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Rakesh Singh

Personal Nationality: Indian

Information Date of Birth: 30th August 1966

Professional M.B.A (Master of Business Administration).

M.B.F (Management of Business Finance).

Academic - Master’s Degree in Economics.

Technical & Knowledge of managing computerized accounts systems and experience of managing
Software skills financial control systems & processes.

Monitor the setting up, implementation and improvement of the company policies and
procedures (financial & operational) and be responsible for the internal control & auditing.

Maintain good relations with banks through which the company conducts its business.

Excellent organizational skills and team work, Good interpersonal and negotiating skills.

Experience in administrative positions and responsibility for an organization with at least

1200 employees at each construction site.

Functional More than Sixteen years experience in Accounting in which I have gained experience with
Summary all Financial Accounting & Financial Statement & reports, Inventory Control & Project
Costing, Material Costing.
Define, develop & Implement complete Financial System (policies & procedures).

Responsible for planning, organization & prioritization skills, to manage several projects

Preparing quarterly/half yearly / yearly / projects Budget Forecasts and Actual expenditures
after completing the period / projects. Submit reports highlighting the reasons for any

Prepared annual budgets with comparative statement of Budgeted vs. Actual and variances for
review of Management.
Project cost control .Projects accounting & legal regulations. Update fixed asset register
maintained by the company ,prepare periodical reports for all capital asset under
Construction/maintained by the company ,carried out regular reviews of the value of
Capitalized asset, value of work in progress.
Prepare bills of sub contractors based on bill of quantity. Prepare & raise bills to clients on
behalf of the company.
Participate in technical & financial bids. Prepare financial bids with technical personnel.
Issuance of contract agreement to sub contractors.
Preparation of projected cash flow of awarded works.
Daily progress report (Bill of Quantity) of project sites to major stake holders.
Theoretical consumption analysis of on going works. Material reconciliation with clients.
Banks & suppliers reconciliation.
Project Management & Investment decision.
Issuance of Purchase order & work orders.
Preparing project feasibility report and assisting the management by utilizing financial
information for decision-making.

Set budget guidelines and prepare budget reports. Overseeing the execution of all financial
transactions, maintain adequate internal controls procedures to ensure compliance to
management policies and Indian and international accounting regulations.
Contribute to the business planning process through financial engineering and analysis,
budgeting and cash flow projections.
Managing cash, payables and receivables and setting viable credit policy, review and
recommend improvements in the internal control procedures.
Tracking closely and setting proper controls over cash, inventory and assets in general.

Coordinating with external auditors to produce audited financial statements.

Independently running all the operations of the Financial Department

Finalization of Accounts with preparation of all schedules and closing entries for assets
depreciation, provisions for accrued expenses, staff accruals for annual & end of service
benefits and stock adjustments.
Ensuring that all financial transactions are in accordance with the approved Financial and
Staff Regulations.

Employment May 1993 – Present

History Presently working with M/s Continental Construction Ltd as Deputy Manager (Accounts).
Continental Construction Ltd is one of the leading construction company in India and very
Active in domestic as well as international market.

Professional - Member of the Indian Institute of Finance.

Memberships -Member of Manage Tech Development Institute.