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Quinones, Mae I.

Eng10 A26

Solar Power Energy is much better than and should replace Fossil
Fuels as our Main Source of Energy.

How long will we stand by and watch the continuous reduction fossil
fuels and its infinitely growing price, and know that there is a much better
alternative? Solar Power energy is a sustainable natural source of energy
that doesnt require maintenance cost, and is environmentally friendly that
should replace fossil fuels as our main source for energy. Solar energy is
renewable. It is not hard to maintain and will become cheaper once it hits
the market at mass production. Solar energy also has a lesser risk of
environmental pollution which is commonly associated with fossil fuels.
Choosing solar power energy over fossil fuels is a much favorable choice.

Solar energy is a sustainable and inexhaustible source that is unlike

fossil fuels which are limited. The Conserve Energy Future blog states that
since the rising and setting of the sun is consistent, it is easy to see that
harnessing this energy is an opportunity for us to solve the energy reduction
we are currently experiencing. The location of sunlight is predictable. We
know exactly when and where the sun will appear and although the clouds
are hard to track, we are well informed when the seasons are favorable to
harvest the energy and store it. Also, Rinken Kukreja, a journalist, said that
solar energy will continue to be used as long as there is a light source.
Despite this fact, many argues and says that it is hard to gather the energy
we need because the sun is only up in the morning and that solar PV panels

stop producing electricity we would need at night. The answer to this is

simple, solar panels are to be equipped with batteries that can hold energy
for a very long time. Others would also say that solar panels only absorb
40% of sunlight and that the 60% is wasted. Instead of thinking that way,
think of it like this, if we were to compare the use between a watt of
renewable energy and a watt of energy from fossil fuels, we can easily see
that using a watt of energy from solar panels are better (stated from the
book Perfect Power by Robert Galvin, Kurt Yeager, and Jay Stuller.) And with
storage, the energy harnessed form the sun could be used for all of our
electricity needs in the evening.

Its no question when we say that the human population is infinitely

increasing. Every year, there are more people being born than those who
die. The more people there are, the more energy is consumed. But not all
people get the kind of energy they need to power up lights in houses. As of
now, people living in underdeveloped areas compose more than half of the
population on Earth. These people are dependent on the original way of
attaining energy. A few examples of these are with the use of wood, dung,
crop, etc. which are not enough to be considered as a basic source of
energy. From an article titled: Experts See Solar Energy Powering Remote
Countryside, an interview of Marasigan was conducted. He stated, and I
quote, Filipinos living in remote islands and coastal communities stand to
benefit the most from renewable energy, particularly the ones supplied by
solar PV (photovoltaic) systems.

Fossil Fuels is known as a non-renewable source of energy because it

takes millions of years to be restored. According to P.E. Hudgson, a senior

research, Fellow Emeritus in Physics at Corpus Chirsti College, Oxford, the

use of energy is doubling every fourteen years and is continually increasing.
The fact is, we are running out of fossil fuels and unless we do something
about it, we would also pay for the consequences. We should be planning for
an alternative and make sure that we are ready to face the extinction of
fossil fuels. Another excerpt from the book Perfect Power says that we have
reached the peak where-in we consume more than we make and that
without energy, our society would cease to exist. Solar power and Fossil
Fuels are both expensive when you think of the total cost mounted up to
create the energy supply we need today, but with the growing price of fossil
fuels, there is no other choice than to switch to a less costly alternative such
as solar energy.

Second of all, solar panels will eventually become cheaper and more
beneficial in the future. In an article written by Rolly T. Carandang, Sen.
Ralph G, Recto said, I believe the impeding series of power rate hikes do
not jibe with the spirit and intent of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act
(EPIRA) which is to ensure a reliable, cheap, and secure supple of
electricity. This is the wakeup call, the price of fossil fuels is rising. There
are many Oil and Natural Gas servers in the Middle-East in which people rely
on. OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is
composed of 13 countries and altogether they hold about 40% of the worlds
servers and oil production, according to the Energy Information
Administration (EIA). It is the job of OPEC to monitor the oil usage and
maintain the targeted amount consumed. But we all know that this process
wont last for long and now is the perfect time to think of an alternative. The
price will continue to rise because of the continuous competition for fossil
fuels. We are already upset by the high prices of today, what more will we

feel in the following years? If this persists, there would be a huge impact of
imbalance to our economy. In the article called Solar Energy Boom May Help
Poor, London, November 3 (Reuters), it is said that, A surge in investment
in solar power is bringing down costs of the alternative energy source, but
affordability problems still dog hopes for the people worldwide who has no
electricity. As of now the project for solar panels are very high at cost. This
is the main topic that is constantly bugging people. They say that just the
initial cost will already be a disadvantage and that our society isnt ready for
this kind of transformation. When will we be ready? When all of the
remaining fossil fuels are gone? We should be thinking for the good of our
future, not for the good of our pockets and in the following years, the cost of
these so-called high-priced solar panels will decrease due to the continually
advancing technology. Solar power can save society a lot of money. An
article produced by a company called Greenough River Solar Foam says that
solar panels are continually advancing, increasing in efficiency, and therefore
lowering the cost of production. According to Zachary Shahan, an editor in a
wide variety of journals, this has been proven in California, where many
Americans who have gone solar were able to save a lot.

Solar cells dont require much maintenance and can run for a long
time. Although it has a huge amount of initial cost, it doesnt have recurring
costs like fossil fuels and it can recovered after a while. When the solar
panels are set and working, well have nothing else to deal with because you
would only need to check it about once a year. More solar panels can be
added from time to time, furthermore, the make no noise, and has no smell.
They are easy to transfer which is a good quality for an energy device
needed in the places where there are no electricity at all. We are using less
of what we paid for because of leaks of energy. There are so many wasted

energy that we are unable to detect. For example is the transportation of

energy. All power plants are located at a far distance from the consumers
but the distance apart takes up a lot of time for it to reach civilization and
the transportation is just a waste. According to an article titled, Round-theClock Power Supply, interviewed Rep. Tupay Loong on April 15, 2013 about
the rotating energy in Jolo, Sulu, he said, having stable power supply helps
improve the delivery of basic trade and commerce and other economic
services of the government to the people of the provinces.

Another thing, with the mass production of solar panels, many people
will have jobs because the demands of the product will sky rocket once it
hits the market. It is a job-creating powerhouse and can create up to three
more times the amount of jobs than of fossil fuels. According to the
President of (Fairfield, California-based firm that matches
employers and job applicants), Peter Beadle, the solar field alone may
employ more than two million people by 2020. This is a good news for those
who are skilled, yet jobless at the moment. To rebuild the economy means
to risk spending a lot of money, now, the threat of global warming is funded
with a handsome amount. Putting solar panels can help reduce this by
lessening the pollutions.

Third of all, there are less to no pollution emitted by solar panels that
can damage our health, environment and atmosphere. During operation,
solar electricity power plants produce zero emissions. Our health is very
important to us, which is why a professor in the University of California,
Berkley, Professor Steven Chu, a Nobel laureate physicist and co-chair in a

Dutch-based body report says in an interview, It is sad that 1.6 billion

people live without electricity and two to three billion children use energy in
a very primitive way which is damaging to health. Even being in a modern
civilization, our health can be harmed by pollutions. The black cloud of
smoke we see rising from the back of a diesel powered vehicle contain
chemicals that can increase the risk of asthma, lung disease and even
cancer. Also, burning fossil fuels release carbon dioxide, nitrogen monoxide,
nitrogen sulphur dioxide etc. that has severe consequence on the habitat
and to our health as well. Cancer can not only be attained from air pollution
but also from the sun. We all know that the thinning of our atmosphere is
moving at an alarming rate and that this reduces the shield we need for our
skin to stay healthy, but because of the depletion, most of us are now
experiencing skin cancer.

As for the environment, both land and sea pay a great price for our
misdeed of burning fossil fuel. Since this fuel is transported from one place
to another, it cant be helped for it o also travel by sea and sometimes, leaks
happen and contaminates the water. It can even go as far as killing the
water ecosystem. On land, the picture is no prettier. The continually mining
of coal has proven to be very dangerous not only to the workers but also to
the soil ground they are digging on. The layers of the earth are intact with
each other for our stability, once these layers are drilled upon, it lessens the
sturdiness of the ground and often causes ecological imbalance. Some would
agree to this and also add in that so does the location of solar panel power
plants. They say that installation on houses are fine, but for big companies,
a huge amount of land must be used. Although that statement is true, there
are also locations in the world where no interferences will occur when these
power plants are installed. An example is the desert. The desert receive a

huge amount of heat and sunlight and not a lot of people live in such areas
because of its extremity. The sunlight could be harnessed and stored from
these areas and be distributed to the consumer.

Solar energy emits little to no pollution and is clean and reliable. It

doesnt pollute the air nor does it require unnecessary transportation like
fossil fuels that damages the atmosphere and environment. Carbon Dioxide
or CO2 is a direct result of wasted energy. This gives out the greenhouse
effect we are currently experiencing that we commonly call as global
warming. We have seen what this can do and it is evident that need to
reduce the emission we produce, but by doing so, we will be depriving our
economy of what it needs. So the only solution is to find an alternative.
Solar power energy a nonpolluting, environmentally friendly source of
energy that we can rely on once fossil fuels are gone.

Now, will we still wait for the day when its too late and we are left
with no fossil fuel and a source of alternative energy? With more people
being born every day than those who passes away, it is only matter of time
before all fossil fuels are consumed. The price will continue to rise and even
though the initial cost of an alternative energy is high, we all know that we
are racing against time to build a better replacement and that is something
that we cant ignore. A replacement that must be eco-friendly and renewable
that we will happily use. The time to act is now this is the present, we
shouldnt ignore the knocks on our doors that tells us that fossil fuel slowly
diminishing and that it is no longer a safe reliable source, and know that an
alternative, solar power energy is the only answer.

PERFECT POWER: How the Microgrid Revolution Will Unleash Cleaner,

Greener, More Abundant Energy
by Robert Galvin, Kurt Yeager