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equivalent of $500.00.

5. Fill in Background Details.

Basic test roll die over Target Number.


Target Number = 4 +/- modifiers.

Aces If the player rolls the highest number
on a die (6 on a S6, 12 on a D12, etc.) player
rolls that die again and adds that to total.

Raise Every 4 points over Target Number is

1. Choose Race or Special Background.
a Raise.
Figure Traits and Skills. Traits are Agility,
Smarts, Spirit, Strength and Vigor. All Traits,Unskilled If PC is unskilled his Skill roll for
Skills and Edges start as a D4. 1 point to raise that skill is at 2.
a Trait by 1 die type. Players get 5 points to
raise or lower Traits. Skills Players get 15 Opposed Rolls First player rolls. His roll
points to buy, raise or lower Skills. Figure
becomes other players Target Number.
Derived Traits Derived Traits are Charisma
(starts at 0, may be raised or lowered with
Bennies Players get 3 Bennies at start of
Edges and Hindrances), Pace (Movement the game. Theyre for re-rolls and other things.
most characters have a base 6 movement),
Parry (Parr is you defense it is the Target
Wild Die Wild Die is a D6 rolled along with
Number attackers must hit to do damage - it is normal die. Player chooses highest result (but
2 + Fighting/2 or 2 if no Fighting skill), and
Snakeyes fail). Can Ace and Raise on the Wild
Toughness (your defense against attacks Die.
2+ Vigor/2).


2. Get Edges and Hindrances. Humans get 1

Edge for free. Hindrances - PCs may take a
maximum 1 Major Hindrance and 2 Minor
Initiative Players get one card per turn and
Hindrances. Major Hindrances = 2 Points,
act according to the deck, Ace to Deuce (in
Minor Hindrances = 1 point. 2 points will raise case of ties the order is Spade, Heart,
a Main Trait by 1 die or the PC can purchase 1 Diamond, Club). If the player gets a Joker He
Edge. 1 point will give the PC 1 Skill Point or can act when he wants (even in another round
double his starting money.
he just hangs on to the card next deal). Plus,
Jokers give the PC +2 on Tests and +2 to
3. Purchase Powers. If the genre or
Background permits, buy Powers for your
character as per the Background states and Hold PC can hold his action. If a new round
the GM allows.
comes up before then, he holds his card.
Shaken damage cancels Holds.
4. Buy Gear. Each PC starts with the

Surprise Surprising PCs start on Hold,

Surprised PCs make a Notice rolls (or Smarts Raise Stabilizes. No more rolls.
if PC doesnt have that Skill). Those who make Fail Character dies.
the roll are dealt a card.
If other characters make Healing rolls,
Melee Attack Target Number is opponents character stabilizes no more rolls.
Parry Raises add 1D6 to result.
Soak Roll Character can spend a Benny on
a Soak Roll (Vigor check) to regain 1 Wound.
Ranged Attack Target Number is 4 with
Raises take away +1 Wound per Raise. If all
range modifiers:
the wounds are Soaked it removes any
Shaken condition.
Damage Roll damage as listed for weapon
(Unarmed = Strength). No Wild Die or
Bennies. If total is over targets Toughness
target Shaken. You can Ace. Raises add +1D6
to total per Raise
Damage Effects 3 Effects: Shaken,
Wounded and Incapacitated.
Shaken Make immediate Spirit roll. Success
= Not Shaken but may only do Free Actions;
Raise = Not Shaken and may move normally;
Failure = Still Shaken, may only do Free
Action. May use Bennies.
Wounded All Wild Cards have 3 Wounds.
Damage Raises do Wounds. Each wound is -1
to Pace and all Trait Tests. May use Bennies.
Incapacitated Character down, must make
Vigor roll:
1 or Less Character dies.
Fail Roll on Injury Table Effect permanent
and char acter is Bleeding Out.
Success Roll on Injury Table. Injury gone
when healed.
Raise Roll on Injury Table. In jury gone in 24
Bleeding Out Character makes Vigor roll
immediately and every round they have until
they are Stabilized. This happens before
cards are dealt.
Success Roll again every round until