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Does age matter in relationships
In any mature relationship, the highest priority tends to be how compatible we are with our mate.
Everyone wants to have a partner that makes them feel understood, appreciated and cared for.
Sometimes you find such type compatibility with a person you never would have expected. For
example if the person to which you fall in love is a two older or two younger than you are. There
are some common issues that couples with wide age gaps face. Modern relationship shows that
majority of the partners with someone who is within three to five year of their own age. But now
a days our society has become more accepting. Age and relationship are not linked, apart from
the differentiation of the fact that they are conditional, and this study will shed light on that.
A research indicated that age does not affect the significant level of partners. There are
some couples in which the men are older as supposed to the women example is 72 and 27 pairs,
respectively. In majority cases men have elder than women. Study shows that there is no support
for the age differential effect. Age does not influence of both men and women and not effects the
significant level (Ingram, Ruiz and Friedman).
Almost 24 % peoples say that age matters in relationships. The research on positive side
of age shows that age matters in relationship because persons thoughts that you should not date
someone 10 years old or younger than yourself. You dont love unless you have seriously known

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each others all of your life. Some people dont even know what the love is. Age difference
should be taken to consideration because it based on health effects. We can say theoretically it
not effects but realistically it may prove problematic (Redin, Dultsev and Nevolko). It all
depends on couple. If both the peoples are over 16 they can do what they like but if a 50 year old
man starts a relationship with teenage girl you have to wonder that what they could possibly have
in common. On the other hand if one partner is much older than other there is a wide chance that
it will make the younger partner feel inferior (Torres). If a 40 year old man is going to 50 year
old women it can acceptable but if he is going to 16 year old girl it can be shocking. If one
person is older than other, they will grow old before the other wants to slow down (Maldonado et
Around 76 % peoples say that age doesnt matters in relationship. Some peoples more
than 10 years even more than 20 years have a successful relationship and successful marriages so
according to this it doesnt matter like people may think (Purushotham et al.). In relationship
love, care, trust and commitment exist if there will these things then age doesnt important. Some
girls love older guys because wants maturity and when they find it then makes a relationship. So
some guys also love older girls because they dont focus on silly things talking for hour on other
end. The relationship only needs a heart that cares and a mind to think. If partners love each
other then it shows the loyalty of each other.
So in conclusion age doesnt matter in a relationship. The only determinant factor is love
and happiness. And it is wrong to say that 45 years old to be married with 23 years old is wrong.
In relationships only love, care and trust exist if the partners will success to achieve these
characteristics, then they will prove that age doesnt matter in relationships.

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