Director of Human Resources
27 Voted “Manager of the Year” by the Senior Management Team (2001)

HTE, Inc., Heathrow, FL Nov.

1996 - Jan. 1998
Human Resources Specialist

MT/Orlando, Inc., Orlando, FL Feb.

1995 - Nov. 1996
Human Resources Specialist


University of St. Andrews | B.S. in European Languages (1992)