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ASEAN Young Professionals Volunteer Corps (AYPVC) 2014

AYPVC is a regional volunteering programme initiated by the Brunei government in
conjunction with the ASEAN Chairmanship in 2013. It was endorsed at the VIII ASEAN
Ministerial Meeting on Youth (AMMY) in Bandar Seri Begawan in May the same year.
The AYPVC programme 2014 is the second round of proposed projects in Laos, Vietnam
and Myanmar. This project aims to continue on the successful completion of 1st AYPVC
programme in 2013 that was held in Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines involving over 80
volunteers. The programme aims to continue bringing together youth and young
professionals from all over ASEAN together in a platform to support local communities with
skills transfer and service delivery.

To gather young professionals to provide assistance in areas of their expertise;

To develop a sense of responsibility, obligations and duty towards ASEAN among
young volunteers;
To develop and empower the young volunteers with leadership, entrepreneurship
and other skills;
To promote awareness of ASEAN among the communities through exchange of
knowledge and understanding of culture;
To share the skills and expertise of young professionals / volunteers through
volunteer work and training;
To develop ways to improve NGO management capabilities while encouraging and
promoting integrated community involvement.

For more information about AYPVC, visit:
For any relevant enquiries, email us at



Host NGO:

Village Focus International (VFI)
VFI is a reputable NGO in Laos that runs several programmes
around the protection of women and children from trafficking and
land rights of villagers.

Activity and
Proposed Focus

Volunteers will be divided into two groups. Group One will focus on
doing activities around womens development through
empowerment of entrepreneurship and imparting technical and
marketing skills. Group Two will focus on childrens development
by teaching children soft skills such as English communication skills
and confidence building.
At the end of the programme, volunteers will be expected to deliver
a workshop for local stakeholders before departure on Friday of the
second week. Both activities will involve working in partnership
with the local stakeholders & communities to gain an understanding
of local issues.

Brief Overview:

Laos is a landlocked country located in the heart of Southeast Asia,

sharing its borders with Vietnam, Thailand, China and Myanmar and
Cambodia. Today, Laos remains one of the poorest countries in Asia
and least developed in Southeast Asia where 80% of Laos public
investment programs are funded by foreign aid.
The social and economic problems linger especially among villages
in remote areas such as food shortages, illiteracy, health problems,
and outside threats to land and livelihoods.
AYPVC focus will be on providing technical training that will enable
some women in the community to improve their quality of life
through new skills and business practices.
AYPVC will also emphasise on the development of children through
English language education and soft skills.

Volunteer Criteria:

We are looking for a total of 24 volunteers (aged 18 to 30) from all

over ASEAN:
18 ASEAN-nonLaotian + 4 Laotian volunteers + 2 media team
member i.e. Photographer & videographer with:

Entrepreneurship skills
General skills that will be valuable for project implementation
and delivery (e.g. teaching, marketing, training)

Volunteers must demonstrate that they have:

Community engagement experience through past or ongoing


Ability to communicate effectively

Strong ability to speak English

Presentation skills

People skills, leadership ability etc.

Interest towards team work

Note: We encourage both matured university students and young

professionals with various skills and experiences to apply for AYPVC
Laos. Based on the success of past AYPVC programmes that focused
on volunteer led activities, AYPVC Laos will follow this format to
enable volunteers to show their creativity and critical thinking in
producing solutions by working together.

The Government of Brunei Darussalam will cover the return airfare

tickets (only from the capital city to host country), local
transportation in the host country, accommodation, programme
materials and meals for selected participants.


7th December to 21st December

Project Manager:

Fatin Arifin