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“ And of his fulness have all we received,

and grace for grace ”- John 1:16

Dear Minister

Greetings in the Holy name of our Lord .In the midst of all of what has happened this past year, we
continue to be blessed by God. We are happy to serve and minister in the Southern part of India to
proclaim the word of God and bring the unreached towards Christ . We are so thankful for His faithfulness
and goodness to us .I wish to give a special thanks to the Senior Pastor Rev. Muthuraj , Women Minister
Alphonsa , Evang. Ruban , Late Sis Hepziba , Asst Pastors , Sunday School teacher , support staff , prayer
partners and members of Bethel Church India .As a member of Bethel Church India I extend my profound
thanks for your prayers and moral support .

Bethel church planting :

Being the prime focus of Bethel , We were able to complete Majority of the building construction at the
head church at Chinnamanur . Find below the photographs of the current situation . We pray for the
completion of the entire work this year and believe in the Lord for it’s dedication ceremony .
In an ever changing world, the one constant we can hold to is God’s desire for all to hear and have the
chance to respond to the Gospel message. Our Village ministry justifies its purpose .As a part of Village ministries
we have a small hut church at Seepalakottai village and we pray that God opens door to purchase land and
helps us to construct a church there . Also we pray for church construction at Karichipatti village . We focus on
areas in the world where access to the Gospel is limited and through our prayes people are responding to the
good news of Christ .These are villages where no missionaries have gone before us and where we can bring
thousands of people towards Christ .Find below some of the photographs of our church at Seepalakottai . Hope
God gives you the burden to pray for these unreached people .Please remember these villages in your daily
prayers where idol worship and illiteracy is wide spread . Pray for the church construction in these two villages .
please pray that the financial requirement are met.
. .
Bethel Library foundation did a tremendous job of distributing around 550 New Testaments Bibles, huge
volumes of Hand bills , Gospel of John and other Christian Literature . People got access to the word of
the Lord for the first time in their life . We hear testimonies from people reading scripture and being
blessed . Our sincere thanks to all volunteers of our church and literature distributors who stood by our
side in taking the gospel to the unreached .Find below some photographs of our Library foundation .
Bethel Children’s ministry is a blessing to many Children and we firmly believe that God’s mighty hand is
in this ministry .We were able to organize a vacation trip for them during the summer vacation . We have
conducted quiz programmes , Television shows , Fasting prayers , and encourage them to participate in
Skit, dance programmes during Christmas and New Year celebrations and we take them to villages to
exhibit their talents which is a great tool in village evangelism. We also encourage them in volunteering
Literature distribution . We Find Sunday schools are more effective at reaching the next generation . Find
below some photographs of the Children Ministry .
Women Ministries continues to see God work in the lives of our women members .We are very much
supported by their prayers and involvement in village ministries . Their forty days fasting prayers gives us
lot our strengths in our ministries and hundreds are blessed by them .We are experiencing miracles with
their prayers and many non Christians come with prayer requests and receive blessings from the Lord and
in due course of time they become church members . Our desire is to see women grow in their
relationship with God, reach out to others in Christ-like love, and to seize opportunities to share the Good
News of Jesus Christ with a lost world.
Bethel seeks to serve, care and work with the poor and the oppressed to promote peace, justice and
transformation. We have extended our helping hands to rural uneducated people , Widows , through
financial ,social and moral support . We provide them food at regular intervals, clothing during festive
seasons, and financial support during crisis and prayer support always. We have a vision for the
marginalized communities and people in our nearby villages and hope these villages become God’s
vineyard and would achieve all levels of development .We wish to generate leaders from these villages
who would proclaim the good news .
We thank God offering a covenant relationship between us . The only one life we have been given in this
world, let us do things for the Lord whichever is possible for us with the belief that everything is Possible
with our Almighty. Let us join together to strengthen ourselves in marching towards the end time harvest.
When we offer ourselves as instruments for God’s purpose, we create opportunities for others to
experience God through us and God shakes up the world around us and others come to know him. There
may not be anything more thrilling than embracing the God-given opportunity ,knowing you’re in over
your head and then watching God come through.

As We celebrate 25 years of ministry we are thankful to the Lord for his abundant grace without which we
are no where. And now we move to a new part of our journey .We will do our part in fulfilling the Great
Commission of our Lord—living lives that reflect the truth of God’s perfect love and sharing through our
words and actions, the hope we have in our relationship with Jesus.
We request you to remember the below mentioned prayer points in your daily prayers.
1. Planting two low budget churches at 2 villages @ Seepalakottai and Karichipatti Villages .
2. Starting 2 prayer centers in 2 new villages.
3. To distribute 2000 New Testament Bibles, 300-500 Native language Bibles , Tracts ,
Handbills ,Devotionals and other Christian literature in nearby villages.
4. As a part of Child care Ministry We hope to distribute book materials , clothes, blankets
and occasional stipends to poor children,
 A long weekend Bible school and retreat
 Youth camp
 Youth seminar
5. As a part of social welfare activities We wish to conduct Seminars on Family relationship,
Free Medical camps ,Environment preservation programmes etc
6. To purchase a van and auto for our village ministries.

Please send your kind donations to

Pastor Robert Antony
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Thank you once Again for your prayers.

In His service
Pastor Robert Antony
Thank You . God bless you .