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Shawket G.

Ghedan, PhD

The Petroleum Institute, P O Box 2533, Sas Al Nakhl, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: +971 50 445 7635, email: or

1. Oil Industry Experience:
Reservoir engineer with over 20 years of diverse technical experience in the following:

Working in multidisciplinary team to manage and model giant carbonate oil reservoirs.
Using the industry standard commercial simulators and its pre- and post-processors.
Working in different operating systems such UNIX or linux, etc.
Using the petroleum industry software of Prosper, MBAL, PVTP, Saphir, MEPO, etc
Building simulation models covering the journey from 3-D static modeling, rock typing studies,
upscaling, grid design, and ending with manual or assisted history matching.
Applying global optimization techniques for assisted history matching of simulation models.
Designing and optimizing reservoir long-term development plans.
Applying optimization techniques for uncertainty quantification for full field development.
Integration of log, core and test data for estimating log-derived permeability and rock types.
Designing and applying CCAL and SCAL programs to fit reservoir development needs.
Development of saturation tables for reservoir simulation models.

2. Acadmeic, and Industrial Training Experience:

Being professor, and industrial traniner, I accumulated appreciable experience in the following:


Assessement of engineers according to Different Competancy Assuring Management Systems.

Coacheing and mentoring many reservoir engieers in the oil industry.
Being Schlumerger-NExT worldwide Instructor, I taught many industrial courses, such as:
- Reservoir Characterization and Geostatistical Modeling
- Principals of Reservoir Engineering,
- Applied Reservoir Simulation with Eclipse Application,
- Conventional and Special Core Analysis: Theory, Determination and Application.
- Integrated Reservoir Modeling for Optimum Reservoir Development
Teaching and metoring petroleum engineers for SPE Professional Certification Program.
Principal author of many fundamental and applied technical papers.



Faculty Services Award June 2006, the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
SPE Distinguished Lecturer of SPE International 2005 2006.
Asset Outstanding Reservoir Engineer 4 years in a row, 2000-2004, ADMA-OPCO, UAE.
Member of Sigma XI, Scientific Research Society, Colorado School of Mines, 1989.


1. PhD in Reservoir Engineering (Sept 1985 May 1989) - Colorado School of Mines, USA
Thesis: Imbibition Oil Recovery from fractured reservoirs by Water and Polymer Flooding
Advisor: Dr. Fred H. Poettmann
Class GPA: 3.84 / 4.0
2. ME in Reservoir Engineering (Sept 1982 Dec 1984) Colorado School of Mines, USA
Thesis: Shipwreck Galveston Field Reservoir Engineering Study
Advisor: Dr. Daniel M. Bass
Class GPA: 3.83 / 4.0
3. BSc in Petroleum & Minerals Engineering (Sept 1974 May 1978) University of Baghdad

Feb 2004 Present:
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering
The Petroleum Institute - Abu Dhabi.
Industry Projects with ADNOC and its Operating Companies:
1. Characterization and modeling of fracture reservoirs: leading the dynamic modeling
effort in this hugh Research project for ADNOC and its operating companies. I initiated research
proposal, defined scope or work, coordinate effort between different engineers. Supervising a
PhD student to treat modeling issues of triple porosity fractured reservoirs.
2. Optimization: applying the technology of Experimental Design, Determinsitic and stochasitic
Global optimization approach for validation of oil simulation models and quatifying
uncertatinities in field developments.
3. Multi-Objective Optimization: Appliying the new approach of Multi-Objective Optimization
techniques to deal with anticorrelated objectives of full field development.
4. Dynamic Rock Typing: integrating static reservoir rock types with reservoir wettability to
derive pseudo dynamic rock types for generating saturation tables for simulation models.
Course Development: Developed and taught the following Reservoir Engineering Courses:
1. Reservoir Geostatistical Characterization.
2. Geological Modeling using RMS software package, and
3. Reservoir Simulation Modeling using Eclipse Simulation Package.
4. Reservoir Evaluation and Monitoring.
Industrial Training:

Being Schlumerger-NExT worldwide instructor, I delivered the following short industrial courses:

Applied Reservoir Simulation with Eclipse Workshops.

Integrated Reservoir Modeling for Optimum Reservoir Development
Conventional and Special Core Analysis: Theory, Determination and Application.
Principals of Reservoir Engineering.

Administrative Work:
Prepared Petroleum Engineering program outcomes that are compatable with the requirement of
ABET and ADNOC CAMS, along with its assessments and evaluation matrix. Prepared the syllabi of
undergraduate and graduate reservoir engineering courses.
October 2000 Feb 2004:
Senior Reservoir Engineer - Umm Shaif Reservoir Development Division:
Seconded from ADNOC to Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO)/ UAE
Coaching and Assessemetn:
Designated as Subject Matter Expert of Reservoir Engineering across ADNOC group of companies.
Coached and assessed national reservoir engineers for promotion and ceritification.
Acting team leader of a major reservoir development team:
1. Managing team administrative and budgeting tasks.
2. Leading the asset multidisciplinary management & simulation teams
3. Communication with other divisions to help realizing the impact of reservoir studies.
Building of Arab C/D reservoirs new simulation model:
1. Collaborated with the asset reservoir geologist to build the field 3D static geological model using
RMS software.
2. Employed sector mechanistic simulation models to optimize the design and the size of the
model areal griding and to devise the proper layering of the dynamic simulation model.
3. Performed the upscaling of petrophysical properties and rock typing. The upscaling process is
properly quality checked using different techniques.
4. Developed a new technique to extend the petrophysical properties to the extended part of the
model when there are no control points.

5. Integrated core, test and log derived permeability data to come up with different realizations for
the simulation model permeability.
6. Utilized logs Sw from the cored wells along with determined rock types to devise 30 Pc curves
for the different rock types of the model.
7. Employed the available experimental data along with industry correlations to construct the
simulation model saturation tables.
8. Initializing black and compositional simulation models in the Eclipse environment. QA/QC fluid in
place and its distribution, specially in the transition zone.
9. Performing the model history matching process on field, layers, sectors and wells level.
Supervising and performing reservoir LTDP & reservoir management simulation work:
1. Evaluation the feasibility of selective perforation versus commingled perforations for the crestal
gas injectors.
2. Continuous optimization of the Long-term development simulation model to improve the field
annual forward NPV, and reserve.
3. Evaluating the field sustainable rate after under different operational circumstances.
4. Techno-economical evaluation of fields future workovers.
5. Checking field capacity under different technical rate constraints and guidelines.
6. Predicting field performance under different operational hick ups and constraints.
7. Effect of delayed auto Crestal Gas Injection on production plateau and ultimate recovery.
Supervising reservoir management work including:
1. Defining new objectives of new wells and workovers,
2. Determination of monthly wells allowable and allocations,
3. Developing average reservoir pressures maps
4. Preparing reservoir-monitoring programs.
5. Developing periodic fluid front maps.
6. Analyzing MDT data to define communications across possible baffles and barriers.
Special Core Aanlysis Projects:
Being the focal engineer for SCAL projects, I led all activates leading to acquiring reliable SCAL data
for our reservoir models, and to help our effort of sound reservoir management and monitoring
practice. Let a team to:
1. Prepare the scope of work of different SCAL projects,
2. Evaluate tenders and awarding jobs to different sevice companies,
3. Follow the work progress with the company representatives,
4. Quality Assurance of the best practice in experimental procedure and interpretation is enforced.
5. Finally reviewing and editing the final reports.
June 2000 October 2000:
Senior Reservoir Engineer - Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Team:
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)/ UAE
Evaluation of Oil Recovery in the Transition Zone:
Prepared a technical report on the mobility of oil in the transition zone. Devised a method to
preparae relative permeability curves to translate the changing residual oil satuation as a function of
the starting initial water saturation at different levels of the transition zone.
SCAL Initiative: the objective of this task is to modify the existing ADNOC best practice manual
for performing routine and special core analysis, incorporating the new findings in this field.
Reserve Initiative: This task involved reviewing the standard terminologies of defining proved,
probable and possible reserves for developed and undeveloped reservoirs or fields to update our
reserves books, and evaluating the different techniques of reserves determination.
Support Services:
Provide support to asset teams to generate 3D Geological static models and performing the rescaling process afterwards.
March 1999 June 2000:

Reservoir Simulation Engineer - Umm Shaif Reservoir Development Division:

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO)/ UAE
Performed the following studies:
1. Optimization of long term full field development plans for a major carbonate oil offshore Abu
Dhabi to achieve 25 years plateau and/ or 60% ultimate oil recovery.
2. Feasibility study of flowing problematic wells by applying Low Well Head Pressure.
3. Simulation Study of Crestal Gas Injection in Umm Shaif Arab C/D Reservoirs to determine the
optimum rate and time of auto and compressed gas injection from Khuff gas reservoir to extend
the production plateau and to increase ultimate oil recovery.
4. Feasibility study of using Monobore, Tapored completion in gas wells to preserve & extend the
auto crestal gas injection scheme using an MBAL gas reservoir model and Prosper lift curves.
5. Feasibility of developing the gas cap condensate as a separate production stream than the oil
production of the Arab C/D reservoirs.
October 1998 March 1999:
Application Engineer and Sales Specialist - Reda Pump/ Schlumberger
Dubai UAE/ Doha Qatar
Key responsibilities included evaluating tendors and prepare biddings, Sizing Submersible Pumping
Systems for different oil wells, generating Sales Quotes and Executing these Sales, and finally
dismantlying pumps to know reasons for failures.
September 1989 September 1998:
Associate and Assistant Professor - Petroleum Engineering Department
University of Baghdad/ Iraq
Supervising Ph.D. and M.Sc Graduate Students:
1. PhD Thesis Title: Reservoir Simulation Model to Track the Movement of the Water Displacing
Front in the Main Pay of the South Rumaila Oil Field, 1999.
2. M.Sc Thesis Title: Effect of Petrophysical Properties and Reservoir Conditions on the Oil
Recovery by Imbibition from Kirkuk Oil field, 1998.
Developing and Teaching the following graduate courses:
Advanced Reservoir Simulation, Multiphase Flow in Pipes, Natural Gas Engineering, Advanced Well
Testing, and Numerical Modeling of Pollution Transport in Ground water.
Developing and teaching the following undergraduate courses:
Reservoir Engineering I & II, Numerical Analysis and Reservoir Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery,
Production Engineering, and Computer Programming
September 1986 September 1989:
Teaching Assistant at the Colorado School of Mines/ USA
1. Assisted in teaching the following courses:
a) Reservoir Simulation Courses with Dr. Hossein Kazemi.
b) EOR and Fluid Properties courses with Dr. Fred H. Poettmann.
c) Reservoir Engineering Courses with Dr. Craig W. Van Kirk.
2. Assisted Dr. Fred H. Poettmann in his Consulting Work.
August 1978 January 1982:
Petroleum Engineer/ Lecturer
College of Engineering/ University of Baghdad
Performed the following Duties:
1. Assisted in Teaching Reservoir Engineering Courses
2. Design of and set up of Rock and Fluid laboratories
3. Assisting in setup of industrial projects
4. Other administrative and teaching duties.


Determinstic and Stochastic Optimization Algorithms for Reservoir Modeling, Germany, July 04.
EoS and Reservoir Fluid Characterization. HOT Engineering, Vienna, December 2003.
Effective Facilitation Advanced Level, Forth Road, April 2003.
Leadership for Performance Workshop, Feburary 2003.
Eclipse Advanced Topics. Geoquest / Schlumberger, October 2002.
Advanced Excel and Power Point Applications, April 2002.
Well Performance & Nodal Analysis. PETRO-TEC, June 2000.
SCAL Course. Shell International E&P, PW15 Course, April 2000.
Finder 8.5 Training. Geoquest/ Schlumberger, April 2000.
Introduction to IRAP RMS and Geological Modeling, October 1999.
Compositional Simulation, Geoquest/ Schlumberger, May 1999.
Equation of State & Eclipse PVTi. Geoquest/ Schlumberge, May 1999.
Reservoir Eng II/ Well Testing. Scientific Software Corporation, May 1979.

Proficient in the use of the commercial softwares:
1. Eclipse Reservoir Simulator: E100 (Black Oil) and E300 (Compositional)
2. Eclipse Pre- and Post-processors (Floviz, eclipse office)
3. VIP Reservoir Simulator
4. IRAP-RMS 3D Geological Modeling Software
5. Prosper (Well Hydraulic and Productivity Optimizer)
6. MBAL (Commercial Material Balance)
7. GAP ( Surface Network Optimizer)
8. PVTP Fluid characterization software package
9. Saphir Well Testing Software
10. UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems
11. Windows and Microsoft Office
Over my industrial and academic experience, I developed admirable skills in communication,
meetings facilitation, oral presentations, working under pressure, working in multi-cultural/ multidisciplinary environment, and quickly adapting to new work environment. I also developed an
excellent track record in delivering high quality work.
6 Presently, chairman of SPE Abu Dhabi Section.
6 SPE Program Chairman, Abu Dhabi Section, for 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.
6 Publicity Chairman of Abu Dhabi SPE Section for 2002-2003, and 2003-2004.
6 Middel East SPE Regional council member.
6 Steering Committee Member and Technical Presenter at many SPE conferences and ATWs.
Journal and Confernce Papers:
1. Ghedan S G, Theibot, B, Boyd, D, Modeling of Original Water Saturation in the Transition Zone
of Carbonate Oil Reservoirs, SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering, Dec 2006, Volume 9,
Number 6.
2. Ghedan, S G, Gibson, A, Sener, I, Gunal, O, Diab, A, and Schulze-Riegert, R, Assisted versus
Manual History Matching Advantages and Limitations, Applied to Journal of Petroleum
Sciences and Engineering to be peer reviewed for publication, Elsevier Publishing.
3. Ghedan, S G, Boyd, D, and Theibot, B, Log-Derived Permeability Arrays for Reliable Simulation
Models by Integrating Core and Test Permeability Data, Applied to the International Journal of
Petroleum Science and Technology to be peer reviewed for publication, Research India
4. Ghedan, S G, Cunningham, T W, Ehmaid , B, and Azer, S, Upscaling Trip from Detailed
Geogloical Model to a Practical Simulation Model Applied to the International Journal of
Petroleum Science and Technology to be peer reviewed for Publication, Research India

5. Ghedan S G, and Al Dulaimi, S, Generalized Polynomials for the Constant Terminal Rate
Influence Functions, Journal of Al-Muhandis, No.125, March 1996, P 40, Baghdad, Iraq.
6. Ghedan S G, Evaluation of the Finite Difference Numerical Schemes for the Estimation of
Pollution Transport in Ground Water, Journal of Iraqi Water Resources, No.2.1, Vol. 15, 1996,
P33, Baghdad, Iraq.
7. Ghedan, S G, Al Jawad, M S, and Poettmann, F, Compressibility of natural Gases, Journal of
Petroleum Science and Engineering, (10) 1993, P 157-162, Elsevier, The Netherlands.
8. Ghedan S G, and Poettmann, F, Effect of Polymers on the Imbibition Process: A Laboratory
Study, SPE Reservoir Engineering, February 1991, P 84-90.
9. Ghedan, S G. Pseudo Reservoir Dynamic Rock Types for Generating Simulation Relative
Permeability Curves, applied to be presented at the SPE Resevoir Characterization and
Reservoir Simulation Symposium, Abu Dhabi Oct 2007.
10. Ghedan, S G, Thiebot, B. Wettability Driven Water/ Oil Relative Permeability Curves for
Simulation Modles, Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and
Applied Optimization, Abu Dhabi UAE, March 24 27, 2007.
11. Schulze-Riegert, R, Krosche, M., Fahimuddin, A, and Ghedan, S G, Multi-Objective
Optimization with Application to Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, SPE #
105313, to be presented at the 2007 15th MEOS, Bahrain, March 2007.
12. Ghedan, S G, Gibson, A, Sener, I, Gunal, O, Diab, A, and Schulze-Riegert, R, Software Assisted
History Matching A Case Study of a Very Constrained Problem with Intensive Pressure and
Saturation Data, SPE # 100245, presented at the 2006 EUROPEC/EAGE Conference and
Exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 12-15 June, 2006.
13. Ghedan S G, Theibot, B, Boyd, D, Modeling and Validation of Initial Water Saturation in the
Transition Zone of Carbonate Oil Reservoirs, SPE # 88756, Presented at the 11th ADIPEC
Conference, 10-13 October 2004, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
14. Azer, S, MacKenzie, A, Ghedan, S G, and Boyd, D, Reservoir Characterization of Complex
Upper Jurassic Carbonates, Offshore Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Applied for Presentation in the Geo
2004, April 2004, Manama, Bahrain.
15. Ghedan, S G, Boyd, D, and Theibot, B, Reliable Simulation Model Permeability Arrays By
Integration of Core, Test, and Log-Derived Permeability Data, SPE # 84599, Presented at the
2003 SPE ATCE, October 2003, Denver, USA.
16. Ghedan, S G, Cunningham, T W, Ehmaid , B, and Azer, S, Upscaling of Multimillion Cell
Geological Model into a Practical Simulation Model of a Major Carbonate Oil Reservoir in
Offshore Abu Dhabi SPE # 78578, Presented at the 10th ADIPEC Conference, October 2002,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
17. Ghedan S G, and Al Dulaimi, S, General Expressions for the constant Terminal Pressure
Influence Functions, Presented at the 4th Scientific and Engineering Conference, Nov 1997,
18. Ghedan S G, Further Investigation of the Numerical Modeling of the First Contact Miscibility
Process, Presented at the 4th Scientific & Engineering Conference, Nov 1997, Iraq.
19. Ghedan S G, and Poettmann, F, Oil Recovery From Fractured Reservoirs Through Imbibition by
Water and Polymer Flooding, SPE # 20244, Presented at the SPE/ DOE Seventh Symposium on
Enhanced Oil Recovery, April 22-25, 1990, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Technical Reports:
1. Ghedan, S G, The initialization of the Arab C/D New Simulation Model, 3rd GSC-RSSC, March
2002, Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
2. Ghedan, S G, Rock Typing and the Generation of Saturation Tables of the Arab C/D New
Simulation Model, 3rd GSC-RSSC, March 2002, Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
3. Ghedan, S G, Fluid in Place Determination of Arab C/D New Simulation Model, 3rd GSC-RSSC,
March 2002, Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
4. Ghedan, S G, Fluid in Place Determination of Arab C/D New Simulation Model, 3rd GSC-RSSC,
March 2002, Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
5. Ghedan, S G, Simulation Grid Design and Areal and Vertical Upscaling of Arab C/D New
Simulation Model, 3rd GSC-RSSC, March 2002, Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
6. Ghedan, S G, Umm Shaif Arab C/D Sustainable Production Rates, 2nd GSC-RSSC, March 2001,
Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.

7. Ghedan S G, Development of Auto Gas Injection Profile from Khuff Gas to Arab C/D oil
Reservoir, & Crestal Gas Injection Project Update, 2nd GSC-RSSC, March 2001, Internal Report
8. Ghedan S G, Optimization of Arab C/D Long Development Plans, 1st GSC-RSSC, March 2000,
Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
9. Ghedan S G, Cunningham, T, Long Term Development Plans of Arab C/D reservoirs Oct 1999,
Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.
10. Kalakad, S, Shakeel, A, Kazuhito, O, and Ghedan S G, Low Wellhead Flowing Pressure Wells
Study, June 1999, Internal Report of ADMA-OPCO.

Social Status:

English, French and Arabic.

Music, Reading, and travel.
Married, Three children.

1. Dr. Mohamed Aggour
Professor of Petroleum Engineering
The Petroleum Institute
Abu Dhabi, USE
Tel: +971 2 508 5474
2. Mr. Ilhan Sener
Reservoir Engineering Expert
Abu Dhabi Onshore Operating Company
Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel: +971 2 604 2975
3. Mr. Salvatore Zammito
Umm Shaif Arab Reservoirs Team Leader
Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company
Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel: +971 2 606 5187
4. Dr. Salar Babajan
Head Gas Reservoir Engineering
Petroleum Development Oman LLC
Muscat Oman
Tel: +968 24677 918